Dream interpretation

Plots of attractiveness and sexuality


A woman at any age wants to be beautiful and charming, to cause admiration in the eyes of men around her and envy in the eyes of other women of her gender. What tricks do not Eve’s daughters resort to in pursuit of this goal: all kinds of cosmetics, expensive beauty salons, enhanced training and fitness, exhausting diets and even surgery. Conspiracy on sexuality and attractiveness is another effective way on the path to female beauty.

Features and the principle of the conspiracy to appeal

Conspiracy to appeal- This is a magical verbal formula, designed to specifically affect the external data of the performer and enhance its attractiveness. After applying the conspiracy, any woman, even with the most ordinary appearance (the so-called “gray mouse”), can become an object of attractiveness, attract attention and numerous rapt views. The magic of beauty endows the representative of the weaker sex with charisma, which will block her natural imperfections and bring personal qualities to the first place.

What is the secret of the work of a magical conspiracy on beauty and attractiveness? Under its influence:

  • the inner (spiritual) beauty of the performer enters into a harmonious tandem with her outer shell, which allows her female charm to break out;
  • before the performer opens a number of new features. She finds happiness, luck and success. She is easily given obstacles that, prior to the use of the magical effect, might have seemed simply unattainable;
  • inner confidence appears in a woman, which leaves no one indifferent.

The key subject of the conspiracy to sexuality is, of course, the appearance of the woman, but nevertheless his influence primarily affects the inner content of the performer. This is due to the fact that the external attractiveness of the representative of the weaker sex depends largely on what is happening inside her, on a psychological and emotional level.

The classification of conspiracy sexuality and attractiveness

There are countless charms of conspiracy to charm and beauty. Each of them has its own pursued goal, each of them affects in relation to a particular component of a woman's appearance. Conditionally plots on beauty can be subdivided into 3 large groups according to the following parameters:

  • the purpose of the ritual;
  • the subject of the conspiracy;
  • rite performer.

By its goals conspiracy to appeal are divided into:

  • rituals to eliminate any external flaws;
  • ceremonies to prolong youth;
  • spells to preserve attractiveness.

Depending on the performerThe following types of attractiveness rituals are distinguished:

  • conspiracies for young and unmarried girls;
  • rites for married women;
  • rituals for unmarried and married ladies in age.

If you take into account plot, the magic rituals are most often aimed at:

  • the beauty and sexuality of the female figure;
  • beauty of the face;
  • hair health and beauty;
  • teeth health and beauty;
  • the beauty of the hands, feet and other parts of the female body.

From an impressive list of conspiracies for beauty, any woman can choose a ritual suitable for herself, focusing on her wishes, needs, weaknesses of her appearance.

Simple and effective conspiracy sexuality and attractiveness

A strong conspiracy of attractiveness, youth and health

The ritual for which you want to prepare crystal clear water and a pinch of coarse salt, held strictly on the full moon, at midnight.

Exactly at 12 am you need to take a glass of water in your left hand, salt - in the right, in complete darkness, with the curtains closed, stand in the middle of the room and whisper the words of a conspiracy in a whisper:

“Voditsa is transparent, voditsa is moonlit, I swallow you, I implore you: make me so that the servant of God (own name), every day was good and fresh, every day people looked at me the way they look at Mother Moon. So that every day they give with a word and say about me: “How good the moon is, so is God's servant (own name) good, white and chubby, young and cheerful. ”

Having spoken the text of the spell, salt should be poured into the water, leave the glass until the morning on the windowsill. In the morning, rising from bed, you need to take a small sip from a glass, saying:

“The water is in me, the beauty is on me! Amen Amin Pereaminnoe! ”

Conspired water should be drunk all over a little during the week, accompanying the ritual described above after waking up.

A conspiracy for milk for the beauty and freshness of the face

The words of the conspiracy are pronounced on a glass of fresh cow's milk, 3 times:

“Milk-milk fresh! Make me beautiful, ruddy and fresh. So that everyone who watches, admires and looks! ”

Having spoken the milk, you need to take 3 sips of glass, and the rest of it - wash your face. It is desirable to repeat the rite once a week - this will fix and extend the result.

Two more strong conspiracy beauty on water and milk, see the video:

A conspiracy on the beauty of hair

The plot is pronounced on a growing month on Monday. The performer should sit in the middle of the room with a comb (comb) in her hands and look out the window at the night light. Spell Text:

“Field - to the seed, light - to the sun, crown - to the scallop, and the hair - to the hair. Amen".

Plotted comb need to further comb your hair.

A conspiracy for a new moon, suggestive attractiveness and beauty

The plot is pronounced in the first minutes of the new moon (the exact time determined by the lunar calendar). The text is as follows:

“The moon was new born, shared its beauty with me. My face is now white, my skin is fresh, my hair is long, my belt is thin. The mouth is like the sun at sunset, the lanites are like dawn at sunrise. There is nothing dearer of me in this world. ”

This is a completely safe conspiracy. You can use it every lunar month.

Plot for rejuvenation and beauty

Pretty simple but effective conspiracy. Casting a spell must begin on the day of your birth. The words are spoken at sunrise:

“My God, I wash my face with spring water, wipe it with the heavenly sun, shelter the bright sky, smile on the earth and sky, with you, God, I bless you with a healthy and long life. My body, hold on! Amen!"

A plot is made for 10 days, then a break of 7 days is taken, and the ritual is resumed (held again for 10 consecutive days). In the days of conspiracy use, you should completely eliminate meat products from your menu..

Naturally, any conspiracy for beauty and attractiveness must be carried out with faith in the result, otherwise there will be nothing from it.