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Obsidian stone: what properties suits whom


The obsidian stone - even its very name is already imbued with the atmosphere of something unearthly, magical. On its origin, there are many legends, each of which is fanned by an aura of mystery. Let's find out what mystical abilities has a mysterious mineral and who is best to wear jewelry with it.

Historical information about the stone

In each of the nations of the world are known their legends regarding the appearance of obsidian in our land. For example, in Transcaucasia, people are convinced that once the Devil himself became very angry with people and then lava flows flowed from the depths of hell.

She instilled panic in people, they sincerely believed that in this way Satan was striving to leave the bowels of the earth. However, his attempts each time were not crowned with success, and the claw marks left by him on the surface of the earth became black stones.

American nationalities believed that obsidian is the tears of women mourning the loss of their spouses. This happened due to the fact that the men refused to voluntarily go into slavery to the colonists and settled accounts with life, throwing themselves into the mouth of a volcano. And the tears, cried out by their wives, eventually turned into sad black bars, the color of which symbolizes death and separation.

Residents of ancient Egypt attributed obsidians to the Kingdom of the Dead. He must have been put in tombs without fail, when a person was embalmed and buried.

In fact, the historical origin of the described gem is as follows: obsidian is formed from igneous rock, which, during its solidification, becomes hard dark ingots. In fact, this is another kind of volcanic glass.

The name of the stone comes from the Greek word "obsis", translated as "spectacle." In ancient times, people used this breed to create mirror surfaces.

Of course, such a mineral penetrated through the influence of mysticism simply could not do without another legend. She talks about how the stone spread among the people.

According to her, the ancient Roman warrior Obsidium fell in love with a coal-black gem, so much so that he brought it with him to the Roman Empire. In honor of its discoverer, the stone received such a name.

Whatever it may be, until now, decorations with mysterious obsidians attract attention to themselves thanks to their special, incredibly attractive energy. That is why in the jewelry industry such products are very popular.

Mineral deposits

This volcanic rock is found in places where there are active or already extinct volcanoes. In particular, they are rich: Ethiopia, Turkey, United States of America. But Mexico has the most deposits.

The most beautiful variations of stone samples are found in the state of California (Mississippi River). The mineral found there is different from its counterparts, it has less transparency than obsidians from other states.

As for the Russian Federation, here the gem locations are located in the Transcaucasian region, Siberia, and also in the Khabarovsk Territory.

Color versions

Obsidians are found in nature in three main colors - black, gray and reddish brown.

In addition, there are three more variations of the mixed color of the mineral:

  • snow obsidians - such stones are black in color and small white specks very similar to snowflakes;
  • peanut - in the pebbles there are blotches that resemble peanut nuts;
  • rainbow - can vary from red, blue, green to blue shades. The illusion is created that a rainbow is poured on the gem with all colors. Rainbow obsidians in their cut resemble spilled oil. Stones of this type are the most elite, since in nature there are not too many of them.

The healing properties of obsidian stone

Our distant ancestors also believed that precious and semi-precious minerals can heal from various diseases. Therefore, extensive healing abilities were attributed to them. Not surprisingly, mysterious obsidian is no exception to this rule.

The healers of the past agreed that the stone helps to cope with colds faster. To this end, he was advised to wear in the form of necklaces, pendants, pendants or bracelets and rings.

In addition, a number of healing abilities were attributed to the gem:

  • believed that it successfully eliminates gastrointestinal pathologies;
  • they were treated for renal failure;
  • normalized blood pressure;
  • used to eliminate rheumatism;
  • used to make a person more balanced mentally;
  • they eliminated pathologies caused by hypothermia.

In addition to all of the above, natural obsidians can heal their owners from various mental disorders. For example, jewelry with such stones will relieve from nervous disorders, depressions, fears and phobias.

Also, with the help of black volcanic rock, it is really possible to get rid of bad obsessive thoughts that often visit you from your head once and for all. Gem will replace all bad with good.

You can use the power of the stone and for preventive purposes. In particular, wearing beads made from obsidian is recommended. Beads can be replaced with necklaces, beads or simple key chains.

The magical properties of obsidian stone

People knew a long time ago about the magical power of hardened volcanic rock. Historical documents talk about the use of obsidians around the world in the process of conducting various ceremonial actions. But where did such popularity come from for this gem? Perhaps, he really has outstanding abilities, if many nations were able to notice them?

