Dream interpretation

Why do rabbits dream of a woman and a man?


Cute fluffy bunnies create positive emotions. These animals are not only attractive outside, they give soft warm fluff to create knitted things. Why do rabbits dream of a woman? Fluffy lumps foreshadow family well-being, prosperity and harmony between the household. However, there are other interpretations of this image.

The value of sleep depending on color and size

With the image of a furry animal is firmly connected symbol of fertility and abundance. For women, the appearance of a rabbit in a dream may herald pregnancy, and for unmarried women - an abundance. Also, this image is mystically connected with the awakening of intuition, therefore, in the esoteric tradition it is combined with the lunar energies. Rabbit helps to find its purpose, to develop a spiritual beginning.

By color

By the color of the skins, you can define a more specific interpretation of the dream:

  • white - meet a soul mate, the need for spiritual renewal;
  • Gray the rabbit dreams of sexual activity, and is also a symbol of subconscious fears;
  • the black - unrealized sexual energy, a symbol of sadness;
  • redhead - to disappointment in the beloved person;
  • unusual color - to the careless act.

White Rabbit dreams of spiritual self-realization, the knowledge of his true essence, immersion in the inner world. However, we should not break away from earthly concerns, so as not to lose touch with reality.

Black Rabbit in a dream can reveal subconscious dissatisfaction with oneself, interest in pseudo-spiritual practices and, as a result, a distance from the true life purpose. This state can cause spiritual devastation and detachment from all earthly.

To size

Many little rabbits dreams of quick fulfillment of desires, but at the same time rabbits must have an attractive clean skin and not look sick.

Small Rabbit symbolize unpreparedness for family life, infantilism and levity. Also, small animals can symbolize annoying hindrances on the way to the realization of a dream.

Large rabbits dream to unfulfilled sexual desire. If the animal jumps into the fire, you have to sacrifice something to fulfill your dream. Catch the fleeing bunny - to good luck. Wounded animal is a symbol of failure.

Different plots of a dream with a live rabbit

See the decorative rabbit in a dream - you expose your sexual desires. In a different sense, this image symbolizes insincere intentional behavior: a demonstration of what really does not exist.

The image of a rabbit in a cage symbolizes the controllability of your emotions. If the animal is sitting quietly, you are perfectly control of yourself. If the rabbit rushes about and tries to break free, your emotions will soon take over the mind. This threatens the unpredictability of reactions to the words and deeds of people. Do not allow unsatisfied desires to control your behavior.

Dead rabbit dreaming of trouble. You expect financial difficulties, problems with a partner, insecurity in life, the inability to get pregnant. Mystical symbolism of the rabbit in this situation means the following: harmonize your inner state and relationship with the outside world, take time to spiritual development.

What does the dream in which the dreamer kills a rabbit. The killed fluffy animal symbolizes the fear of their desires. You lack harmony with yourself, a mental disorder can lead to depression. Skinned rabbit carcass expresses the destructive energy of forbidden feelings that tear apart the dreamer from within.

Catch a rabbit in a dream - to suffering because of unfulfilled desires, to strive for an unattainable goal. Catch the animal - to master their feelings, you will be able to establish mind control over instinctive impulses.

Feed the rabbit - to be in harmony with yourself. You clearly understand your life goal, do not give in to temptations and are able to achieve your cherished dream. Also dream foreshadows meeting second half.

Keep the animal in hand - the balance of rational and intuitive, integrity and self-sufficiency of the individual. However, sleep may portend illness, but not severe.

Eat rabbit meat in the dream - the need for spiritual development. You have lost touch with your soul, you have gone into the vanity of the material world with your head, you do not hear the voice of intuition. This condition can lead to a personality crisis.

What they say dream books about rabbits and rabbits

  • Dream Miller sees in the symbol of the rabbit a positive meaning: the life of the dreamer will be filled with well-being, financial support will increase. To see jumping rabbits - to the appearance of offspring. Angora white rabbit symbolizes loyalty partner.
  • Dream Vanga He considers the image of a white fluffy animal to be a foreboding of family prosperity and marital fidelity. Multi-colored rabbits predict unforeseen events in life. The black beast dreams for trouble, to keep the black rabbit in hand - to near death.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse sees in this image a negative symbolism: beware of meanness on the part of friends and buddies. However, to eat a dish of rabbit meat - to prosperity.
  • French dream book thinks: the white animal foreshadows good luck, and the black one - disappointment. To kill an animal - to a loss, to eat rabbit - to health.
  • Dream for the whole family. If the rabbit is cornered, someone will soon hurt your relative. The animal running on the road foreshadows trouble. Rabbit with cubs - to big profits.


Psychologists consider the image of a fluffy animal to be a manifestation of softness, instability. You lack a tough position in dealing with people, which inevitably hinders progress towards the goal. Softness and pliability are perceived as weakness and used for the benefit of themselves.

The rabbit hole in a dream is a subconscious desire to hide from the cruel world, to go into its own fantasy world. This state can lead to detachment from reality, the replacement of the real by the irrational.