Dream interpretation

What dreams of geese - for wealth or trouble


Want to know what the geese are dreaming about - read my article with an analysis of the interpretations of popular dream books. I always analyze my dreams in order to understand what sign the subconscious sends me with their help, and you can try.

Interpretation of dream books

In different dream books you can read that geese dream on completely different occasions. Let's understand what is the meaning of such a dream, and what hidden signs it carries in itself.

Dream Miller:

  1. If in a dream you saw cute goslings grazing peacefully on a flowering meadow, it means that you have attracted great luck to your life. Luck will accompany you in everything, take a moment.
  2. If the geese in a dream fluttering merrily in the water, this is an auspicious sign. Life has prepared positive changes for you, so get ready for the longest white line that you have ever had.
  3. If the birds are loudly giggling, and the sounds are unpleasant to you, then you should not expect gifts of fate. In the near future there will be some event that will cause you incredible annoyance.
  4. Not one goose, but a whole flock of white birds dream of career success. It's time to ask the head of raising or adding to wages. But do not forget to show that you are a valuable employee who is able to benefit the company.

Dream Vanga:

  1. The diviner believed that geese are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. So they dream, of course, only for wealth and financial success. But this applies only to dreams, in which a large number of birds.
  2. If there are a lot of geese, and so many that you were not able to count them, it means that you greatly regret the missed opportunities. Stop living in the past and pay attention to the present.

In the dream book Hasse indicated that the geese that you met in the realm of Morpheus, do not promise anything good. This is a sign that you will face a major trial in the near future. And it will end not in your favor.

Dream Aesop:

  1. A goose that makes loud and unpleasant sounds is a signal from the subconscious of the danger to which you will be exposed in the very near future. Be careful and cautious, then the trouble will avoid.
  2. If you decided to feed the birds in a dream, wait for good news. Fate will give you a sign that will indicate what needs to be done for the speedy fulfillment of your most cherished desire. Dare!
  3. A mother goose with a flock of her bird children dreams of abundance and prosperity in the family. It is possible that real wealth will soon fall on you. Try to buy a lottery ticket - the chances of winning are very high.

Dream interpretation Feodorovskoy:

  1. If in your dream you are not just watching the geese, but counting them, the sign is unfavorable. Such a dream only promises losses, so in the near future it is necessary to tighten the belt more tightly and mercilessly save.
  2. If you bought a goose, in real life, be cautious in spending. There is a risk to lower all the money on useless things and to remain at the empty trough without any savings.

Who dreamed of geese?

The interpretation may differ depending on who saw the geese in their virtual reality.

For example:

  1. Married women can dream of a beautiful and well-groomed young goose, whose feathers literally shine, and he is very well-groomed. This means that some very rich and powerful man will fall in love with her. If the thought of treason does not seem blasphemous, you will begin a love relationship secret from your spouse.
  2. Unmarried ladies such a dream promises to find happiness in his personal life. You will soon meet your chosen one, with whom you will bind your destiny. It may well be true love, so do not miss the chance.
  3. The lady in the goose position dreams of good. This means that pregnancy will be easy, and the baby will be born healthy, hardy and incredibly lucky, a real darling of fate.
  4. For bachelors who have a girlfriend, but they are not yet bound by marriage, the geese dream as a signal. Pay attention to the potential partner of life, consider whether it really suits you. There is a high probability that a family will not work with it, or marriage will be the greatest misfortune in your life.
  5. Before the wedding, the dreamed geese promise a successful completion of the marriage ceremony. Celebration will be held on glory, like both newlyweds and guests. And family life promises to be passionate, happy, full of love, trust and understanding.
  6. Children of birds dream to see you soon with distant relatives, whom they missed.

Important: whatever the prediction, remember that you are always able to change it. Therefore, if the interpretation promises something unpleasant, do not despair, but take fate into your own hands and change the circumstances, then problems will be avoided. You are the creators of your life, do not forget about it.