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Plot and rituals on bay leaf


In the kitchen of a good housewife there will definitely be a bag of bay leaf. However, not everyone knows that bay leaf is not just a fragrant seasoning that significantly improves the taste of dishes, but also a powerful magic tool used in various sorcery rituals. The plot on the bay leaf allows you to succeed in many areas of life. On the use of laurel in magic, see the article.

From the magical history of spices

By modern people, bay leaf is more viewed as a spice and is actively used in culinary art. Representatives of the ancient times considered laurel as a magical plant and used its leaves in a wide variety of witchcraft and religious rites. Especially similar rituals were popular among the ancient Romans and the ancient Greeks.

The people of antiquity believed that the monastery was able to lure a person into life, success, and put a wreath of leaves on his head. Also, conspiracies and rituals on bay leaves were carried out in order to heal from all ailments, fulfillment of desires, attract happiness, well-being and financial prosperity.

Bay leaf magic

The participation of bay leaves in various magical conspiracies and rituals is due to the amazing properties that this spice possesses. Laurel leaves are capable of:

  • protect against bad energy. If a lot of negativity has accumulated in the house, it has become difficult to be in it - the bay leaf placed in every corner will eliminate all the negative
  • serve as a strong talisman against failures. In order to protect oneself from failures, it is recommended to carry one bay leaf everywhere;
  • to make wishes come true. There are several techniques for the fulfillment of desire with the help of lavrushka - we will speak about them below;
  • relieve insomnia and nightmares. A pair of laurel leaves, placed under the pillow, will bring sleep back to normal, bring pleasant night dreams;
  • remove fatigue and give the body strength. The aroma of this seasoning has such a property; therefore, it is recommended to inhale it with great exhaustion and loss of strength;
  • to bring home happiness, well-being and wealth. There are special rituals, which can also be read below;
  • protect from the negative effects of dark forces. A couple of bay leaves, suspended above the head of the bed, will protect the sleeper from the evil eye (this is especially true for small children) and damage.

More with the magic abilities of Lavrushka will be introduced by the video:

Plot on bay leaf and its varieties

Over time, there were many conspiracies, pronounced with the use of leaves of laurel tree. Many of them are successfully used in modern magical practice - knowledgeable people with their help achieve their life goals, attract well-being and success.

The plot on the bay leaf (most of its varieties) belongs to white magic and is safe, so absolutely anyone can use it in everyday life.

Plot on bay leaf, wish-fulfilling

One of the most popular conspiracies on bay leaf. It is accompanied by a special ritual. The contractor is required to prepare: 1 bay leaf (large size) pen with ink color of gold or silver, 1 white candle, fireproof dishes.

The content of the ceremony:

  1. Light a candle, write with a felt-tip pen on the laurel leaf plate a dearest wish.
  2. Begin to visualize what you want in your imagination (imagine that your plan has already come true, describe your emotions that accompany it, feel them).
  3. Ask for the blessing of the universe, three times kiss the laurel with the inscription and set it on fire from the candle flame.
  4. Burn the burning sheet in a fireproof dish and say:

“The power of the gods and the power of the heavens, the power of the universe and the power of miracles. My wish came true. As I ordered, so it came together! ”

The ceremony can be simplified: first, write your wish on a lavrushka, then set fire to the leaf and let it burn to the end (it is not necessary to pronounce the spell).

Plot on bay leaf for money

This plot on the bay leaf helps to attract financial well-being. It should be done in the phase of growth of the moon.

Attributes of the ceremony: 3 leaves of laurel tree, 7 coins, small sheet of paper, a pen (pencil, marker), metal can with lid.

The content of the ceremony:

  1. On a paper sheet indicate the specific amount of money, roll up and put it in a prepared jar.
  2. Take the coins and alternately lower them to a sheet of paper, reading the plot:
  3. “The coins glitter, the coins ring - more and more I get them. Coins go where I'm not waiting. From now on, I do not know more trouble! ”

  4. Cover the coins with laurel leaves, close and hide the container.
  5. Every day, throw another 1-2 coins into the container. Each time utter the words of the conspiracy.
  6. After 3 months, take a note from the bank with a sum of money, wrap it with bay leaves, bury it all in the ground.

Plot on bay leaf, attracting good luck and happiness in the house

Laurel leaves in the amount of 5 pieces to be tied with red thread for cuttings and to hang the resulting composition above the entrance to your home (inside), saying:

“Laurel grown under the scorching sun, bring happiness and good luck to my house!”

Gypsy conspiracy on bay leaf to call a lover

Calling called a kind of love spell - a ritual that has a weaker and softer effect. The rite casts a longing on the victim, causes him (her) to miss the performer, causes love craving, pushes him to the second step.

Gypsy love call is performed on 3 dry bay leaves, tied with red wool thread- a ball of yarn and a bundle of spice must be new. The ritual is held near the pond. The tied laurel leaves are floating on the water with the words:

“A bay leaf floats on water, calling to me beloved”.

The time of the ceremony is the growth phase of the night star. Perform more than 1 time per month it is impossible.

Rituals with bay leaf

A lot of effective rituals are pursued with the bay leaf, pursuing the most diverse goals:

  • attracting positive change;
  • improving health;
  • attraction of wealth;
  • purification and protection of the house from the negative;
  • bringing well-being to the family, etc.

How to use bay leaf magic for the benefit of yourself and your family? It is enough to regularly perform the following simple rites:

  • For positive change. To make positive changes in your life, pound a leaf of laurel in your palms, take 3 deep breaths, trying to inhale the aroma of seasoning to the maximum and sound aloud what you want to achieve in the near future.
  • For good health. Take a bay branch (if there is no such possibility - replace it with leaves), ask her to give health to the members of your family and place it in the main room of your home (you can put it in a vase). For leaves, and the usual saucer.

  • For wealth. Taking 3 bay leaves, drip on each drop of orange essential oil and place these leaves one by one in any 3 places where your cash savings lie.
  • Purification of the home of the negative. Set fire to bay leaves and fumigate with smoke that forms all the rooms in your home.
  • Protection of the house from the negative. Hang a sprig of laurel over the entrance to your house.
  • Attraction of good luck and well-being in the house. On a new rug next to the entrance door, spread out 4 crosswise laurel leaves (cuttings toward the center). A month later (on the new moon), replace them with new ones.

In a word, bay leaf is a truly universal remedy with miraculous abilities. Applying it in magical conspiracies and rituals, anyone can get a reliable ward from all sorts of troubles and troubles.