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How to meet your soul mate


A happy personal life is a guarantee of finding inner harmony, optimistic perception of the world and success. It may sound strange, but the two halves of one whole together reach much greater heights than they would one by one.

"How to meet your love?", If you ask this question and want to find an answer to it, then I suggest that you read my next article.

Love, where are you?

In the modern world, we are seeing more and more cases when people have been searching for years, and sometimes even for decades, but cannot find their soul mate. Some, having gone through the experience of several unsuccessful relationships, completely despaired and went headlong to work or something else.

But there are those who do not give up and continue to believe and hope that one day a great and bright feeling will knock on their door. A very reasonable decision, because everything in our world is based on faith. If it is not - desires do not come true.

However, I want to talk about why meeting love is such a big problem in our society?

Personally, in my opinion, there are several reasons for this:

  • People, in principle, have lost the value of the concept of "love", do not seek to find a soul mate, but prefer to live in the world of carnal pleasures rather than spiritual intimacy.
  • Negative beliefs in the subconscious. I repeat once again that it is faith that acts as the decisive force that helps your desires become reality. And if a person wants to find a bright feeling, but he has entered into his head a negative attitude that “this will not happen in his life,” “love is the destiny of the elect,” and so on, then it is quite clear why he still remains alone.

Negative blocks may have a different character. For example, a man is firmly convinced that "all men are bastards (change, drink, beat, and so on)," or "all women are corrupt (only they need money)." For its part, the universe regularly sends confirmation of these attitudes to it. So it turns out that all sorts of unworthy personalities are attracted, and true love bypasses the tenth road.

  • Karmic reasons. Karma is the law of cause and effect. Every action we committed in past incarnations is fraught with its consequences in real life. The reasons for failures on the personal front are often rooted precisely in the past, about which you do not remember with your mind, but it is recorded at the soul level. You need to work out your bad karma, go through the experience of many personal failures, if necessary, before you manage to meet your happiness.

Alas, to cheat and circumvent karma does not work - until you feel personally on yourself all the pain that other people incurred in past incarnations, you will have to be alone.

Fortunately, there is good news - the karma of most people still allows them to meet the other half. The main thing is not to despair when another personal defeat occurs, but to perceive it as a lesson necessary to increase one’s spiritual awareness.

Tips on how to meet your love, your soul mate

Immediately it should be noted that in such a sensitive issue as personal life, there is no and by default there can be no “universal recipes for happiness”. All of us are bright individuals, and that is absolutely unacceptable for one person, represents a complete norm for another. What then rules of finding love can basically be said?

Add here the fact that each has its own karmic root causes of personal failures, the life mission is very different - in general, it is clear that you can not "mow down one size fits all."

But there are a number of general recommendations that can help in arranging personal life and accelerate the attraction of love.

A wish

Do you know what is most important when it comes to finding something (whether it is love or money, or, for example, the ability to dance cool)? Of course, desire!

The initial message that begins to shift the problem from a dead center is a sincere inner desire to find love. Without desire, you cannot release energy to what you need.

Therefore, learn to want and want correctly (visualization will help a lot). Imagine how a great and bright feeling has already come to your life, how are your relationships developing? How do you spend your free time? What emotions do you experience?

It is important to try to feel the maximum that you will feel when you have personal happiness. Try not to dwell on material things like an apartment, a car or a bank account, but visualize exactly those feelings and emotions that love will bring to your life.

Love to yourself

It is no secret that in order for someone to love you, you must first love yourself independently. Many have great difficulties with this. It is often easier for a person to love someone other than himself. Here is such an interesting paradox.

Self-dislike has many internal causes. Perhaps their origins come from a distant childhood, a complex relationship with parents, classmates. It is important to learn to let go of the past, not to dwell on the failures that occurred "there", but to create a happy present and future.

Think that you are not at all the same person who was ten, five years old, even a year ago. Of course, you have your drawbacks, but absolutely everyone has them. The main thing is to learn to recognize them, to accept and be able to be friends with them.

Pay attention to your appearance: take care of well-groomed hair, skin, beautiful clothes and shoes. All this increases self-esteem, self-love and makes you more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Also pay attention to your inner content. Read interesting books, watch movies, find yourself some kind of hobby and improve your skills in it. Let it be interesting to communicate with you, have your spiritual values, learn to make a good impression on others.

Do not stop in your self-improvement and always go only to the best version of yourself.

Love ... for loneliness!

Yes, strangely it sounds, but love for your personal space will help you find a soul mate. Make it so that you are, first of all, by yourself well and interestingly alone with yourself.

Why does this work? When you love your loneliness, you are in a state of “giving up” and not “taking”, because you don’t strive to arrange your personal life “just not to sit by yourself”, “so that it is not boring” - that is, literally, wanting to fill with energy another person, but from mercenary motives.

And any harmonious and healthy relationship is based on the principle of interaction, and not consumerism. That is why it is so important to first find harmony in your life yourself.

Think also that you personally can give to your partner? How can you take care of him?


Of course, you can make a whole plan of what kind of person you need, think up a long and happy life together with him in your imagination, but in order for something to work out, you need to make attempts to do this.

Do you dream of personal happiness? Then register on a dating site, go to public places more often, agree to have a cup of coffee with a pleasant stranger. In general, take proactive actions that will help improve the situation, rather than sitting still.

And do not believe that love can not be found on the Internet - this is another negative setting that blocks this very real possibility.

Accepting failures

Most often, on the way to true love, people experience several unsuccessful attempts at relationships. Of course, there is a perfect development of the situation when love meets at once, but these days it is more the exception to the rule.

It is important not to despair every time you experience another personal failure. Keep faith in the best, even if it will not be easy.

And do not dwell on the bad - just let go of the negative situation and move on. Believe that in the future you will certainly have a great and mutual feeling.

Be realistic

Of course, all the girls dream of princes on white horses, but it would not hurt to show a share of common sense. How many princes exist in nature? And how many real girls who want to create a relationship? And to conquer the prince, you need to be a princess at least ...

The example with the princes is certainly exaggerated, but the fact remains that in the search for love you need to maintain realism. Do not think that suddenly everything is ready to fall on your head and you don’t have to put any effort at all!

Or that "love will solve all your problems." This is nothing more than an illusion and a negative attitude, which, just the same, blocks the arrival of the desired in life.

Therefore, do not aspire to material things, after all, you are looking for love, not money, is it not?

Bug work

Analyze your behavior in previous relationships. What did you do wrong? Maybe they were too aggressive, constantly jealous or paid him / her not enough attention?

It is not necessary to step on the same rake every time. To do this, simply find their main mistakes in the past and try not to repeat them in the future.

Appeal to specialists

If you find it difficult to independently figure out your life, you are tired of being lonely, but you cannot find out what the real problem lies in - you can recommend to see a specialist. By a specialist, I mean both a qualified psychologist and an esoteric expert, for example, a person who can predict the future and identify a problem with the help of maps.

Perhaps the opinion from the side will bring you greater benefits than constant internal self-digging and help you to tune in the right way.

I hope that my article was interesting to you and will help you find a great and bright feeling!

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