Dream interpretation

Why dream of a hurricane and a tornado?


The meaning and interpretation of our dreams is not particularly relevant in the modern civilized world. However, some dreams, even among the most skeptical people, can cause fear and confusion.

These night visions include hurricanes, tornadoes, tornadoes. This is a tremendous natural strength and power, against which not one person is unable to contend, so when he wakes up, the question arises: "Why did you have a dream like that?"

Deciphering a dream about bad weather from the point of view of classic dream books

A hurricane, a tornado, a tornado are completely different natural phenomena in manifestation and strength, but in man they equally cause fear from their irresistible force. From them you can hide only in safe places. These elements always bring with them the grief of loss and destruction.

It is precisely under such perspectives that clarification is conducted in popular dream books. Miller:

  1. If in a dream a strong howl of wind - wait for the approach of grief, which will cover you with your head. Your plans fail, and destiny to dispose with you is not the best way.
  2. If the dream is that the hurricane bends the trees to the ground with a deafening howl - know that you are on the edge of the abyss and the subconscious tells you about the future bad weather in life.
  3. When you sleep, you are on the ruins of your home after a hurricane wait for a job change or move to another house or city. The need for this is already overdue.
  4. Witness tornado destruction - will remain an observer of someone else's misfortune that will not touch you.

According to the dream book Longa - the destruction associated with you is due to the reluctance to help your neighbor who asked you for help:

Seeing yourself in the epicenter of the elements - to great happiness in love, passion and mutual understanding, but this is if you have not suffered from the elements.

From point of view Freud such dreams can interpret a radical change in the views of the world, environment. This can lead to significant changes in your life:

  1. If you see serious aftermath of a hurricane, causing harm to human health - you will find a great disappointment in the project, promising at first glance lucrative prospects.
  2. Approaching a tornado in a dream testifies to your concern for close friends and girlfriends, and, moreover, you need to be prepared that he will not take your fears for this person seriously.
  3. If you are in love, such a dream would be a hint to a soon disappointment in the subject of adoration.
  4. Engaged in trade and commerce waiting for a disease.
  5. If you are a servant of the sea and love to travel - Stop and transfer the trip, there may be danger along the way.

For people of other professions a tornado will bring discord and mistrust in the family.

Modern interpreters

In the modern exposition of such a dream, such elements foreshadow evils, global catastrophes:

  • the strongest wind that brought you down testifies to reality to become more cautious, to appease the passions raging in you, which can play an unkind joke with you.
  • managed to avoid a suction funnel approaching in a dream - In real life, prudence will stop you from ill-considered actions. But if the funnel has covered you, expect serious consequences from the actions you have committed.
  • at the sight of a tornado in a dream, you stay in place - in reality, panic and confusion will prevent you from getting into trouble with a real threat.
  • in a dream the tornado takes you off the ground - foreshadows in reality the bitter loss and deprivation.
  • if you see how a tornado absorbs and carries away your near and dear ones, wait in reality that relatives will try to hide from you true intentions and feelings.
  • in a dream you just watch the raging elements from a safe distance or place - in reality you will be responsible for the results of a serious enterprise. But, if you die from the elements - pay attention to your health. There may be serious problems.

Dream hurricane

The vision of this event can be interpreted taking into account the day of the week. Thursday foreshadows that you need help and support from outside. Friday promises threats in his personal life, unforeseen changes. Material difficulties may arise. The Sabbath can foreshadow and suggest a threat to your near and dear ones.

The time of day also affects the decoding of such a dream. Daytime dreams foreshadow aggravation and competitiveness of your partners. A nightmare shows that you were quick to make a decision and take on extra responsibility.

In any case, such dreams are necessary for the correct assessment of human behavior in real life. Evaluate your actions, strive for the best, and nightmares will stop visiting your dreams.