Dream interpretation

What does the pectoral cross dream of


The pectoral cross is a symbol of faith in Jesus Christ, the savior of people. The mystical significance of the cross bears in itself the symbol of suffering and miraculous salvation, death and resurrection. Why dream pectoral cross? According to legend, to find a cross - not good. And what does the dream of the cross about the dream? Consider in detail.

Symbolism of the cross

What means find a cross in a dream? If this sign is considered bad in real life, then in a dream such a find will bring happiness. However, to see in a dream alien cross - to voluntarily shoulder the problems of another person, to carry his burden.

Remember what material the cross was made of:

  • gold - according to the dream books such a papal baptize to joy and happiness;
  • silver - friends will help solve problems;
  • iron - be patient, problems will not recede for a long time;
  • wooden - a symbol of health and well-being;
  • copper - soon all problems will be resolved;
  • inlaid with diamonds - you are tempted by wealth;
  • tied on a rope - to the difficulties of life;
  • baptismal - to heavenly patronage;
  • blackened metal (or rusty) - for future trials;
  • plastic - to insurmountable obstacles.

Dream of a gold chain with a gold cross - to wealth through hard work, lonely people predicted a wedding.

If a cross brokeit means you are not able to carry the burden. Put some of the obligations on the other shoulders and continue to carry your cross further.

Actions with a cross in a dream

Remember what events occurred in a dream, what did you do with a cross by a cross?

  • Throw a cross - to the bad news.
  • Take as a gift - to an authoritative patron.
  • Search for a cross - advice to complete the work begun.
  • Buy a cross - to the successful beginning and completion of the plan.
  • To lose a cross - beware of sins, for which imminent retribution is coming.
  • Take off the cross - to repent for their actions.
  • Put on the neck - to favorable changes.
  • To give to someone - to hope for the help of others in solving their problems.
  • Stolen cross - you have many detractors and envious.
  • If you stole a cross - search for easy ways and money.
  • The cross fell - to get rid of a heavy burden in life.
  • Kiss the cross in a dream - to virtue and spiritual purity.

Meaning of the cross by dream book

  • The Italian dream book considers the cross a symbol of sadness and difficulties on the path of life.
  • Russian dream book considers the cross an image of humility and patience.
  • Modern dream book prophesies misfortune.
  • Dream Azara sees in the image of the cross expression of sadness.
  • Vanga considers the pectoral cross a protective symbol of protection against evil.
  • Dream Interpretation of Winter considers the cross symbol of conservation from temptations and seductions.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century believes that the pectoral cross is a harbinger of good events. The golden pectoral cross is a dream in a dream to joy, a silver one - to hope, an iron one - to trials. Find a cross in your dream - to success, to wear as decoration - you will fascinate people.

Dream Interpretation From A to Z He sees protection in difficult times as an image of a cross, he spells mutual understanding for those in love, a speedy healing to the sick.

Modern dream book warns: the pectoral cross promises trials, anxiety and alarm. To put a cross on someone in a dream is a nuisance. The lost cross foreshadows a series of troubles in the near future, which you will experience with the help of faith in a higher power. Buy a cross - to prosperity.

Esoteric dream book considers the image of the cross a symbol of trials. Difficult times are coming for the dreamer, however, with faith in the heart, you can survive everything. A cross on a gold chain warns you will make a big mistake if you act thoughtlessly. Sleep suggests - do not rush to make decisions, do not chop from the shoulder. A cross appears in a dream when a person has conceived an unseemly act.


If you quarreled with someone the day before, the image of the next-to-face cross advises to be reconciled and to find a common language with this person. The cross is the main symbol of faith in Christ; therefore, the one who carries it must fulfill the covenant of God - to love your neighbor.

What will happen if you do not listen to the hint of the subconscious in a dream? You risk losing the support of higher powers, which you will soon need. The subconscious mind is trying to prevent future misfortunes, so it sends an image of the cross as a reminder of faith in God.