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The strongest daily prayers of the Mother of God are short and simple.


Christians have always attributed the Mother of God to one of the most revered Saints. This beautiful image miraculously helps people, at times fulfilling their purest desires. All believers need to know the strongest and at the same time simple prayers to the Theotokos for each day, so that at least in difficult moments of their life they should resort to them. However, it is advisable to read them daily, and then God will hear and help.

In honor of the Blessed Virgin, they serve in temples and read canons. Virgin Mary - an example of holiness and piety. No wonder that many turn to her, believing that her intercession before the Lord is the strongest. In prayer books, of which there are a lot of today, there are different texts - for every day and festive.

Short prayer of Our Lady for every day

Wherever a believer turns to God and the Virgin, the power of his prayer will first of all depend on the sincerity with which he does it, and only then on the place and holy image. You can resort to the following prayer, if there are problems with memory and remember large texts is not possible.

Wherever a believer is, you can always read it, even if in a whisper or in your heart. It certainly depends on the specific situation. The request of the Orthodox always comes to the Maetri of God. This prayer can be read at home or on the road, being alone or, on the contrary, in a huge crowd.

The proposed short daily prayer to the Blessed Virgin will be a support in any, even the most difficult situation or in the ordinary everyday whirlwind, full of many different problems.

How good are such prayers? First of all, the fact that they give a person hope for a prosperous day and help from above, success and peace of mind in business. It is enough to memorize a couple of prayers and read them, simply for the soul or when it is necessary. This marvelous text of the message is better still to be pronounced every day, and the grace-filled intercession of the Virgin Mary will surely happen.

Prayer for the welfare of the Blessed Virgin Mary

One of the most expensive things a person has in this life is the family and its well-being. This concept is very extensive. Most often they pray about him on the day of the Nativity of the Virgin, but by reading this prayer every day, you can ask God for happiness and prosperity for the whole family.

This is a very natural prayer, it helps to achieve harmony in the marital relationship based on caring for each other, support and respect.

Today, for ease of memorization by ordinary Christians, all the prayers to the Queen of Heaven can be read in translation from Church Slavonic. In order for requests to be heard quickly, we must pray every day, preferably in the morning and before bedtime. If they cannot be memorized, use a written source. It is better to rewrite the text yourself on a clean sheet and carry it with you as a charm, reading from time to time. It is important, starting, not to retreat and be faithful to your religious path. Even if everything is already well, everything is fine, do not forget the prayers for each day, but continue to pronounce them and thank the Mother of God for help.

Daily prayers

It is better to make petitions daily. The problem of choosing from a great variety of sacred texts was decided by St. Neil Sora. It is his pen that belong to the prayers of the Mother of God for every day, which have survived to our times.

He was born in Moscow, was a boyar by birth. From a young age he became a monk. Long lived in various monasteries in foreign lands. Upon returning to his homeland, he founded a monastery. He was disinterested, well educated. He became famous for his asceticism. Thanks to his erudition and talent he created spiritual works. Among them are everyday prayers to the Queen of Heaven.

They are very popular among Orthodox Christians today and are part of everyday prayer rule. Appeals to the Holy Virgin may be in different cases:

  • sorrowful days and events, heavy on the soul;
  • the emergence of all sorts of temptations;
  • painful conditions and serious illnesses;
  • in moments when a person is at a crossroads and does not know how to be.

Alas, it is not known for certain what holy elder Nile addressed to the face of the Virgin when he prayed every day. There is no clear indication as to which particular icon to prefer. The priests advise to send their petitions before any miraculous image of the Mother of God. By tradition, the following icons belong to divine images:

  1. Tikhvin,
  2. Kazan,
  3. Iverskaya,
  4. Vladimirskaya.

All of the above list, as well as many other faces of the Virgin Mary can be at home. Sometimes they are bought, received as a gift, and some even personally embroider after receiving the blessing from the priest.

Of course, there are a lot of prayers and not every person is given to remember them all. However, there are several of the strongest, reading that daily, you can find happiness and well-being.

  • Our Father,
  • Calling on the help of the Holy Spirit for every good work;
  • Thanksgiving prayer to the Blessed Virgin;
  • Symbol of faith;
  • To appease the warring;
  • Prep. Moses Murin;
  • Alive in helping and others.

If anxiety is gnawing at a person, what is conceived fails, strength ends and confidence disappears, there is no desire to start anything, it is better to read the prayers to the Virgin Mary. Sincerely to the believer, they will return the energy, the hardships will be removed by the heavenly forces, confidence and peace will return. We should not forget that only prayer from the heart comes to the Lord.