Dream interpretation

Why dream of an open casket with a dead man?


This nightmare causes panic on waking. Is the dream in the hand, does it portend a real death? Do not worry: images of the subconscious rarely have a direct interpretation. Why dream of an open coffin with the dead? Let us analyze in order!

The overall interpretation of dreams about the coffin

The most common interpretation of the appearance of the dead in a dream is a simple warning about changing the weather. It doesn’t matter if the coffin was dead or not. Also, interpreters believe: this dream promises pleasant changes. For example, the arrival of guests or the purchase of useful things in the house.

There may be several plots with the dead:

  • the deceased comes to life in a dream;
  • the deceased is talking in a dream;
  • the deceased stirs / turns over in his grave;
  • dreamer attends a funeral;
  • there is a living man in the tomb;
  • the dead person burial service in the church;
  • dead person lies with open eyes.

Funeral dreams to change in life. If a person was buried in sunny weather, positive changes are expected. Funeral in overcast weather promises negative changes. If the dreamer carried the coffin with the body of a friend, he will soon commit treason.

See funeral of a living person foreshadows his long life. If you saw the funeral of your friend or acquaintance, in reality he will be able to provide you with substantial assistance.

Dead person with open eyes dreams to return to your life a person from the past. Also, this dream foreshadows a break with memories of past events that caused heartache.

Funeral service for a dead man in a church dreams of an unsuccessful marriage. If you are planning a wedding, it is better not to rush into marriage. Usually such a plot is a dream of a person who is unsure of his choice. The subconscious through this image advises not to tie the marriage bonds with the chosen person.

For a girl, a dead man offers a meeting with the bridegroom:

  • old man - the groom will be older in age;
  • the young dead - to the same age;
  • poorly dressed dead - to the poor groom;
  • the richly decorated coffin and the clothes of the deceased - to the rich bridegroom.

A married woman's dream foreshadows the appearance of the admirer. Men dream to help a friend, and the deceased - to a happy life. To the patient to kiss the dead - to a speedy recovery.

What do your own funerals mean

Own funerals promise a long comfortable life. Also, your own funeral may mean getting rid of the tormenting problem - it will be buried. Seeing yourself rising from the grave - to the beginning of a new happy period of life. You can offer a promising job, and a young girl - marriage.

Lie down in a coffin or fall into it - to sad events. This may be a footstep, which will put a friend behind your back, or another nuisance. Getting out of an unpleasant situation will be very difficult. To see yourself in a coffin or sit on top - to great trouble, or the subconscious mind warns you to finish the job.

Reviving dead person

What does a dream mean in which the deceased rises from the grave? This terrible dream spells profit if the coffin was in the water. However, there is a small nuance. If the living dead man was secured during his life, he can pass on his luck through sleep. If the deceased lived in poverty, one should prepare for need.

What else does the living dead person dream of? If he cries in a coffin, expect conflicts and quarrels. If a wants to hit, pay attention to your sins. It is especially important to recall your relationship with the deceased in life - try to make amends. How to do it? Order a memorial service in the church, refer to the grave.

If you give away your belongings to the deceased in a dream, it is considered the foreshadowing of the disease. However, if things take away the nearest blood places - mother, grandmother, father - this dream brings positive changes in life. With things you get rid of your problems.

What does a dream mean in which the dead man moves in his grave? This dream predicts the loss of a loved one. However, this prophecy will come true if the coffin was in the house of the dreamer. A very bad omen is considered a dream in which the dead man calls in the tomb to himself. Protracted disease is provided.

Sleep in which the deceased turns in his grave, portends a profit. Perhaps you will soon return the old debt, or simply increase the salary. If the deceased is trying to say something, remember this information. The message concerns your future well-being.

Has a positive meaning and sexual contact with a living dead man. This foreshadows success in life.

Interpretations of popular dream books

Dream Miller interprets the image of the dead man to the unexpected finale of a love story. To see a child in a coffin - to the failure of the case. Carry the coffin with the dead - to the tragedy. The resurrected dead man - to change for the worse. The coffin with the dead in his own house - to the conflict on the basis of drunkenness. The dead person asks for food - put candles in the church. The late man came to life at the funeral - good luck in any endeavors.

Dream Vanga sees in the image of the deceased a symbol of serenity and tranquility. The living dead predicts news. The living dead, laid in a coffin, foreshadows trouble. Decayed dominoes with the dead inside dream about luck and prosperity. To talk with the dead is unfortunately, to take a thing from him is a good sign.

Other interpretations

  • To see a dead man - to change in life.
  • A coffin with flowers and a crowd of people - to a party with friends.
  • The coffin is carried to the cemetery - waiting for a pleasure trip.
  • Sitting next to the coffin - a trip to distant lands.
  • Participate in washing the body - for the pleasures.
  • Several dead in a row - to a dizzying career and wealth.
  • Close the coffin - to a large state.
  • Open the coffin and talk to the dead - to the trouble.
  • The dead man who fell out of the coffin is for unpleasant events.

A common interpretation of a dead man who has suddenly revived in a coffin is a hint to resume the event or case that has been postponed.