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Conspiracies, rituals and rites for the baptism of the Lord on January 19


The baptism of the Lord is one of the most significant holidays in Christianity. Orthodox Christians celebrate it on January 19th. The baptism is preceded by Christmas time, which is traditionally considered the most favorable period for all sorts of magical rites. Various rituals related to magic can also be performed on January 19, and the evening before - the powerful positive energy of the holiday will contribute to success.

Conspiracies and rites for baptism are most often associated with water, which acquires miraculous properties on this day. According to legend, the water becomes magical on the night of January 18-19, from 00:10 to 01:30 - the time when the sky opens, and any prayer addressed to God will be heard.

Conspiracies and rites for baptism for healing and health

Mandatory Epiphany tradition - ablution, so most of the conspiracies read on this day, is aimed at healing and healing the body, increasing vitality. Ablution is desirable to produce in the specified period of time (from 00:10 to 01:30). Or you can do it differently: at this time, get the Epiphany water into clean dishes (at least 3 liters) and use it in the future.

Important about Epiphany water

  1. Water is best to draw from a well or natural sources. In the extreme case, in the absence of such a possibility, it is possible to assemble a regular one from a crane.
  2. Liquid should be stored in a dark and cool place in a glass container.
  3. Pouring undiluted Epiphany water into the sink or into the toilet is impossible. It is best to dilute it with plain water, and then water the flowers or use it for other purposes.

Epiphany water retains its healing abilities for a year (and even more). She has a strong energy. Drinking it is often not desirable, but is best used as a medicine: add to the bath, splash the whole body, wash, rinse your mouth. Remember also that after applying the Epiphany water, it is not recommended to wipe off, so that the skin can absorb the miraculous liquid.

Health Conspiracy

The ceremony begins with a stay in the church service - you need to defend it completely, then take the holy water in the temple. Coming home, over the water you need to read the prayers “Our Father”, “I Believe”, “May God Resurrect” - in this sequence, each 3 times. Then you need to speak in a whisper, saying the words with warmth and sincerity:

“Heal, O Lord, my body and soul, for I am a sinner (sinner), and my soul and body ache in sin. Heal, please, Lord Jesus Christ, our Eternal Father Heavenly Son, my body from ailments, from dryness and aches, from blood and pain. Heal my soul from envy, hatred, and malice. Heaven on this day opens to us sinners. Lord Jesus Christ, please, fill my body with strength and health, and my soul with peace of mind. For the glory of your Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen!"

Sip a conspiratorial water, taking 3 sips, and the rest wash your body. The ritual will protect all year from diseases.

The rite of health and spiritual harmony

It is recommended to hold this ceremony on the night of January 18-19, or January 19. Procedure:

  1. Type in the bath water of the temperature comfortable for your body, add a little consecrated water from the church (there will be enough glass), and also lower your wrist cross into the bath.
  2. Lie in the bath - so that the water covers your entire body, lie down for about 10-15 minutes.
  3. Get out of the bath, do not dry out with a towel - let the water dry itself.

Conspiracy to baptism for wealth and financial well-being

In Baptism of the Lord, there are also effective conspiracies aimed at gaining material well-being and wealth. Many of them are also performed using Epiphany water. I will give one of the popular rites.

Conspiracy to attract wealth and protect against losses

On the night of January 18-19, take the consecrated water in the church. Bring her home and go around in order of the room and room, uttering a conspiracy:

“Holy water came to the house and brought well-being. Losses will pass this house, and wealth will come every day. Good luck in everything will accompany me, failures in nothing I will not know! ”

Leave the holy water for the night to stand - in the place of the house that you consider most important. On the morning of January 19, wash it.

Ritual to eliminate loneliness

The ritual, tested by practitioners. To complete it, collect consecrated water from 7 temples (churches)mix in one container. Prepare also crucifixion.

At Baptism, January 19, just before dawn, take off your clothes naked, stand in the bath, pour no less than a liter of collected water on top of your head. The process is followed by conspiracy:

“Chur you your blood, chur you others blood. Slave of God (own name)cleanse Amen!"

Then take the crucifix in your hands, turning it with your face in your direction, and again, looking at it, say the plot. After the ceremony, thank the saints for their help by donating money to the temple (any amount) and putting candles (any amount).

A few more rituals on health, cleansing at home and fulfillment of desires, see the video

Epiphany plot for good luck

At Baptism, wash your face with sanctified water, pronouncing a conspiracy:

“The Lord was baptized in Jordan - the world was revealed to the world. As true that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, it is also true that I have enough strength for everything. The Lord reigns and commands, the Lord helps me in all matters. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen - 3 times.

Total plot you need to pronounce 3 times. After him, luck will be your companion in all matters.

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