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Talismans for luck and money: which one is better


Since ancient times, people have sought to attract the fickle Mrs. Luck to their lives. What was done only for this: various magic rituals were held, prayers were pronounced to the deities, and talismans for luck and money were popular enough. The latter will be discussed in detail in this article.

Good luck talisman is an attribute of wide action. This thing is intended to influence the various spheres of life. But at the same time it protects its owner from the effect of the well of desires. You must have heard about such a character of some fairy tales, which fulfills what was said, but interprets it in its own way. For example, the hero dreams of insane love, and receives it, but at the same time loses peace of mind. When ordering wealth, you risk accumulating problems in your personal life with it and so on.

Good luck talismans patronize fortune in the love sphere, in work and in work. The amulet radiates a strong energy field, enveloping the whole person and allowing him to become successful as a whole, and not in one thing.

A talisman that attracts success and luck may not belong to the list of traditional ones. According to esoteric assurances, the “favorites” of fortune certainly invoke a number of positive emotions and certain associations.

For this reason, as a talisman can make pebbles, brought by you from the rest, where you have experienced positive emotions, for example, met their love. A combination of numbers may well act as a talisman, the most popular are the date of birth and the number of children. The selection of personal amulets should be made by a person, based on the impulses of his soul, and not by imposing someone else's will.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the classic symbols of different eras. The article also explains the fact why these items became associated with fortune. I would like to hope that this will help you navigate in choosing the right amulet that will bring you happiness and a sea of ​​positive emotions.

Amulets that attract good luck and money, can to be both spiritualized and not. The first are represented by a whole group of plants:

  1. Clover - but only one that has four leaves. In most cases, the leaves of the plant are divided into only three branches. And to meet an exception to the rule is enough. It becomes clear why the quatrefoil is considered a symbol of good luck.
  2. Pine - According to the esoteric, its strength lies in the cones. As a talisman is taken a plant that has them. Of course, you will not bring a big fir tree into your dwelling, but you can easily plant it in the garden. Cones on a pine tree will symbolize fertile power, attract abundance, protect from trouble.
  3. Corn - quite a popular talisman for good luck and money in China. It is not necessary to engage in the cultivation of this culture at home. It will be enough to take nine grains, stitch it into a doll made of rags, or strung it on a thread like beads. Corn symbolizes abundance, as well as vitality and fecundity. Yellow color is the personification of the sun, positive emotions.

Now it’s time to take on uninspired talismans. Some of them previously also belonged to living beings. For example, to luck and wealth talismans relates rabbit paw. For the first time it was used by the ancient Celts. This people noticed that hares are born blind, and rabbits are able to see right away.

It turns out that the animal has the ability to notice what is hidden from the human eye. And the fact that rabbits dig holes, was perceived by the Celts as a sign that the animals are in contact with the other world.

By the talismans of luck can be attributed, and sailboats. Most of them used to belong to merchant ships. The fact that ships returned home in antiquity caused associations with getting loot, which means good luck.

Sailboats waited with great impatience. You can purchase a model of an old ship as a talisman. But you must always keep the sail raised. In this case the tailwind will accompany not only the ship in life, but also the owner of the talisman.

Also quite popular stones mascot of luck. Here you will come to the aid of professional astrologers who will tell you how the mineral is combined with your zodiac sign,

In addition, metal products are often used as talismans. A good example is the horseshoe.

The ancient Russians believed that the horseshoe possesses positive energy due to the efforts of the blacksmiths.

The presence of fire, hammer blows - all this was the personification of the fight against evil force. And the horseshoe was always accompanied by a horse - an animal faithfully serving people. It is thanks to all this that a belief has appeared that the found horseshoe attracts good luck.

If we talk about such a talisman as a horseshoe, then you can just find it. Of course, today is not very easy to do. Therefore, the horseshoe donated as well as the decorations in its form will completely go away for the find.

Not prohibited and acquire a magical thing. But in this case, the amulet may be rather weak, since it has a low energy charge.

Some people prefer to make a talisman for good luck with their own hands. In this case, the object will definitely be filled with only positive energy. A person puts his personal power into the thing.

You will need to wait for the full moon, left alone, take the crystal bowl and put the talisman in it. It is important that the thing was right on the reflection of the Moon in the center of the vessel. Hold it like this for seven minutes. At the same time mentally ask the moon to give a special talisman strength.

It turns out that creating a talisman is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to believe in success and be in a positive frame of mind at the same time.