Dream interpretation

Why dream of flying in a dream?


Flight is associated with freedom and independence. However, independence and freedom are not always pleasant and desirable. For example, dismissal from work is also freedom and independence from it. Why dream of flying in a dream? Consider the interpretation of sleep in detail.

Total sleep

It is considered that flying in a dream symbolizes avoiding problems. But there is a different interpretation of the dream associated with the expression "soaring in the clouds." A person takes lightly to life and does not notice any change around him. While you are in the clouds, competitors can take your place, and your rival can win the heart of your loved one.

To fall and break is a very bad sign. However, if the dreamer was able to wake up during the “fall,” he will be able to cope with difficult problems and circumstances without much loss.

The interpretation will depend on such nuances:

  • solo flight;
  • joint;
  • on the wings;
  • on the flying vehicle.

If you see yourself soaring high in the heavenly heightsThis may portend a rapid rise in career. However, remember: it is important to be able to keep the height and not suddenly fall down. Career promotion involves responsible further work, so after the triumph over the triumph comes a period of hard work.

Fly with a man of the opposite sex - to the fleeting joys of love. Alas, your romance will be short. A family man like a dream warns of frivolous acquaintance, which can destroy existing marital relations. It is better not to have a love affair with an unfamiliar person.

Low flight above ground speaks of the dreamer’s mundane goals. To succeed, you need to go beyond the conventional and free yourself from the fear of being misunderstood.

To old people may portend a quick demise.

Flights on transport

What does a dream mean in which you fly on a broomstick? The symbol of flying on a broom or mortar is associated with fairy tales of magic - Baba Yaga, the witch. This dream foreshadows the discovery of extraordinary abilities in the dreamer. Perhaps soon you will be able to read the thoughts of others.

Flying on a stupa may have a double interpretation: either a change of place of residence, or a change of place of work.

Fly by car, bike or motorcycle - to a big breakthrough in your endeavors. You will manage to realize everything that you have outlined.

See the flight on its own wings - to the successful opportunity to carry out all the plans in life. If the dream ended in a fall, it warns of the occurrence of complex obstacles to the realization of goals.

A balloon flight for a young girl is a good omen: your new acquaintance will be not only a good friend, but also a future husband.

According to the esoteric dream book flying in an unusual vehicle (vacuum cleaner, carpet-plane, etc.) symbolize the upcoming trip.

Flying on an airplane according to the ABC interpretation of dreams, promises speedy successful completion of the project or some business. You are on the right track, keep moving in the chosen direction.

Interpretation of dream books

ABC interpretation of dreams considers this dream as a spiritual elevation above the material, a surge of vitality and energy. However, hovering high above the clouds indicates separation from reality: the dreamer literally hovers in the clouds. The plot has the same meaning, in which the dreamer rushes up to the clouds.

East Dream treats soaring in the clear clear sky as the speedy fulfillment of a dream. If black wings grew in a dream, it promises a quick disappointment. In the east, it is believed that flying in a dream symbolizes growth: until adulthood — physical, after adulthood — spiritual.

Imperial Dream (China) shares the meaning of interpretation by gender. For women, the flight foreshadows positive changes: she will be able to get rid of the yoke of the material and soar with the spirit into the heavenly heights.

For men, this is a sign of separation from reality, which does not bode well. A man can expect loss of finances, loss of position in society and many other unpleasant circumstances.

Islamic Dreambook offers an unexpected interpretation of the fall: the dreamer will get what he fell into in a dream. However, this applies to people with high status in society. Falling from a dream does not promise good to an ordinary person: illness or death awaits him.