Dream interpretation

Why dream of a wild boar?


Wild boar is an aggressive ferocious animal, meeting with which does not promise pleasant moments. The image of wild beasts in dreams can predict success and misfortune, reward for hard work and total collapse. What dreams of wild boar that portends? The interpretation of the dream will be based on the details of the picture.

The image of a wild boar in a dream

Boar (wild boar) in a dream can personify a dangerous person, communication with which can end in tragedy. However, if the wild beast looked good-natured and caused positive emotions, sleep may herald a meeting with a strong manwho will patronize the dreamer.

Therefore, the interpretation must be based on the smallest details of the plot:

  • what a boar looked like;
  • animal behavior;
  • the dreamer's reaction to the image of the boar;
  • dreamer's actions when meeting with an animal.

If a the boar ran somewhere, the dream foreshadows changes in the fate of the dreamer.

Plump boar promises material well-being, a full life. Skinny dirty animal foreshadows losses and large waste. The black - expect meanness from a loved one, as well as flattery on the part of the envious. Friendly white animal foreshadows good changes and the onset of a happy period in life.

Boar attack

The aggressiveness of the animal in a dream does not predict positive changes in life. You will become a victim of dishonest people who will use your gullibility for mercenary purposes. Do not trust strangers, no matter how good they may seem.

If a the animal attacks the dreamer and tries to biteThe dream indicates the deficiencies of the dreamer. You are too aggressive towards others, do not know how to be flexible in a conversation and take into account the opinion of another person. Reconsider your behavior, do not become a wild boar among people.

Wild pig attack foreshadows minor troubles and conflicts with close environment. If a boar protects its cub in a dream, the dream predicts misunderstandings with relatives on the insignificant reason. Try not to kindle a quarrel, and smooth out sharp corners.

Boar bite in a dream foreshadows trouble. If you managed to kill a wild boar while hunting, soon all the goals set would reach its final. You will be able to complete the job and make a profit. If you have rivals or competitors, killing an animal means complete victory over them.

Other dream scenes

Why dream boar's head? You have to make a responsible decision on which the material side of the matter will depend. However, you should not rush to sign a contract or take a decisive step in this direction - think carefully about all the little things and details, consider the possibility of loss. Also, be sure to insure: discuss the matter with a competent person in this matter.

Eating wild boar meat in a dream - to the increase of capital, material well-being. If you are considering the issue of investing in a business, you can safely sign a contract: your money will multiply many times.

  • Boar in the woods - the trial will not be in your favor.
  • For travelers, sleeping with a wild boar foreshadows obstacles and an unsuccessful road.
  • To feed wild pigs - to the betrayal of those who were fully trusted.
  • To iron a boar in a dream is to flatter an unpleasant person for the sake of profit or salvation.
  • Also, stroke the animal in a dream - to the ingratitude of those you helped.
  • Kabaniha with piglets - to prosperity in the house.
  • An animal running in panic warns of danger.
  • To kill a hog from a weapon is to be able to cope with a difficult situation.
  • Catch a wild animal - get a chance for the implementation of the plan.

Meet arrogant boar in a dream - to communicate with an unpleasant person who delivers a lot of trouble and excitement. If a dirty skinny boar bursts into your house, expect a visit from an unpleasant person. This person will try to spoil the mood and make confusion in your organized life.

See yourself surrounded by many wild pigs - Get into a bad company. You will be reproached and condemned for communicating with vicious people, which will completely destroy the reputation of a decent person.

What means hear the squeal of wild pigs in a dream? This story warns of the onset of difficult times. You will have to make ends meet, then earn your own bread. Also the squeal of pigs foreshadows bad news.

Dream about wild boar

  • The newest dream book spells a conversation with a hated man. Modern dream bookon the contrary, he sees in the image of a boar a well-bred educated and wealthy person.
  • Russian people's dream book sees in wild boar a manifestation of greed, cruelty and malice. These qualities are inherent in the person with whom you had a chance to communicate the day before.
  • Family Dream Considers: the image of a well-fed animal foreshadows material gain, a skinny boar promises excitement and anxiety. The squeal of a wild pig warns of bad news, disappointment and disappointment. Feed the boar - to the imminent wealth.
  • Ninth interpreter correlates the image of a boar with the image of a hated man, a cruel enemy. Catch a boar - to overcome the enemy's wiles, to kill an animal in a dream - to defeat the enemy. Get a pig head - to triumph over the enemy, give the head - to humiliation.
  • Dream interpretation 2012 considers the image of a wild boar as a manifestation of extreme selfishness and permissiveness. You will suffer because of your “swine behavior” if you do not correct the situation on time.
  • Dream interpretation of the 21st century He sees in this archetype the image of a cruel, irreconcilable enemy. Hog attack - to trouble, mud-stained boar foreshadows complete success in business. For girls, hogs foreshadows marriage, and married women warned about the suspicion of the spouse of infidelity.
  • Dream Grishin sees the dream as foreshadowing the world with the enemy. If the dreamer experienced fear when meeting a wild animal, it means that his own world of passions and uncontrollable feeling or emotion frightens him.