Dream interpretation

The most powerful love spell on the love of a man who can not be removed


Wizards immediately say that black love spells are the strongest. It is worth being careful with rituals - wrong actions can cause misfortune on yourself.

The strongest love spell has no reverse action!

Reading tips

It is better to perform magical actions on an empty stomach. A long fast will give a greater effect on the ritual.

It is necessary to carry out the procedure of an effective love spell with confidence. It is confidence that gives energy and strength. On the eve of the ritual, do not overload yourself with worries and physical labor. It is better to visit the nature, relax, gathering vitality. Love spell can be better read independently, if possible at home.

Before the ritual, it is better not to smoke for 7 days, not to drink alcohol and to abstain from sex. Fully adjust yourself, your thoughts on positive success.

The full moon is your helper.

Examples of strong love spells

According to the photo

To charm the beloved is when you are confident in the desire to be with him forever:

“As I, the servant of God (name), yearn for a heart friend (name), so he may long for me. Let every day it spreads honey at the thought of a slave (name). Let it be so. Amen".

When the plot is pronounced, his photo burned, and the ashes dispel to the wind. If you do this love spell for a married man - be very careful, the consequences can be very negative.

Another way to photo

You will need to take a picture of your "victim". This photo will only be with you, no one will ever see it. You will need your own snapshot. Take a picture of yourself. Do not take photos from the album. From the furniture you need a mirror of 3 mirrors (like a pier glass).

If not, build a structure of 3 mirrors so that they form a repetition of the reflected object in the reflection. Take 2 photos, set them in front of the mirror so that they merge together, forming many group shots in the reflections.

For the rite:

  • candles
  • 2 photos
  • casket
  • needle,
  • Scotch

Ritual to conduct late at night. At the mirror light a candle that will receive endless reflections. Before the candle set a photo of the desired object. Read the plot text:

"May each soul fragment be connected with my soul and not be separated for ever and ever!"

With these words, substitute your photo for the "victim" photo. Continue conspiracy:

"With my own blood I weep for my unity with the servant of God (name)."

Glue the photo from the back side, not removing from the mirror. Say:

“May we always be one. Amen!".

Pierce the needle with a needle, write your name on the back of the pictures with blood. Hide the box from prying eyes. Such a love spell will act, it can not be removed.

On hair

Ancestors hair attached special importance. Love spell on hair is considered the most effective. It is worth entrusting him to a professional if you doubt yourself.

For the rite need hair lover. How to get them?

  • secretly collect with a comb;
  • from his clothes, knowing that they belong to him;
  • better to cut at night with a man

The difficulty is that the beloved's hair is extracted secretly, independently making a wax doll and knowing the wedding ritual in a Christian manner.

A doll is a symbol of a loved one. Ritual - reading Christian prayers to bind 2 people before the Lord.

To hold it, you need to take an equal amount of hair of a girl and a guy, equal in length. Weaving them together, read privot:

“Lord, help our hearts unite, Nothing else can divide us. We will be together like a moon with stars, like smoke with fire, Like grass with earth, like frost with ice. Amen. Amen. Amen".

Very strong love spell with hair for the man and for the girl who practically cannot be removed.

Love rituals are not only of interest for girls, men have unrequited feelings too. Young guys often turn to magic to solve a problem.

Cemetery love spells

The most ancient and powerful ritual for a flash of passion in relationships and to attract the attention of another person is the cemetery love spell. This type of rite has gained a frightening reputation over a long history. Many are not in vain wary of him.

Serious ritual requires repetition. You need to be prepared for the fact that the effect will not be from him immediately. But the result of the cemetery love spell is worth it! Waiting takes weeks, months, even years. The effect of love magic sessions lasts until the end of the life of the affected person.

It is important to behave in a graveyard. It is forbidden to make noise. If there is a need to disturb the graves, be sure to bring the deceased something: food, coins, wine. These gifts but stepped into the territory of the spirits. If we neglect the buyout, the action of the cemetery love spell is detrimental to the performer.


  • the ideal time is the night
  • abandoned cemetery
  • mass grave
  • full moon

Love spell requires sincere faith in the outcome of all events. Cemetery rituals are:

  • by photo;
  • on cemetery land

Everyone brings the desired result and dangerous consequences. The land from the cemetery has powerful magical powers. Therefore, the ritual is among the strongest. It is necessary to learn the entire text of the plot, stock up on attributes:

  • 9 candles;
  • food, wine or coins;
  • a garment of a loved one

On the morning before the chosen day visit 3 different churches. In each of them, you should put up 9 candles upside down and pass on 3 notes for the rest for the object of impact. Now you can go to the cemetery.

Find the 3 graves in which the namesakes rest, whom you want to charm. Take a little land near each cross. Put something on graves. Complete the ritual in the open, scattering the earth in the wind. To read be sure to write:

“On the sea, on the ocean, on the island, on the Buyan, lies the Alatyr-stone. There are three coffins on it. There are three boards in them, three longings under each board. The first longing was killed - with the body mated. The second one was killed - it was connected with the thought. The third one was killed - it spread to the heart. From those three coffins, the wind blows, the longing for (name of the object of influence) casts. Every day he repeats to him about me, that he was sweet and desirable, that he would always yearn for me, that he would not part with his thoughts, that he would mate with his body and heart. So that he could coke, but did not die, he did not lay hands on himself, he constantly remembered me. ”

Repeat the procedure for spilling in the wind for 3 days. It is very important not to spend the whole earth, and later to pour a little into the object of impact into the shoes, the cabin of the car, its other objects.

Another way can be seen in the video:

How to avoid the consequences

Before embarking on it, it is worth knowing - to conduct such a responsible ceremony, what consequences may be for the "victim" and for you. Therefore, you should look at your chosen lover (s) and honestly answer: do you want to be with him (with her) always. If the answer is positive, without a doubt, it is worthwhile to carry out our plans. Example: people have known each other for a long time, together, and a man is not in a hurry to marry. Love spell will push him to decisive action.

It is not necessary with the help of magic to force a man away, to break a family, to fall in love against your will, the binding will make him weak-willed. In the future, a serious intervention in the fate of a person can lead to irreparable consequences, it will be difficult to build happiness with him. What sacrifices do you agree to make?

Consequences of love spells can be a change of character. A strong conspiracy on a strong person can affect otherwise - it will be aggressive, hot-tempered, evil, resisting magic. And the other, on the contrary, can make him completely weak-willed, and then he will cease to like someone who tried to bewitch him.

Attention! Do not make a love spell if you just want to lose feelings.