Dream interpretation

What dreams about the death of loved ones?


Dreams of death leave an anxious feeling upon waking. Sad pictures evoke the idea of ​​irreparable and inevitable loss. But is it really? What dreams about the death of loved ones? The answer will be given by the interpreters.

Dreams of blood relatives

The common meaning of dreams with already dead people is the prediction of changing weather. However, the vision of the death of a living person is not everyone can endure stoically, and you cannot explain this dream by changing the weather. Let us consider in what cases the death of a loved one in a dream should be taken as a warning.

Signs of a prophetic dream are symbols of death.present in night vision:

  • stopped hours;
  • broken mirror;
  • black veil or shawl;
  • black flowers;
  • flower pots with flowers.

In other cases death of relatives may reflect the inner fear of the loss of loved ones. Dream books say that dreams of the death of living people, on the contrary, foreshadow them a long life.

For a detailed interpretation of sleep, the status of a relative in the family clan is important:

  • father's death warns of a dangerous deal in which they are trying to get you involved;
  • mother's death foreshadows significant changes in your destiny;
  • grandmother's death warns of significant events of the tribal circle;
  • grandfather's death predicts a long life for the hero of a dream;
  • brother's death warns that there is a mean person in your environment;
  • sister's death says the family needs your support.

Often, dreams of the loss of grandparents are an echo of daytime experiences for the health of the elderly. Dreams of losing siblings may remind you to spend more time communicating with them.

Why dream death of a distant relative? Sleep may portend a cooling of relations or changes in the life of a given person, which will lead to alienation from each other or termination of any relationship at all.

If a death of a relative is accompanied by blood loss, expect intra-squabbles and conflicts. To maintain trust, make concessions and be flexible. Do not let a flash of emotion extinguish a bright feeling of trust and openness in relationships.

A bad omen is considered death of all relatives. You will actually find yourself on the verge of bankruptcy in a helpless position.

Dreams of loved ones

Sometimes in a dream you can see the death of a loved one. What does this mean? The hypothesizers say that the people seen are on the verge of cardinal changes in fate. This may be a change in work activities, a wedding or a divorce, a change in place of residence (departure abroad) or other significant events in a person’s life.

Death spouseon the one hand, it is a projection of the fear of being alone. On the other hand, a dream may warn of the husband’s attempt to hide something important from you.

What does loss of a friend in a dream? The subconscious mind is preparing you for bad news, which should be taken stoically. Girlfriend's death says that at the moment you are overworked and need rest.

Death of a loved one can also be a projection of the fear of loneliness and separation. On the other hand, the loss of a loved one in a dream predicts a chill in the relationship and an attempt to hide the true feelings.

Dreams plots

  • What do they mean unintelligible words pronounced by a dying person in a dream? This plot shows your unwillingness to take into account the opinion of loved ones and listen to their words. Sometimes you just do not hear your loved ones and inflict spiritual wounds on them with your callousness.
  • If close dying before your eyesThis may portend fundamental changes in family life - the birth of a child, a wedding or an engagement. Also, sleep can foreshadow changes in work, for example, promotion.
  • If you saw the demise of a sick person, a dream spells a speedy healing from ailment. See death and sudden resurrection of the deceased foreshadows a pleasant acquaintance with good people. Hear news of death close - you are internally ready to enter into a new relationship.
  • See death of a loved one due to an accident - fear of being alone. If the dying suffered before going to the next world, expect a period of trials in life. Sudden death predicts a quick solution to complex problems.
  • Visiting the grave a recently deceased relative - there is a difficult life situation ahead, the way out of which will be difficult to find. Hear in a dream of the death of relatives - You should visit them soon. If the message was false, beware of deception in real life.
  • See death of a loved one due to fire - in reality, this person was captured by bad habits: drugs, alcoholism or gambling. However, most often the plot suggests that a loved one cannot find a way out of the current negative situation and needs support.
  • A futile attempt to save the dying man from the flame foreshadows that in real life you will not be able to render him the necessary assistance. If you give artificial respiration to the deceased from carbon monoxide, and it comes to life, in reality, your attempts to help will be crowned with success.
  • If a close crashed when falling from a heightIn reality, his insatiable ambitions will lead to the collapse of all plans. You need patience to help a person overcome a period of depression after what happened.

Dreams about the death of a living person

  • Family Dream Considers this dream prophetic. Hear the voice of a recently deceased friend in a dream - get ready for bad news. Talk to the deceased father - beware of rash acts. Conversation with the mother - the dream calls to moderate their appetites, not to demand the impossible from life.
  • Modern dream book interprets the demise of the family to the coming tests. Hear in a dream about the death of a loved one - you will soon hear the bad news. If a loved one died in torment, in real life you will commit an irreparable act.