Dream interpretation

Why dream of many small puppies?


Cubs animals always cause affection. Fluffy lumps look defenseless and touching, they want to caress. What does sleeping with puppies mean, why dream of many small puppies? Consider the interpretation of the dream books.

The image of puppies in a dream

What can foreshadow a dream with puppies, except for a positive interpretation and pleasant emotions? Details will depend on the features of the plot:

  • what breed puppies were;
  • what dogs did in a dream;
  • in what condition were the puppies;
  • what the dreamer did with the puppies.

The dog is a reliable friend of man. This is known since childhood. The image of devotion and selfless service to the owner is distinguished by this animal from the total number of mammals on earth.

The image of a dog in a dream can represent a faithful person who is next to the dreamer, always provides support and is distinguished by selflessness. The image of puppies symbolizes a faithful friend of a younger age.. Care for and care for puppies - to show participation in the life of your friend or younger friend.

All your actions with puppies in a dream indirectly hint at the actions that you want to carry out in relation to their younger friends. For example, to feed puppies - to help, iron and play - try to be pleasant, take care - take care of friends.

What does a dream mean in which gave a puppy or puppies? This means the acquisition of a new reliable friend (friends), donated by fate. Buy puppies - to make someone your friend through your own efforts, to develop and strengthen friendship.

If a puppies bite in a dream, it means that a close friend (friends) can offend to the depths of the soul. Perhaps by accident. Sick puppies promise experiences and excitement in life associated with friends. Lots of fun healthy puppies foreshadow a fun pastime in a company with good friends / girlfriends.

Keep puppies on hand - a symbol of your participation in the lives of your friends. You provide full support, assistance and protection. If a the other person is caring for your puppies- there is a very reliable friend in your environment, ready to help at any moment.

Color and breed puppies

To explain the dream in detail, we need to recall the color of wool and breed:

  • black color - your friend secretly harms you;
  • white color - friends bring joy and happiness;
  • brown color - harmony with others;
  • Red color - this is your younger relatives or loved ones.

Little White Coats They also symbolize sincere and trusting relations between friends, about whom they say "do not spill water". Fussy whining kuyat foretell the bustle and petty trouble.

Sometimes red puppies may foreshadow acquaintance with a man of the opposite sex younger than. Relationships will develop rapidly, and passionate passion is not excluded.

Black puppies may herald a conflict with friends. Also, black wool is a symbol of betrayal: you are unexpectedly let down by a friend whom you completely trusted.

Brown babes they symbolize an even stable relationship with friends. If there were quarrels, reconciliation will soon come. Calm, joy and complete peace are what the brown kutenok foretells.

The puppy breed symbolizes the inner qualities of the dreamer:

  • Shepherd - high stress tolerance, adaptability to any situation;
  • Spaniel - internal composure and concentration, however, the spaniel warns about the consumer attitude of friends;
  • Huskies - you are a flexible, easy-going person, you can easily find a common language with people, enjoy success with the opposite sex.

Different dream storylines

  • Kutenok sits on his hands - you can count on the support of friends.
  • Frolicking Kutenok - expect a pleasant surprise from relatives or friends.
  • Caressing kutenok - a meeting with a former beloved and the resumption of former relationships is possible.
  • Kutenok licks his hand - you may be disappointed in his beloved.
  • The puppy growls and bites - you have to defend yourself from the attacks of friends or colleagues alone.
  • To feed the kid in the dream - to find a strong patron.
  • Search for puppies in a dream - inner loneliness and hopelessness.
  • Find puppies in a dream - you will manage to find a compromise and without loss get out of the circle of negative circumstances.

What means sleep with dead puppies? This story predicts a break in friendships or warns that the acquaintance will not turn into a friendship. A bad sign is considered killing puppies in a dream - you have to go through many unpleasant moments. Wounded puppies portend small complications in relationships with friends or work colleagues.

For newlyweds sleep has an unambiguous interpretation - the birth of the firstborn. An active, cheerful kutenok foreshadows the birth of a healthy baby, a sick puppy - a child will be born either prematurely or with vices. A bad symbol is the vision of the dead kutyat.

Council of Psychology

If you often dream of a dream with small puppies, you play with them and feed them - isn't there too much child left in you? It's time to grow up and take life objectively. Also frequent dreams with kujatami can manifest as nostalgia for childhood, unwillingness to bear responsibility and make independent decisions.

Seeing yourself as a little puppy - hope for the help of parents and older friends. You could not grow up inside, get rid of children's dreams and irresponsibility. Perhaps you like a similar lifestyle and you remain an eternal child in your soul.

Many puppies of different breeds is a symbol of the natural pedagogical qualities of man. If the dreamer is faced with a choice of profession, it is necessary to give preference to teaching. A lot of kutyat in a dream can dream a person with a hard character as advice to become softer and kinder, not to be too exacting to others.