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Flower Zamioculcas - Dollar tree: photos and signs in the house


The flower with the unusual name Zamiolkas (it’s also a dollar tree) comes from tropical Africa. But despite this, it has long been firmly rooted as a popular houseplant among our fellow citizens. It is actively used in halls, offices, various institutions and, of course, in apartments. This prevalence is largely due to the exotic appearance of the plant, as well as its magical properties. Flower Zamiolkas very beautiful even in the photo, as well as associated with a large number of signs. We will get acquainted with them in our material.

According to the signs, absolutely every plant has one or another energy. People who have long been engaged in the cultivation of flowers, they know that you should not take plants as a gift - you definitely need to give for them, though a symbolic, but a sum of money. Such statements did not arise out of nowhere - they are associated with long-term human observations of the outside world. After all, it is not by chance that the word "omen" comes from the words "notice, mark."

Since the days of hoary antiquity, people have been observing various events in a particular area of ​​life, and then passed on their observations to subsequent generations. This is how the creation took place, including those relating to flowers.

As you know, happiness and grief are always there, alternately intertwining in human destinies. Signs about such an unusual flower, like Zamiolkas, are somewhat different, but still converge to one conclusion: you should not make a flower to single girls if they want to meet their soul mate.

In the people it was believed that a woman who wants to create a happy relationship, should remove from her home such flowers as violets, tradescantia, monstera, as well as dieffenbachia and frost. But now we will not speak about the previous floral "monsters", but we will try to find out for what reason did zamilokas receive the title of the flower of celibacy.

According to folk signs, this plant does not just make it possible to improve relations with the opposite sex, but also actively contributes to the man’s foot not crossing the threshold of your apartment. At least more than once. In fact, Zamolkas is a real "muzhegon." And if the representative of the fair sex seeks to quickly gain female happiness, it is worth her to forget about this plant.

In this case, it is permissible to start this flower for married couples who have strong love relationships. In this case, the plant will not be able to cause any harm to the beloved, just do not place it in the matrimonial bedroom. Otherwise quarrels between spouses are possible.

You will be surprised, but there is also the opposite opinion about the plant, according to which zamolkas is considered a flower that brings female happiness. This belief is based on the following fact: the plant blooms extremely rarely and exclusively, if it is provided with proper care, transplanted and watered in time.

All the described manipulations need to be performed by a girl who seeks to meet her narrowed until the plant blooms. And it was then that a person should appear in her life for a happy relationship.

In addition, there are still a large number of equally significant signs that are associated with a flower.

Zamiolkas, as well as the bolster (Crassula) has the ability to attract money to the dwelling. According to signs, both of these plants are divided among themselves according to currency: zamolkas, which is also known as the "dollar tree," will attract dollars into the dwelling, and the fatty will attract the domestic currency.

The ancient teachings of Feng Shui also claims that a dollar tree, if provided with proper care, has a significant impact on the financial situation of its owner. Of course, the plant itself, unfortunately, is not covered with money, but it will help you to orient yourself in the material world correctly. It’s not for nothing that Zamiolkas are trying so hard to put in many offices the heads of enterprises and various organizations.

Also, if you believe the signs, you can diagnose financial well-being on a dollar tree. If the plant has a healthy appearance, has leaves of bright green color - you can not worry about the issue of money in the near future.

But you will definitely need to be wary if the flower starts losing its yellowed leaves one by one. This is a kind of warning to you from the Higher Forces that material difficulties are coming. It is important to take all possible measures to restore the source of monetary well-being.

If it was not possible to save the dying flower, it is better to put a new plant of the same species next to it. Then the perishing plant will have time to transfer the accumulated financial energy.

What will you choose

It is not so difficult to answer the question: "What do the signs bring you to the house in the house?", As it may seem at first glance. Absolutely any plant, if you like it and causes positive emotions, definitely will not cause any harm.

A healthy, properly developing plant will surely delight you with its magnificent view. In spite of any superstitions, the "pet" will fill you with only positive.

Fortunately, today there is no need to argue about energy issues, because the fact that all living beings actively interact with each other at the energy level is a scientifically proven fact.

Therefore, if you do not know whether to start Zamolkas in your dwelling or not - be guided solely by your own feelings, carefully listen to your intuition. It is she who will tell you the most correct answer.

If you begin to doubt and feel uncomfortable with this flower, it is better to give it to any public organization. But in no case can not throw it away!

And if the flower gives you joy, then, of course, there is no point in removing it from your home, blindly focusing only on omens.