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Sheep born in the year: what years of birth, characterization of the mark


In the year Sheep are born completely unique people. They can not be described in two words. Their character is very many-sided, therefore nobody can solve such a person to the end. Read the article to get better.

What year of birth:

General characteristics of the mark

People born under the sign of the Goat, give the impression of elegant, stylish and neat personalities who know how to apply themselves from the best side. By nature, they are subtle connoisseurs of beauty, have an excellent sense of style and know how to create beauty in any space. They know how to "ripen to the root", they see the very essence of a person, and not only his outer shell, although at first glance they may seem rather superficial.

Character traits:

  1. These are people in love with nature and the beauty of the world. They are able to notice the unusual blue of the sky, the delightful hue of a sunset or an unusual cloud. And they will surely begin to admire it loudly, sometimes causing confusion among other people.
  2. They are charming and capable of falling in love with anyone. But there is also a fly in the ointment - behind this sweet character is a restless, dissatisfied with himself and his life, talkative and annoying person. A goat manifests itself negatively when it is deprived of its happiness and it needs to restore its energy potential.
  3. Goat has a huge creative potential. By nature, she is given some talent that needs to be developed. This is a sensitive, vulnerable person capable of creating a real masterpiece that will be passed on through generations.
  4. In the dialogue never pulls the blanket over himself, sincerely interested in the interlocutor, his feelings, emotions, deeds, interests and experiences. Therefore, next to her nice to be. Able to be grateful.
  5. Like people and knows how to adapt to the circumstances. He achieves his goals not by efforts, but by using other people and manifesting his good human qualities. And people willingly share resources with her, because she radiates such a huge amount of love, gratitude, that they don’t need anything else in return.
  6. He does not know how and will not save up problems, experiences and negative emotions. She just needs to share with someone, cry in a vest, find support. Needs timely consolation more than other signs.
  7. Cannot handle money at all. Therefore, he often borrows, finding himself in a huge pit of unfulfilled financial obligations. Often makes purchases spontaneously, without thinking about their future. Take loans, even if you can not pay them.
  8. She always needs a mentor, a patron, a man who will take patronage over her. Prefers to make decisions to someone else, and she would simply obey.
  9. The goat may remain an infantile child who does not wish to take responsibility, until old age. Because of this, it can make an egoist impression, but if you look closely, it gives people no less than it takes from them.
  10. If married, then, rather by calculation. Poor candidates for husbands does not consider at all. It is important for her to see a number of successful men. But this is not a mercantile spirit, but a character trait - an unwillingness to bear responsibility. She will gladly obey her husband and fulfill all his whims, surround her with attention, care and love, so that no one will be left behind.
  11. People often think that Koze is always lucky and in everything. In fact, she is just as she is - helpless. Next to such people there is always someone who will do everything for them. This is the notorious goat luck.

Characteristic of the sign according to the elements

Depending on which element influences the personality of the Goat, its character traits will differ.


  • This is an incredibly temperamental personality with great potential. She has a lot of energy and internal resources, so much in life is given to her easily.
  • Faster and easier to achieve success. It works efficiently, trying to do everything flawlessly. But they pay particular attention to important things, not getting hung up on trifles.
  • Having chosen a profession for themselves, they are successfully implemented in it. Confident, friendly, able to build relationships with people, so it is easy to make friends.
  • He loves art and is endowed with artistry and other creative talents, knows how to create real masterpieces. Can become a collector of rare antiques. Houses create a unique design and cozy atmosphere.
  • Sociable and active person, can not sit at home, bored without people and interaction with them.


  • These are the most harmonious representatives of the sign. They achieve balance in all spheres of life, so most of the time they are happy and calm.
  • It is sociable and it is pleasant to people, therefore it quickly acquires friends in any place of its stay.
  • Has a sharp mind and a developed intuition. Subtle feels people and very insightful.
  • Often tied to one place, does not like to move. He loves children and seeks to have them.


  • Easily find a common language with people in any company.
  • Good luck accompanies her in everything related to money, so, as a rule, she does not experience financial problems.
  • Very kind, generous, helps people and supports them in difficult situations. But because of the habit of trusting without reason, it can sometimes burn and be disappointed. Easily amenable to influence.

The fire:

  • This is a very active and active person with a huge creative potential.
  • She loves fun and noisy companies, she has a lot of friends and friends with whom she enjoys spending time.
  • He clearly knows what he wants from life and how this can be achieved. Therefore, almost always gets what you want.
  • Sometimes she puts it in dreams and she flies off into the world of illusions, refusing to listen to the wise advice of loved ones and to her own arguments of reason.
  • Touchy, prone to anger, often in a restless and fussy state.


  • Nature is extremely controversial. Often does not understand himself or others. Unpredictable, you never know what to expect from it.
  • One day can be the soul of the company, a lighter that inspires and gives a good mood. And in the other - restrained and dry on emotion by a loner who does not want to see anyone.
  • She is very kind to close people, always cares about them and supports. She is considered a reliable person who will never betray or deceive.
  • He does not know how to deny himself, therefore he often wastes money. It is extremely important for her to master financial literacy and control the cash flow of her life.

Career and money

Sheep's ambitions are practically devoid. They do not seek career growth and financial well-being. Often infantilny, prefer to be under the wing of the parents, a spouse or a rich patron.

Can be realized in the profession of engineer, manager, architect, designer. They are very practical, therefore, where logic and precise actions are needed, they are on a horse. But if intuition or emotion is required, defeat.

Because of the closeness, they keep a distance with people, not wanting to get close to anyone. Therefore, they often choose remote work or are the black sheep in the team. Negotiate and sell do not know how.

Thanks to an innate sense of style, they can become beautiful designers, stylists or artists.

Koza has a special relationship with money. She is completely devoid of understanding how to handle them. Therefore, it does not know how to save money, often squandering money, and even with high wages it is always aground.

It is very important that Goat has some kind of patron who will take care of her, take control of the money, take care of him with expensive gifts and fulfill her whims.

Life periods

The life of a Goat will always depend on its environment and luck. People have a great influence on her worldview and perception of the world, so the environment decides what she becomes.

The second half of Goat’s life is usually more stable and successful. It is during the period of maturity that she can realize herself in her destiny, achieve material well-being and become happy.

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People born in the year of the Goat have their positive and negative qualities. Advantages:

  • These are unselfish and kind personalities who willingly help people. Often engaged in charity and seek to save everyone around.
  • Not tied to material goods, they can calmly share what they have with people who need it.
  • Artistic, smart, with good creative abilities and talents. Possess a developed taste and sense of beauty.