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Prayer by agreement - how to pray


Conventional prayer is often practiced among Orthodox Christians. What it is and how to pray correctly - this material is dedicated to it.

Origin and features

Prayer by agreement is a type of prayer, when several Orthodox agree to pray together in absentia in order to help a neighbor in some difficult situation in his life: everyday difficulties, illness, misfortune, grief, trouble and so on.

The roots of the origin of this rite should be sought in the Gospel of Matthew - in words that sound like this:

In the prayer team formed by agreement, there may be from 2-3 to 20-30 people. Even if these people are at a considerable distance from each other, they proceed to prayer at the same time — the pre-approved time.

Saying is a whole daily prayer rite, which can be performed one or more times a day. Most often, it follows this scenario:

  1. First, the goal of a collective appeal to the Higher Forces is specified - for whom to ask and what to ask.
  2. Then the worshipers begin to read the Psalter together: each reads one specific Kathisma per day, the other reads Kathisma the day following the one already spoken.
  3. After uttering kathismas, the prayer itself is read directly.

There are several variants of this prayer text. But they all pursue one good goal — calling on the Lord for help to their neighbor.

How to read such prayers, see this video:

Popular prayer texts by convention

Requests with which believers pray by agreement to the Lord are very diverse. Depending on them, the sacred text may vary slightly. The most common options for such a petition are listed below.

Variant of John of Kronstadt

This text is a version of Church Slavonic. In addition to John of Kronstadt, he was used by the Moscow shepherd - father Konstantin Rovinsky. The words:

Father Konstantin read this text 4 times a day - in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. Those who agreed to pray with him did the same. The petition was pronounced until the Lord fulfilled the request expressed in it.

Father Konstantin more than once witnessed the miraculousness of this prayer. With its help, even seriously ill people (whose doctors did not attribute anything except death) regain their health, their sight returned to the blind, the ability to move and walk, and so on, paralyzed. This method continues to help those in need to this day.

Variant father Valentina Amphitheatrov

Text in modern Russian. Authorship is attributed to Father Valentin Amphitheater. The words sound like this:

When reading this text, instead of brackets, you must first give the names of those who take part in the process, and then voice the specific request itself (for example, “about the recovery of such and such,” “about the family well-being of such and such,” etc. )

Another option

Prayer is also available in this version:

The request here can be expressed absolutely any.

Responsibility and commitment - the key to success

The results of saying a prayer by agreement are sometimes truly stunning - in the good sense of the word. This Orthodox sacrament is of great benefit, since in this case several people turn to God at the same time with the same petition, from which the power of prayer increases many times over.

However, the ceremony has its weak side - it is the dependence of the final result on the responsibility and conscientiousness of the participants in the prayer team. Efficiency will decrease if a person who, it seems, has already agreed to participate in prayer, will start missing days - because of his forgetfulness, or banal non-obligation.

Prayer by agreement is not easy, therefore, before giving his consent to participate in it, the believer must carefully weigh everything, assess his real capabilities, take into account his character traits. Entry into this ritual should be necessarily voluntary and deliberate, and the person who agreed to participate in the prayer group must have a good mental discipline. Only then can co-worshipers hope for success.

How to prepare

The sacrament of prayer by agreement requires some preparatory measures from the participants. Of course, you can simply agree on everything with all the details, eliminate all ambiguities, clarify the details and begin a petition to God. But true believers, who really care about the purpose of the prayer, will not do so. First of all, they will turn to the clergyman in the church and ask him for blessings in the subsequent hard work - this step will be the most faithful.

It is recommended to ask for blessings before prayer only from a well-known priest - someone who would know you and your spiritual mood. Batyushka needs to be told everything in as much detail as possible: to state the essence of the request, to voice the existing problem, to give the names of the persons who will participate with you in prayer. The priest will give his blessing - and the Lord will surely help you.

What if the request fails?

Unfortunately, it also happens that the request expressed in group prayer is not fulfilled by the Lord. The text of the prayer request itself allows for such an outcome, for good reason it contains the words: “Thy will be done”. They imply that not all the desires of the worshipers can be realized by the Lord, for His will does not always coincide with the hopes and aspirations of ordinary mortals, even if they are entrusted to prayer. If a person has received what he asked for, then God has wished for it, if he has not, it is also the decision of the Most High.

A negative result is also a result, so you have to accept the will of the Lord and continue to live, trusting in His mercy. The essence of Orthodox prayers is such that they are always pronounced with humility and hope. God's decision is not always possible to comprehend - every Orthodox believer must understand this.