For example, the ancient Sumerians created the legend that the energetics of three celestial bodies - the Sun, Saturn and Uranus - are connected in stone, which ensures such a powerful impact. In addition, this breed was taken as the basis for the creation of mirrors, as well as magic balls, which were subsequently tried to see the future.

What other paranormal properties are characteristic of obsidian?

  • The stone has such a powerful energy, which allows you to realize the wildest dreams in life. Constant wearing of products with it will help you achieve your goals. Of course, if in addition to this you still have to do something, and not just sit and wait.
  • Mineral will benefit those who are engaged in research work. He will help them cope with obstacles and increase concentration. Generally, obsidian is impressed by energetic, active and purposeful personalities.
  • An amulet with a stone will help protect you from negative energy, protect against any trouble. He is like a mirror reflecting a bad effect. Special benefits will bring babies who are more than adults susceptible to external influences.
  • If you regularly engage in meditative practices, you will also benefit from black gem jewelry. In this case, he will eliminate unnecessary thoughts from his head.
  • There is an opinion that obsidians are closely related to parallel worlds and allow you to see the events of the future. Under the condition of constant contact with him, it becomes realistic to become more concentrated and attentive, therefore, to be able to predict the actions of others.
  • But if total stability reigns in your life, which you are absolutely satisfied with, refuse the help of this mineral. The stone risks attracting major changes that you may not be ready for.

The best place to put obsidian is in silver. In this case, his mystical abilities will be revealed in full. Although it is acceptable and the use of clean pieces of rock, not framed in any of the metals.

In jewelry stores, various jewelry options are offered for sale: obsidian bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and so on. Each of the products can turn into your talisman.

And if you do not want other people to notice the presence of a stone on you, use miniature drop-shaped pendants on laces - they are easy to hide under clothes if necessary.

Please note that the size of the stone does not affect the strength of the stone. Even a little pendant will have the same effect as massive beads.

Who is suitable for the sign of the zodiac

Which of the zodiac constellations should seek the help of the mysterious mineral? And who better to be careful and give up obsidian jewelry?

  • Aries - do not have to wear items with stone all the time; you can use its power, but only limitedly. This is due to the fact that Aries under the influence of the gem becomes too aggressive, stubborn and selfish. As an amulet will help solve monetary issues and improve career.
  • Taurus - as a rule, they are not too friendly with obsidians, they, too, cannot wear them all the time. Although the stone likes the ability of representatives of this sign to achieve its goals, on the other hand, Taurus is difficult to change, and this does not agree with the essence of obsidian.
  • Twins - will get the maximum benefit from the gems. Thanks to them, changeable personalities will become more self-confident, eliminate their indecisiveness, and begin to change their lives for the better. The only constellation that can wear an amulet with a stone constantly.
  • Crayfish - lithotherapists do not advise them to wear this gem. The fact is that Cancers are by their nature very cautious, logical, they always carefully analyze the situation and consider their own actions in it. Obsidian hypertrophies these qualities and risks turning the Moon Crayfish into paranoids!
  • Lions - the kings of the Zodiac with the help of the mineral will acquire the necessary judgment, eliminate excessive temper, become more calm and focused. Lions are allowed to wear black jewelry all the time.
  • Virgin - they should be very careful with the stone. On the one hand, he will increase their faith in themselves, contribute to the improvement of their personal lives. But on the other hand - will increase such a negative quality of Virgo, as suspiciousness and isolation from real life.
  • Libra - they are neutral by obsidians - they do not cause any special harm, but they do not fully reveal their strength. It is impossible for Libra to enter into full impact with a gem.
  • Scorpions - using products with a mineral will become calmer and less susceptible to stress. In addition, the mineral will help them to establish a personal life. However, Scorpio is unacceptable to wear it all the time - otherwise it will quickly turn into a narcissistic egoist.
  • Sagittarius - will receive support from an amazing gem in the form of stimulating intellectual activity. In most cases, the stone does not affect Sagittarius negatively.
  • Capricorns - they will be able to enhance their positive qualities with the help of obsidian jewelry, and also minimize negative ones. Plus, positive changes will come to their lives. Capricorns are perfectly compatible with the energy of the mineral.
  • Aquarius it is also easy to make friends with a stone. He helps them to show their hidden paranormal abilities, and will also provide support in almost all matters.
  • Pisces - it is permissible to use a mineral, however, occasionally. The last zodiacal constellation is indecisive, the power of the stone will help them to become more self-confident, but if you wear it too long, Pisces will become restless and disturbing.

Now you know how the obsidian stone is suitable for healing and mystical properties. In conclusion, I want to invite you to familiarize yourself with the thematic video: