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Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money


Without enough money, there is no decent life. Of course, it can be argued that happiness is not in money at all, but the paradox is that this is the saying that people like to rush to the poor, who are accustomed to interrupt pennies. There is nothing wrong with the fact that a person tries to earn as much as possible, even using not quite traditional methods (appeal to magic, for example). People believers to attract wealth often read the Orthodox prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money.

What to ask for Nicholas the Great

Nicholas the Wonderworker, even during his lifetime, helped financially all the poor and destitute who addressed him. The miraculous help of the saint does not dry up even now, many centuries after his death. Therefore, often in the material difficulties, believers, in the first place, offer their prayers to Nicholas the Convenient. Ask him for help in various monetary matters:

  • general financial well-being;
  • about improving the financial situation of your family;
  • about monetary luck;
  • about love from money;
  • about urgent receipt of a certain sum of money, etc.

Prayers for money addressed to St. Nicholas, of course, will not make you a millionaire (this goal is usually attributed to witchcraft spells and conspiracies that have nothing to do with faith and the Church is not welcome), but will certainly help to ensure that prosperity always flourishes in your life and the house remained a full bowl.

Orthodox prayers to St. Nicholas for help in money matters

Universal Prayer

One of the strongest prayers addressed to St. Nicholas, who attracts the well-being of the prayer, fills it with wealth. The text of the prayer is:

Prayer should be pronounced before the icon of the saint, and before that, light a lamp or a church candle. This will allow a better focus on her words and goals.

On improving the financial situation of your family

This prayer allows you to improve family marital status. Words need to be repeated 7 times:

The best result from the prayer will be achieved if you say it for a long time - a month at least.

About monetary luck for a new wallet

This prayer is read when buying a new wallet and helps to attract the monetary success to the praying person. In addition, this prayer text will act for the wallet as something of a talisman — it will never be lost, it will not fall into the hands of thieves.

They read a prayer in the walls of the temple, placing a candle in front of the icon of St. Nicholas. At the same time, the newly acquired purse must be in the hands and absolutely empty. If the old purse at that time is in the bag, after leaving the church, it is either given to the needy or thrown out without regret, all the money in it is distributed as charity. The rest of the important things that were in it (business cards, checks, etc.) are put in a separate pocket of the bag, but not in a new wallet.

The prayer, with the help of which the new “house for money” is consecrated in the church in front of the face of the saint, is the following:

To make money love you

This prayer is pronounced so that the money will fall in love with the worshiper. It is especially suitable for use by business people. Read the words in the walls of the temple, kneeling in front of the image of St. Nicholas. At the same time, the small things that need to be squeezed in their hands (all up to one coin) should be in the pockets of the worshiper. After leaving the temple after the prayer, these coins, to a single, should be distributed as alms. When the financial situation of the worshiper begins to improve, some of the funds must be determined for charity.

Words of prayer for the love of money are as follows:

In urgent need of money

Prayer can be used in cases where money is urgently needed for some specific need. Money usually appears after this prayer very quickly, but it is necessary to spend it on what was asked at the beginning. This text should not be used often so as not to distract the saint on trifles (except for you, he still has a lot of needy ones) and not to scare away money from yourself. Words of prayer:

See also the video prayer Nikolai Ugodnik for help:

How to ask for help in money from St. Nicholas

In order for a prayer for help in money, addressed to Nicholas the Wonderworker, to have the desired effect, it is very important to be able, when pronouncing it, to concentrate on the desired goal — that is, you need to clearly represent money, better — some specific amount of money. In addition, be sure to decide exactly what needs you are going to spend them and think about it in the process of a prayerful conversation with God's saint.

The text of any prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money is highly desirable to recite, with the understanding of each word, with expression and understanding. In the prayer should not sound notes of insincerity and pretense. Contact the saint should be a whisper or in a low voice.

You can pray to Nikolai the Benefactor both at church and at home. Say the words before the icon of the saint. Appealing to St. Nicholas with home prayer is recommended in the morning, upon waking, or in the evening, before going to bed. In the temple, you can come to talk with God's saint at any convenient time.

It is great if you decided to ask for monetary assistance from Nicholas the Wonderworker in order to send this money to a good cause - a saint, in that case, will very soon respond to your request. Small donations to the Church or the needy will also be considered a good deed. Do not forget to engage in charity, even if your financial situation is critical. The amount of donation can be quite small, the main thing is that the desire for charity comes from the soul and be sincere. Remember popular wisdom that the hand of the giver will not become scanty.

The best result is a prayer for money help to Nicholas the Wonderworker in the course of repeated, regular and long pronunciation. Humility and patience are required from a believer when praying, so sometimes it can take a long time to receive support from a saint. Try not to lose faith, and your efforts and patience will certainly be rewarded according to merit.

Make it a rule to thank God and His holy saint for everything you already have and for their future help.