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How to find out the sex of the child according to national signs


It is believed that folk omens are excesses of the past, which today almost no one uses. But when replenishment is planned in the family, impatient parents want to find out as soon as possible, for whom they should prepare for the birth - a son or daughter? How to find out the sex of the child according to national signs, we will tell you in this material.

  1. If the tummy is pregnant has a wide and rounded shape, you will have a girl, and if sharp and strongly sticks out - wait for the boy's birth.
  2. Very sick in the morning? There will be a girl, and if during the whole day - a boy.
  3. You will become a mom son, if you notice the increased appearance of hair on the legs. And if the vegetation, on the contrary, decreases - get ready for the birth of a daughter.
  4. If a woman is in position a little nose blurs - a boy will be born.
  5. I want sweet and fruit in the first weeks of the "interesting position"? Wait a girl. If the biggest temptation is salty and meat food, a son will be born.
  6. If a pregnant leg has become colder, than usual, then a boy will be born. When there are no changes - you need to prepare for the completion of the family of the girl.
  7. Is orange juice your real fetish? Then soon you will become a happy mother of a beautiful daughter. And if every day a headache - wear a son in your heart.
  8. If the areola around the nipples begin to lighten up - there will be a boy, and if it gets dark - a girl.
  9. If a woman’s stomach develops excess vegetation - a boy will appear. And the presence of pigmentation indicates the birth of a girl.
  10. Early pregnancy with seizures, the fever is born - the son is born, and the chill is the daughter.
  11. If the heart beats often - there will be a girl, and if the heartbeat, on the contrary, slows down - it means that you will become the mother of the boy.
  12. Increased appetite also indicates the birth of a son.
  13. If the child pushes more in the upper abdomen it is a girl, and if in the lower part it is a boy.
  14. Your chest hasn't changed much. in shape? Will bring up the son.
  15. Go to bed on your left side? - A boy will be born.
  16. If you go crazy with a bad mood - the girl will be born. And if you are in a good mood - a boy.
  17. If before conceiving the couple was actively living sexually - a girl would be born, and if there were breaks, there would be a boy.
  18. If the first movement in the stomach felt on the right side - a boy will appear. And if from the left side - the girl.
  19. First trimester of pregnancy it is easy enough - get ready for the birth of a son, and otherwise - girls.

It is believed that loving parents should not worry about the gender of the future baby, but this is not the case in all states. For example, in China, the law is permissible have only one child. And many want it to be a boy. To determine the sex of the baby, the Chinese use a special table.

It is necessary to know the age of the woman, as well as the month in which the conception took place. When the dates are matched you will get an answer to the question of who will be born.

The Japanese have other tables.. According to their data you need to know the month of birth of each of the partners. Based on these data, a reliable forecast is compiled.

The British do use a rather unusual way helping to set the floor of the baby: a pregnant woman should remove the meat from the shoulder of the ram and hold it over the fire until it is burned. Then the blade is pierced with a thumb and threading the rope through the hole, tying it in a knot. Bone hangs over the back door and then wait for the first one (from strangers) to enter the dwelling. If this is a man, a boy will appear, and if a woman is a girl.

Determination of the child’s sex by divination

  • the pregnant woman is asked to show her hands. if she turns them with her palms up, a girl will appear, and if down, she will become a mother;
  • a pregnant woman is asked to take the key from the table. At the same time, they carefully observe which part she will take the product - if a round piece, then a boy will appear in the family, if a narrow and long piece will appear - a girl. And if in the middle - the couple will become parents of twins!
  • you need to ask the girl to show her hand, and then get up. If at the same time she shows her right hand and helps herself with her right hand, then the matter of the son becomes, and if on the contrary - the daughter;
  • if a pregnant woman chokes in the process of eating, she should be asked to name any of the numbers. Then it calculates which of the letters of the alphabet it corresponds to (for example, “a” corresponds to 1, “b” - 2, and so on) and is asked to name any name starting with this letter. If a female name is called, respectively, a girl will be born, and if a male name is a boy.

Before that, we introduced you to the signs (that is, physical changes, morale, sensations), directly indicating the sex of the baby. And now the time has come to draw your attention to beliefs that have existed for centuries and not having any reliable confirmation, but for unknown reasons, which are often enough fulfilled. Spend just a few minutes to check them out:

  • if conception occurs in legally married people (or married people) - it is worth preparing for the birth of a girl, and if a boyfriend and girlfriend are not bound by any ties - the probability of having a boy is very high
  • if a man loves his woman more in a pair - a boy will be born, and if the state of things is completely opposite - get ready to become the girl's parents
  • in antiquity there was one effective way of determining the sex of a future baby: for this it was necessary to take a ringlet, tie it to a very long string and hold it over the left palm. If it began to swing back and forth, then the parents were preparing for the birth of the boy, and if they were spinning in a circle - they were waiting for the girl.

Certainly, to trust national signs or not is purely your right. In the end, it is not so important who in the end will be born, as long as love and harmony reign in a pair, and the baby grows happy and healthy.