Dream interpretation

Why dream of finding money?


Money plays a significant role in our real life. Bills and coins in a dream have their own meaning, which affects the future. Dream books reveal the secret of the value of money in different ways. So why dream of finding money?

Details of sleep about money

Different nuances of a dream give their directions in its decoding. What could be the plots? What you need to remember?

  • Found a lot of money? Your financial situation will go up.
  • The amount was small? Wait for a little trouble. Sleep speaks of your dissatisfaction with your financial situation and life in general.
  • Dreamed of paper money? Wait for a change in financial affairs. They will be nice.
  • Coins dream to good luck. Good luck will not bring great joy, as it touches a different area of ​​life than you wanted.
  • Dreamed antique coins? Having solved painful and old problems, you can get a big profit.
  • Spoiled money to material problems.
  • Found the money, but they gave? Sleep promises disappointment and small losses.
  • If a woman found the money and gave them to her friend or someone else's girlfriendthen she should wait for a quarrel with the second half.
  • For men sleep to gain or win. It is important that a man spend money. If he gives away bills or coinsthen there will be no luck.
  • Coins of silver or gold dream to fulfill desires.

Interpretation of sleep

Dream astromeridian

Big money promise good fortune, family well-being.

Dream Miller

Find money on the dream to anxiety and change. Such changes will bring joy and happiness to your life. Found a wad of money? Your business will suffer losses, and the culprit will be a familiar woman.

Dream Vanga

The seer said that found money symbolize conspiracy against you. Ripped or somehow damaged bills signify poverty and hunger.

English dream book

Found the money? Expect success in business or a successful happy wedding.

Moon dream

Find small money to sorrow. Silver coins mean profit as well gold symbolize pleasure paper money to the news.

Small Veles dream

Found the money? Expect profit. Hid found bills or coins - caution, be careful, you can be robbed. Gold coins to profit and fame, prosperity, important matters.

Silver coins promise change or travel, from which you will get a lot of pleasure. Copper coins They talk about luck in love, but they can mean tears, sadness, illness and trouble. Paper notes dreams before joyful events, quarrels and news.

The newest dream book

Money in the dream attract changes in real life. Find some amount to well-being and happiness. Coins or bills found at the crossroads promise a serious illness.

Family Dream

If you find the moneythen get ready for minor worries and changes. Happiness will come at the end of small worries.

Ninth interpreter

Dream Interpretation says that find in the form of money will draw into reality a lot of wealth.

Modern dream book

Find money in a vision it means that there will soon be petty efforts, but they will bring a lot of joy and happiness. Consider a find to well-being and welfare. Happiness will be in your hands.

If in a dream the found money is demanded by a woman, then wait for losses in the enterprise or business. The cause of the loss will be your friend. Be prepared to spend, having at least some deferred amount.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Trifle dream to sudden expenses. Copper promises deception and empty efforts gold predicts profit as well silver dreams before quarrels. Paper money - harbingers of news or profits. Picked up the money? Great luck is already pursuing you.

Dream dream of the future

A trifle in a dream symbolizes life dissatisfaction, difficulties and concerns in the service. Large amounts of bills or coins predict good deals. Found money will attract care, but happiness will follow.

Dream Dream

Sleep in which the man found the money, and the young woman is trying to get the findIt means that a man will have to incur losses. The initiator of the expenditure will be his favorite.

Dream dream daisy lynn

Coins dream to change. Sleep where found the money predicts the dreamer to improve financial position. Sleep is a sign that you need to pay more attention to your finances and business, where money is involved.

Dream for the bitch

Find a lot of money to great family happiness, wealth growth. Wait for a pleasant change.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Seen money predict troubles and worries. Find them to luck.