Dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation: to see the starry sky in a dream


The stars in the sky attract with their beauty, mystery and mysticism. From ancient times, the stars predicted the future, made horoscopes and determined the route of the ships. What dreams of a starry sky and falling stars? This image in a dream has a positive meaning, however, the accuracy of interpretation depends on the features of the picture of what he saw.

The image of the night starry sky in a dream

To see the starry sky in your dream promises good fate and well-being. However, there should be no clouds in the sky: the sky covered with clouds foreshadows the failure and disarray of all plans. If at the same time the sky was painted in purpleAhead, expect difficult tests.

Clear clear sky strewn with stars, speaks of a real chance to safely carry out his plan. If the clear sky began to drag the clouds, the plans will fail.

If in the sky bright constellations shine, it speaks of the strength of the spirit of the dreamer, clarity of mind and success in life. Rush up in a dream - you will be given a chance to rise in the labor field, to achieve great success.

Rise the stairs to the stars - to fame and honor. Let success be smooth, without obstacles and obstacles. The same applies to the dreamer's personal life - the dream promises complete harmony with the second half. All differences will disappear, conflicts will resolve themselves.

What dreams of falling stars? If the star fell on the roof of the house, an exciting journey is soon to come. If you wanted to change housing, your desire is realized.

Winter starry sky foreshadows a cooling feeling between lovers and a quick separation, for the workers this plot brings troubles and losses. If the stars went out before our eyes, wait for the loss of valuable in your life.

Myriads of star clusters in the pure sky they say that soon you will find a clue and get a hint. This will allow to find a way out of the predicament.

To look at the stars - to future difficulties and experiences. To fly across the sky on an unknown beast - the secret betrayal of the beloved will be revealed.

Values ​​by day of the week

  • from Sunday to Monday - foreshadows depression;
  • from Monday to Tuesday - the patient will recover quickly;
  • from Tuesday to Wednesday - all desires will be fulfilled;
  • from Wednesday to Thursday - sleep is empty, normal day;
  • from Thursday to Friday - to monetary luck;
  • from Friday to Saturday - to victory over enemies;
  • from Saturday to Sunday, a dream foreshadows trouble.

Other interpretations of dream-books of the starry sky

If you dreamed that watching the night sky with a telescope, soon expect to meet with an old friend. Recount asterisks in the sky - for the upcoming event planning.

See dark silhouette of the bird on the background of the moon - envious people are up in arms and are trying to harm. A bright star in the sky - boldly implement your plan, you have a chance of success.

Dream Value

Dream Miller believes that the dreamer expects one of the best periods in life. Pay attention to the details: the stars should be bright, not dull. The light of the stars should be even and unblinking, without a red tint.

If the contemplation of the firmament causes an anxious feeling, the stars twinkle or are colored with a purple tone, then misfortunes are coming ahead. A lonely shooting star foreshadows sadness and loss, a star-fall promises joy and happiness.

Falling stars on the roof of the house - to the loss of the family. If you see a cluster of stars and planets, rapidly revolving around the globe, wait for a global catastrophe or military action. To see an eight-pointed star in the sky - to receive an award.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova sees in the image of the starry sky the fulfillment of desires, the receipt of inheritance. The dark night sky without stars foreshadows danger, the evening - unrequited love. Seeing a bright constellation in the sky - there is a special mission of service to people ahead. The dreamer is elected by the highest forces, a special way is intended for him.

Esoteric dream book warns not to turn off the chosen path if the Milky Way and a large cluster of stars appeared in a dream. A shooting star will fulfill a wish, if in a dream you have not seen the place of the fall. The extinction of falling stars on earth spells someone's demise. Catch a falling star - to strong excitement and feelings. The evening sky in the stars promises sadness and tears.

Dreaming longo considers the vision of a pure night starry sky a symbol of prosperous life. If in a dream the image of the sky is alarmed with something - a strange arrangement of stars, twinkling, crimson glow - wait for trouble. Falling stars promise fulfillment of desires. However, if you saw the extinction of a star on earth, it portends a loss.

Dreaming nostradamus He considers the vision of a starry sky in a dream a sign from above, a star falling from the starry sky - a sign of the fulfillment of a dream. A lone bright star in the sky promises fame and glory to the dreamer.

Dream interpretation Hasse believes that this dream promises fame and glory. If the star fell in the yard or on the roof - unfortunately. If during the fall of the star you had time to make a wish, then it will come true.

Modern dream book believes that seeing the moon and the stars in the sky speaks about the spiritual work of the dreamer, consolation in grief and wisdom.

Female dream book warns: you expect a successful struggle for the realization of life potential. You will be able to establish yourself in a new capacity and prove your worth and independence.

Dream Vanga foreshadows the girl revealing the mystery of the unseemly act. To others, sleep is prophesying temptation.

Dream dream sex dreams predicts a romantic meeting, however, the outcome of the meeting will depend entirely on the dreamer and his partner.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century Considers: the sky covered with stars foreshadows joy.

Online dream book sees in the image of the night sky a symbol of the loss of soil underfoot, however, the star-strewn sky foreshadows a sudden illumination.