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How to make a do-it-yourself charm at home


Charm acts as a kind of protection of the astral shells of man. Its functions include attracting good luck or money, as well as protection from evil people and disasters. To personally create a magic symbol does not present much difficulty. In this article we will tell you in detail how to make your own amulet at home.

First of all, you should decide on the appointment of a future magic item. For what purpose and to whom do you want to create it? Amulets have certain differences from talismans and amulets - they provide protection for the whole family.

This is what explains the high popularity of magical items to protect the home. Amulets will attract love and abundance to the life of their owner, and will help to eliminate quarrels and misfortunes from life.

  1. Charm for couples need to ensure a happy family life. He saves from adultery, as well as jealousy. Fill life with peace and harmony. Such a magical thing is often presented for a wedding or anniversary of living together. Hide it from prying eyes and do not show it to anyone.
  2. Baby amulets protect against diseases, provide the right spiritual and physical development. With their help, you can save your child from attacks from peers, bad deeds.
  3. Love Amulet able to bring to life new fans, make the person more energetic for the opposite sex.
  4. Amulets for Men protect the road (used to be used in war), they tend to warn about the dangers, as well as save from various pathologies, disasters and evil people.

There are a large number of different amulets sold in finished form. They are simple until they are activated. With the help of certain actions the master gives the amulet the necessary energy, depending on the goals.

The most effective traditionally include amulets made with their own hands. Creating at home one or another magic symbol as an amulet or a talisman, the magician will necessarily put a particle of the soul into it. For this reason, it is extremely important when creating amulets that is in a positive frame of mind.

In addition, there are a number of charms that can be presented from another person. Our ancestors believed that the donated amulets have no less magical power than those that were made with their own hands. But there is one prerequisite that will ensure the work of the magical thing - it is the sincere intentions of the person making the gift.

If the amulet is presented to you by a person who wants only good, the magical thing will transmit and preserve energy for good. In the same situation, when the talisman is presented by an envious person, there will be little sense from him.

As mentioned earlier, those amulets that are made by craftsmen (or customers) with their own hands are classified as the most effective.

You will learn more about how to do this correctly in order to achieve real protection in the final result.

To perform all the magical work is necessary, being all alone. The process of creating crafts is a specific ritual. It is unacceptable for anyone to be present next to you and contemplate the process of creating a charm. It is necessary to start making a charm, being in the most harmonious and inspired mood.

The most ideal time to perform this manipulation is late night. It is highly recommended to create amulets by candlelight. Day time is also suitable, but then it is important that the weather is sunny.

Obligatory point - to concentrate on the task as much as possible, putting a part of the soul into its talisman. You need to fill it with positive energy and kindness. In most cases, charms are made for their close relatives, and a little less often - for themselves.

Having created the amulet, at night it should be left under the pillow. Due to this, the product will be filled with power - it will “charge” and become suitable for use. When you go to bed, you need to think about the person for whom the magic item was being made. Visualize how the little thing protects its owner from any adversity in life.

In the morning, present the amulet with good wishes. Talismans are worn as close to the body as possible, but with clothing hidden from prying eyes. If the main purpose of protective crafts was to protect the home - it would be best to hide it in a secluded place. Then the detractors will not be able to harm him - the charm will repel the flow of negative mental information.

Charms are made from natural materials, they can be:

  • wooden;
  • leather;
  • metal

When using fabrics and threads, they prefer wool, linen or cotton. Doughs or food colors should not be added to dough products. And the finished product is permissible to decorate at its discretion.

All protective products with the course of time tend to accumulate negative energy. And thanks to natural materials, they keep positive and negative waves for a very long time, and also return them back. For this reason, after a conflict, a quarrel, a disease, or an accident occurs, it will be necessary to clean the product. For this purpose, the power of the four elements is used - fire, earth, air and water.

  • the fire - Hold the talisman over the white candle. It is preferable to take a consecrated, church candle. It can also be used only once - to clean the product.
  • Water. Rinse the charm in running water or sprinkle holy water on it.
  • Land. Dig the charm and leave it overnight. If this is a problem, you can bury it in coarse salt. In the morning, the amulet is taken out, and salt is thrown away.
  • Air. Raise the charm up. Turn it towards each side of the world. Also light a candle and hold the amulet over the smoke.