Dream interpretation

Why dream of washing dishes?


Dirty dishes are considered a symbol of trouble, annoying accidents and ungrateful dirty work. Also, the laundering of dirt is a subconscious desire to cleanse, wash away sins, forget about the past. Why dream of washing dishes? Consider in detail all the interpretation.

People deciphering dreams of washing dishes

Everyone knows the feeling of annoyance at the sight of a pile of dirty plates and pans in the sink. Mountains of unwashed plates and cutlery foreshadow hard work and lack of time to rest. Unwashed dishes on the table symbolize dissatisfaction with the circumstances and the inner desire for change.

Also, the value of sleep will depend on the features of the picture seen:

  • wash dishes in an unfamiliar place;
  • wash dishes in the house of relatives / friends;
  • quality and material of manufacturing dishes.

If you dream that when washing dishes the number of ridge plates does not decreaseit means that the dreamer seeks to wash away the feeling of guilt. Also, such a plot can be dreamed of when forced to communicate with unpleasant personalities or when trying to hide information from others.

If a dirt is not washed off the dishesSuch a plot foreshadows discontent and irritation with the actions of close people, their unwillingness to improve and compromise. Often, such a dream comes when misunderstanding reigns in the family, relatives are in a state of confrontation.

If you or your household washing dishes in the house of relatives or friendssuch a plot foreshadows the illness of someone from the family. If the husband sees a dream, there will soon be a long separation from his wife - an unplanned departure or even a divorce. Sleep with washing dishes at her sister's house is of poor importance - it portends a serious illness, you have to take custody of her children.

Washing dishes in a public institution denotes unpleasant duties to be performed. It can also be a symbol of humiliation or responsibility for an unpleasant business. Working in a rich house means a conflict with a person, with a flaw in whose character it will be difficult to reconcile.

What does it mean if the stain from the plate or pan is not washed off? This plot symbolizes a vain attempt to wash away the traces of the past from his biography, to try to disguise a secret act, to hide the traces of his deeds.

Washing dishes at grandma's house - Soon there will be a trip to her, help and support from your side.

Dirty dishes

What dreams of dirty dishes? The value of sleep depends on who he dreamed. If sleep I saw a young girl, you can forget about the wedding - it is not expected. However, if the girl in the dream soaps dirty dishes, the wedding is not far off.

If you sleep with dirty plates had a dream about a new moonAhead, a very unfavorable period awaits up to the point of ruin. Remains of food on plates after the visit of guests promise the help of friends in difficult times.

If you are dreaming of a plot in which someone deliberately dirty the dishes you have washed, in reality you will also be tainted by interest.

It is difficult to wash off the stain? In reality, you will hardly restore your stained reputation.

Interpretation of famous dream books

  • Dream Dream He sees in the image of clean dishes a good sign: wash the plates - to friendship.
    The old Russian dream book foreshadows harmony and harmony in the family.
    Small Veles dream book prophesies guests and changes.
    Female dream book believes that dirty dishes dreaming of trouble.
  • Dream Miller considers the image of dirty dishes foreshadowing a disappointing future. Someone from the household washes the dishes - a family scandal awaits in front of them, to wash the plates yourself - to the mess in matters. To polish the dishes to shine - your feelings for the person will remain unanswered. To wash the plates in a strange house is, unfortunately, a missed opportunity.
  • Freund's Dream sees in the image of dirty dishes a symbol of promiscuity in choosing a partner. To wash dirty dishes - the desire to start a family and children. Break the dishes - to break family relationships.
  • Esoteric dream book. Collecting dirty plates and appliances from the table - to change the environment. See how the mother washes the dishes - you are not able to solve life issues on their own. Wipe washed plates to harmonize relations with your loved one. Give unwashed dishes to someone - to increase wealth.
  • Modern dream book considers - dirty dishes foreshadows a disease. Joint washing dishes with someone symbolizes a harmonious relationship with that person.