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How to determine the evil eye or damage?


If the ordinary rhythm of a person’s life suddenly began to collapse, his excellent state of health was suddenly replaced by an enormous number of diseases, and good mood gave way to stress, the fact that this individual was under the influence of damage and the evil eye cannot be excluded. How to reveal that such a “black strip” is a result of other people's bad thoughts? How to determine the evil eye and damage?

Signs of

Before you rush headlong into fighting corruption, you must make sure that it was evil that could cause a series of constant misfortunes and woes.

Famous magicians and healers call a couple of major symptoms of spoilage:

  • constant, almost never stopping headache;
  • depressive disorders and indifference to others;
  • lack of desire to work and do what you love;
  • alienation;
  • strange voices in the head;
  • feeling irritated and tired

To a man who does not know how to realize that he has been jinxed, experts advise listen to yourself more often: in addition to health difficulties, there may often be a desire to drink or take drugs; even suicidal thoughts are likely. Such states are a manifestation of symptomatology, which indicates that there is a certain negative, and it should be dealt with immediately.

Symptoms of spoilage in women

The fact is that women are much more susceptible to various kinds of external influences than the representatives of the stronger sex. Female energy biofield can be much more likely to be destroyed. A woman herself is able to find out if the “curses” are not lying on her — for this, one should analyze well all the last weeks of life and identify what has changed in the ordinary rhythm of life.

Here is the most basic symptoms of the evil eye in women:

  • bad sleep and nightmares (especially if such problems were not previously observed);
  • fast fatigue and constant apathy. Even those who had a high performance and level of vital energy, may notice that such activity is no longer;
  • very obvious symptom - it is the ability to look into the eyes of the interlocutor or your reflection in the mirrors. At the same time, those who see that their eyes are constantly watering, and suddenly it becomes very difficult for a person to withstand a strange look, you should think about the various reasons for what is happening.

Women who do not understand anything about energy exchange, and do not know how to identify the evil eye, can often be observed mood swings, rapid recruitment or loss of body weight, and also significantly deteriorates the skin condition and appearance.

A special kind of negative impact can be crown of celibacy. Even beautiful ladies, beautiful and intelligent, can lose their charm in a matter of days, if any damage or the evil eye has appeared in their lives - it is necessary to fight them.

Signs of the evil eye in men

Despite the fact that the gentlemen have a much stronger biofield, they are also able to please under the influence of the evil eye and evil intent. In order for a man to identify whether there is any damage on him, he must learn to hear and well analyze your own feelings.

Men can feel extraneous voices in your head (sometimes even dead), contemplate hallucinations, feel tremendous irritability towards your people. A strong passion for alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and drugs will also help to identify damage.

How to independently determine the evil eye or damage to a child?

It also happens that bad people in anger and hatred can even bring disasters to the tiniest and most harmless, innocent kids. It is not surprising that in the most ancient times the baby, who was not one year old, was hidden from prying eyes and was not shown to other people unnecessarily.

How to reveal that the kid has been jinxed? What should be done to identify the negative effect of damage and to start the destruction of such a negative as soon as possible?

  • Mom and Dad can be alerted frequent drops and rises in the temperature of the baby. If he does not have a cold, and the child complains of feeling unwell, you need to carefully look at other symptoms.
  • Have cheerful and cute kids often become spoiled by the mood? Kind and gentle child suddenly became nervous and unbalanced? He began to be afraid of native people? He is not pleased with favorite toys? It is likely that all this is a sign of the evil eye.

Kids incredibly subtly capture the negative energy that comes from the outside, because they should show a high degree of attention. The main thing that can be done with this - attach a little man a simple pin against the evil eye.

Ritual by definition of the evil eye

In many states, the old method that helps to reveal the evil eye has long been known. It will need the following attributes:

  1. A glass of ordinary, but clean water
  2. Fresh Chicken Egg (Raw)

A glass of clean water should be very carefully placed on the head and hold it with your hands so that the liquid does not spill. An assistant at the same time - the most dear person - should knock out an egg and pour it into a glass, while it should be very careful to monitor the fact that the yolk remains whole. In a situation where there is simply no one to trust a person, you can use a mirror and carefully carry out all the procedures yourself.

In a few minutes you can already give an assessment of the result If the water still remains very clean and transparent, and the yolk just lay flat on the bottom, then there are no signs of a bad influence on the person. If the egg behaved incomprehensibly: the yolk suddenly separated, and whitish threads or bubbles began to move upward from the white, then all signs of the evil eye in humans that can be recognized clearly appear. At the same time, purely such threads and bubbles directly show the “level of gravity” of the position: the greater the number of threads a person sees, the more negative the impact on him.