Dream interpretation

Divination by rose petals will help to know your future.


People have always sought to slightly raise the curtain of the future, and to learn the alignment of the situation of interest. Of course, the sphere of relations enjoyed (and enjoys) special popularity. To which only sophisticated methods lovers of girls do not resort to find out the fate of one or another person towards oneself. We suggest you perform divination by rose petals, which will help get answers to questions about relationships and about life in general.

The perfection of beautiful roses has never been in doubt (as well as it does not cause today). In ancient times it was believed that roses were able to contact with Higher Entities and in the process of divination acted as a kind of intermediaries. They helped people to know God's will, received in the form of a prediction.

For the ritual it was necessary to stock up on rose petals of different colors. At the same time, it was possible to ask how about the affairs of the amorous, and about everything a person is interested in - the rose necessarily gave the correct answer to the question.

The rose plant itself is quite material (pragmatic) - not for nothing that it grows out of the ground in which its support rests.

When you decide to perform a divination, acquire at least three flowers with petals of different flowers.

For the ritual will need to take two petals from each rose. Try to match them as much as possible in size. Pay attention that the petals are not too huge or, on the contrary, small, but should have an average size.

In addition to the petals for divination, you must also prepare a pack of salt (you can replace it with sugar).

The selected bulk material is used to draw a circle on the table, the diameter of which will be from twenty to thirty centimeters. The ancient Greeks, while performing this ritual, used salt. But today there is a belief that sprinkled salt portends a quarrel. If you also hold a similar opinion - it is better to take a pack of sugar. Especially if the subject of your question is a heart sphere.

In this ritual there are no important details. The color of the petals of a plant, for example, also plays an important role. Consider what they denote certain color variations:

  • red petals - personify a furious passion, burning jealousy, as well as all the physical options for the manifestation of feelings;
  • pink - they imply tender, romantic moods, they are also able to tell about plans for the future, help to understand themselves;

  • yellow is the color of material well-being. Choosing the petals of yellow roses, you can safely ask questions that will deal with career problems, plans for the future and so on;
  • white color - questions from all other spheres of life;
  • Black - this color is directly associated with negative emotions - anger, anger, revenge, deceit. It is better not to choose a rose with similar petals for divination.

If you managed to choose more exotic colors, then in order to find out their meaning, you just need to find an interpretation of a particular color and compare it with a specific area of ​​life.

You can learn about the magical properties of this flower by viewing the following video.

When you have prepared all the necessary components, determine for yourself the question to which you wish to find an answer. You can simultaneously ask several questions, as long as their number does not exceed the number of petals. At the same time make differences on the subject of the question.

In order to formulate the question correctly and not make a mistake in the process, we advise you to write it out beforehand on a piece of paper, and then just pry into the "cheat sheet".

You can arrange it as follows:

  • red petals - do i like this person;
  • yellow - whether the salary will increase next month;
  • whites - can I find the lost item.

Match the questions so that they fit the interpretation of the chosen color of the petals.

Now sit down, relax, you can close your eyes and light an aromatic candle. Mentally concentrate on your questions.

Now you will need to throw up the rose petals from the center of the circle up, the stronger, the better.

With a look, make sure they smoothly and easily fall on the table, finding the right solution for you to ask the question. Immediately fix the position of each of the petals. After all, it will be she who will decide what answer you will receive in the end:

  • If at the same time two petals of the same color were in the circle, then fate says that the plan will be realized in real life.
  • If one of the petals is in the inner part of the circle, and the second is behind it, then the implementation of the desired is possible, but you will take considerable effort. You will also need to wait for a certain time.
  • If two petals are outside the area of ​​the circle - you get a negative answer to your question and, unfortunately, the plan will not be translated into reality.

Do not be in a hurry to get upset if you have not received the answer you dreamed of. It is possible that your desire can be fulfilled, but only after a certain amount of time.

By guessing on the petals of roses should be taken as seriously as possible, do not take it as a joke. Otherwise, a beautiful flower may be offended by you and will not answer your questions.