Dream interpretation

Why dream of a tiger in a dream?


Why dream of a tiger in a dream? This beautiful animal has a double meaning in dreams - either heralds victory and success, or warns of danger. It is necessary to interpret a dream taking into account the situation in which the tiger appeared in night dreams.

Popular interpretation

The image of the tiger symbolizes excess energy and power. In what direction will this energy be directed - for the good of the dreamer or for evil? Sometimes the image of a tiger symbolizes the dreamer himself, his ability to survive in difficult conditions and circumstances. Also, a tiger can symbolize the domineering nature of the dreamer or lack of self-confidence.

  • To dream of a tiger, gentle and obedient - it means that in reality you have managed to tame your ardor and become more appeasable. If a predator in a dream saw a timid person, the subconscious tells you to become stronger, stop being afraid, reveal your natural power and strength. Tiger in a cage - in a person's life problems with self-realization.
  • Kill the tiger in the dream - bad sign. This portends failure because of self-assurance and short-sightedness. Failure can affect the workplace - a conflict with superiors or colleagues; lost opportunity in business; the machinations of competitors behind; quarrel with a reputable person.
  • To lie on the skin killed animal - to the temporary ecstasy victory. Also, the dream reports that the money was obtained by unrighteousness.
  • There is another interpretation of a dream with a dead animal - the dreamer will overcome his enemies and competitors, he will be able to cope with a difficult life situation and become a winner.
  • Trained animal symbolizes the influential patron who will appear in the life of the dreamer. To iron and feed a hand-held tiger - in reality to please and curry favor with an influential person.
  • Tiger attack Sleep is a warning of danger from enemies and does not pose a threat. The dream must be interpreted precisely from this position. Be careful: competitors are not asleep.
  • Tiger eats prey? You will have to share the profit with your partners or give all the laurels to a competitor.
  • Tiger cub in a dream it symbolizes a lack of experience and knowledge.

Tiger coat color

In dreams, an animal of the most amazing color can dream, for example, a pink elephant. Tiger can also dream with any wool:

  • white;
  • the black;
  • blue.

White tiger symbolizes the intellectual and creative life of the dreamer, and also predicts success in any endeavors.

Albino tiger foreshadows an unexpected turn of events. How it will be - successful or not - will show the details of the dream and the emotional reaction of the dreamer to the events in the dream.

Black wool animal foreshadows evil. The trouble is not far off, and the dreamer himself will become its source, thanks to the explosive nature. Outbursts of anger, unwarranted cavils to others will play a cruel joke with a man. It is better to tame his own inner beast, until he spoiled the life of his master.

Blue tiger in a dream why dream? A blue animal foreshadows a chance to improve its financial situation. This is a fabulous luck that cannot be missed - it happens once in a lifetime.

Interpretation of dreams about tigers according to dream books

Modern dream book interprets the image of a tiger with a tiger cub to unexpected attention from the authorities: expect encouragement and reward. An animal on a leash symbolizes complacency in the face of impending danger.

See the attack of a tiger on another animal - will witness the brutal massacre of superiors with unwanted employees. Friendly animal symbolizes the favor of an authoritative person. Tiger bite - to undeserved accusation.

Esoteric dream book interprets the vision of a tigress with cubs as patronage of friends and relatives, thanks to which the dreamer can achieve a lot. A trained animal is the location of an influential person to the dreamer. The bite of a tiger - to lose the location of an influential person. Playing with a tiger cub is in danger. To kill an animal - to remain without protection and patronage.

Dream interpretation Hasse believes that the image of a tiger in a dream appears as a warning about enemies and envious. Any successful activity of the dreamer can cause resentment among opponents. It is especially dangerous to see babies in their dreams: the dreamer does not realize the strength of the opponents, does not see in it a threat to his well-being.

To feed an animal in a dream - to prudence and foresight. Thanks to his instinct, the dreamer will be able to circumvent the danger and achieve the desired. The attack of an angry animal on the dreamer announces the aggression of opponents: the dreamer has angered his ill-wishers with his actions / words.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova He also sees in the image of a tiger a danger symbol, especially if a couple of animals dreamed in a dream. The white tiger is a positive symbol, according to Tsvetkov, and denotes the correct direction of energy to the dreamer. The same meaning is borne by the image of a hand or trained animal of ordinary color.

Dream loft considers the image of an adult tiger to be a symbol of positive energy necessary for the realization of the plan. Accordingly, the cub will express a lack of energy, experience and knowledge. The attacker bears a direct threat to the well-being of the dreamer, as does the animal of black color. For a woman, the image of a domestic tiger is a symbol of a despotic and cruel husband.

Psychological aspect of perception

Psychologists consider the image of the tiger to be the manifestation of the animal principle in man. If an aggressive tiger is constantly dreaming, this may symbolize dissatisfaction with the sexual partner. Perhaps the tiger expresses the need to satisfy passion by force.

In female dreams, tigers symbolize a man. If the dreamer constantly dreams of this strong animal, it means that in real life there is a lack of a man’s shoulder. The image of the tigress symbolizes the woman herself. If she sees a tigress in a dream, then she unconsciously considers herself a protector of the family hearth.