Dream interpretation

Why do people dream about which you do not think?


Psychologists consider a dream a reflection of daily worries or a memory of past events. The subconscious gives relevant information, clues or caution. But why do people dream about which you do not think? What does it mean? Is it true that if you dream of a man he thinks of you? Consider all interpretation options.

The image of a friend in a dream

Psychologists explain such an event in a dream by a strong spiritual connection between people. Perhaps the person in need of help dreamed up, and your subconscious shows his image, conveys information.

The appearance of a person in a dream may portend a real meeting in life. This phenomenon is explained by the ability of souls to communicate in the world of Morpheus, exchanging images.

There are frequent dreams in which an image of a person appears to whom you have once offended: in your soul you have not forgiven yourself for this action, and long-term memory brings the image to the surface.

Man in blood

This dream predicts trouble. Interpretation depends on whose image came to you in a dream:

  • beloved;
  • stranger;
  • boyfriend / girlfriend;
  • opponent / ca;
  • late.

See a stranger in the blood before the wedding predicts a bad union, or the wedding will fail. These events will cause severe emotional distress to the girl. Most likely, the cause of the gap will be the intervention of unauthorized persons.

If a married woman dreams familiar person in blood, you need to contact him urgently: I need your help. If you offended this person, you need to ask for forgiveness.

This story is for a young man foreshadows a tiff with friends. Fortunately, the quarrel will not be long, and soon friends will make peace.

Why dream blood rival? Soon you will find a rapid showdown. It is advisable to avoid meeting and clarifying the relationship, it will only lead to suffering. See your familiar in blood - you will hear about her shame.

What a haunting dream blood stranger? Sleep reflects the dream-like fears of the dreamer, which are not present in reality. Get rid of the problems that you have created yourself.

If a man saw the blood of a long-forgotten person, you should expect trouble at work. Competitors are plotting, willing to be fired.

If a dreams of the deceased, which did not remember? If the deceased behaves aggressively, wait for the trouble. If the deceased in life was a wealthy successful person, well-being awaits you. If the deceased tried to take a personal thing from you, you will soon get sick.

To dream a famous person, with which there has never been real contact, - to an attempt to become popular among people. If there is no desire to become popular, it means that the dream indicates the presence of the hidden talent of the dreamer. You need to do self-development or find your true vocation.

See the dead person

Watch for scene of murder in a dream - to hidden sexual desires. If the dreamer kills himself with a knife, he wants to change something in himself and be loved.

Kill in a dream your enemy - to win a victory over him in reality, but at a high price.

What does a dream mean in which the dreamer kills a manAbout which you never thought? Psychologists explain this story as follows: the dreamer is opposed to generally accepted norms of behavior, wants to become independent of them.

Man in the water

See the drowning person - to separation, quarrel with someone and disappointment. Trying to save a drowning person in a dream - you can avoid trouble, smooth the conflict.

See a friend floating underwater - he will soon reveal his true feelings for you, hidden in the depths of the soul.

If a person swimming in clear water, you will soon hear about his success and achievements. If the water is cloudy - about failure and failure.

What do famous dream books say

Dream Miller thinks you should meet a person who comes in dreams. The psychologist claims that he is eager to meet you, but cannot contact.

If a stranger is constantly dreaming, you need to remember his appearance and special signs - moles, facial features. Soon on your way you will meet a similar character with whom it is undesirable to have any relationship.

Why dream of a man of iron? You have the patience of loved ones who are ready to explode and express everything in person. Review your behavior.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova offers a standard interpretation - this person thinks about you. If the one with whom you are in a quarrel is dreaming, then you need to admit your guilt to him or to your conscience.

Search for a person in a dream - in reality you will be hiding from him. The person in dirty clothes dreams as a symbol of the insult that you inflicted on someone in the heat of the moment. Headed man dreams of a stupid act.

Run away from a stranger in a dream - refuse to help the needy. Himself chasing a stranger - you will need help soon.

Dream interpretation Hasse considers the image of a faceless person an expression of the essence of the dreamer. Look closely at it to better understand yourself. If a deceased person often comes to sleep, perhaps this is a warning of danger: his fate can befall you.

Esoteric dream book. If you see a bad person who causes fear, in reality change your opinion about someone to the opposite. To see a sick stranger in bed is a disease.

Modern dream book believes that there is no unambiguous interpretation of the dream. Probably, there will be circumstances associated with this person. To see a stranger in his own house - to quarrel with loved ones. Looking through a person - your arrogant attitude towards others is just defiant. Change the line of your behavior.


If a stranger in a dream told you something, you should remember at least some of the information. Such dreams are messengers and warn about important changes in life or give advice to action.

If the same image comes to sleep, from which it is impossible to get rid of, then the universe transmits important information through your subconscious. You are fixated on a problem that is time to forget. Break free from the circle of thoughts, become a free person.