Dream interpretation

Why dream of a bride in a white wedding dress?


Wedding is always associated with holiday and happiness. Most dream writers interpret dreams, where there was a girl in an elegant wedding dress positively, and consider such dreams to be prophetic, but there are also unpleasant predictions for the dreamer. Let's see, what is the dream of a bride in a white wedding dress?

A vision with a beautiful woman in a snow-white dress marks something new. What exactly will happen will help to find out the dream books on the trifles and details of the dream.

Details of the dream about the bride

  • Why dream of being a bride? This means that your life will change beyond recognition. It is possible to receive inheritance or winnings.
  • What emotions did you experience? Happiness from happening to goodfrustrated marks tears and unkind changes.
  • Who did you marry? Go out for a loved one with indifference to disappointment in marriage and the spouse.
  • Seeing yourself in a dress and not feeling joy means not fulfilling hope. If you look at yourself in the mirror, satisfied with yourself and the dressthen wait for the disease.
  • If the bride was your girlfriend, she had fun and was happy, then wait for the news, gifts and surprises. For a man's dream to profit and career growth.
  • The bride was your daughter? Beautiful white and magnificent dress to a happy family life. Dress a different color for example, red or blue, to detractors and envious.
  • Your sister was wearing a wedding dress.? Single sister in a dream in a wedding dress to the evil one. Expect illness. If little sister is already married, but dreamed of a dress, then know that your dreams and desires to come true, and your sister will play the main role in their performance.
  • If a saw another bride, fate has prepared to participate in other people's plans and undertakings. Your help will be necessary and will help you finish the job well. A young lady who saw another girl in a wedding dressworth waiting for a meeting with a betrothed.
  • The bride kissed someone in your presence? The future will be good, no problem. Kissed you? Health will improve. Themselves kissed the bride? Expect financial well-being.
  • The bride looked ugly and untidy? Expect minor troubles.
  • What was the color of the dress? Black or dark dreams of marital misfortune and grief. Snow-white dress promises health, luck, acquiring new friends. Red wedding dress talks about the dangers of health, symbolizes love and demanding of something or someone. Dark red dress to aggression and conflicts. For married ladies he promises to meet with a spouse.
  • If a the bride was cryingthen your choice is made in favor of an unloved person. Remember, the benefit is not worth the sacrifice, it will bring you frustration and pain.
  • Pregnant girl in the role of the bride to the unfulfilled desires and dreams that will bring grief.

Interpretation of sleep

You can learn more about what to expect from fate, what the future will be like, how things will turn out, wise dream books will help. Choose your favorite interpreter.

Autumn dream

See the bride in a wedding dress symbolizes purity and honesty. Perhaps a meeting with a sincere and loyal man.

Summer dream

Bride dreams to the suffering of love.

Children's dream book

For what dream of a wedding dress? It promises big changes for the better.

Female dream book

For a young girl who saw herself in a dream as a bride, with the pleasure of putting on a dress, fate has prepared an inheritance. If you put on a wedding dress and felt unpleasant emotionsthen wait for disappointments and sufferings from love attachments.

Kiss the bride? Friends who have disagreements will find compromises and make peace. Tired and sick girl marks disappointment of what is happening and the actions of friends. Did the bride kiss you? Sleep to perfect health. The girl kissed others? Soon you will get friends and get a lot of positive emotions.

Small Veles dream

Bride dreams to the expectations. If a saw your bridethen be careful, you are in danger. See someone else's bride to sorrow. A girl in a wreath promises a fire.

The dream of the sorceress Medea

If a woman saw a dream with the bride, whether she herself or someone, she faces loneliness and expectation. Men sleep with a foreign bride predicts a rival. Your Bride Dreams to hazards.

Erotic dream book

Sleep where the girl was a bride in a wedding dress, portends a lucrative offer. Perhaps she will marry successfully or become the lover of a rich man. Sleep for men, where the bride appeared, speaks of marrying a girl who becomes pregnant by him.

Freund's Dream

Changes in the personal sphere are worth the wait. girls who see themselves in a wedding dress next to the beloved. Changes include reconciliation after quarrels.. For men sleep says he is not confident in his male power. If he does not change his attitude to the situation and does not get rid of prejudices, then he will most likely fail.

Daughter as a bride for a woman talks about her subconscious comparison. A woman is sad about missed opportunities, beauty and success. If a man saw his daughter bride, then he should wait for a fun walk and a meeting with a man whom he had not seen for a long time.

Spring dream book

Dreamed bride symbolizes something new and good. Beginnings will end safely with profit in your direction.

Dream Dream

Men bride in a wedding dress without a groom dream about worries and expectations, failure in business. For women sleep to loneliness. If a she herself was a bridethen suffering will come soon and then change.

Dream Miller

Young girls to be brides in a dream to inheritance and financial wealth. It is important that the dream was joyful. If her embraced unpleasant emotionsthen trouble and misery will come into her life from love.

Kiss the bride to reconciliation with friends. If a she kissed youthen to good health. Kissing others? Soon you will make good and loyal friends.

Esoteric dream book

Were themselves a bride? Stay long unmarried. For married women to widow's grief. Widows to tears. For men it is worth waiting for the benefits and success.