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The number 13 and its meaning in numerology


The number 13, the value of which in the conventional understanding is associated with black magic, does not always have a negative meaning. In numerology, this is the personification of the human soul, which seeks to know love. In Christianity, it is a symbol of the Universe, which consists in the union of tens and the Trinity. There are other interpretations - let's analyze them in more detail.

The value of the number 13 in numerology

Number 13 has always been attributed to terrible magical properties. The stereotype about "Friday, the thirteenth," an unlucky day, firmly entrenched in the minds of people and distorted the real meaning.

It is believed that the number 13:

  • The embodiment of terrible bad luck, the black band in life, hopelessness and despair
  • In combination with the "devil's six" - the personification of the very worst that can happen to a specific person and humanity as a whole
  • The symbol of evil spirits, which begins to be active on Friday, which falls on the thirteenth number

In fact, everything is completely different:

  • The number thirteen in combination with the six is ​​the activation of the material principle of the Man, his actions at the limit of his powers and capabilities.
  • Thirteen is a symbol of the love given by God. In this context, 13 is the union of two souls, destined by fate. This is a strong and strong union of two loving hearts.

The interpretation of the number 13 largely depends on the attitude of the person towards him. If he believes in superstition, 13 will bring only grief and will cause all the troubles in life. If a person is conscious enough to relate to everything around him what is happening, he will be able to comprehend the real secret of all the numbers surrounding him.

The true value of the number 13

In terms of numbers, thirteen is the personification of human positive energy, which is expressed in love. This love is not necessarily directed towards another person. On the contrary, it is the love of all living things, including self. Only when this feeling lives in a person always, does he acquire the ability to truly love someone else.

The value of the number 13 will depend on what level of awareness a person is in - there are eleven such levels. Therefore, the values ​​of the most mysterious number of the same amount.

Properties of number 13

If you are under the influence of the number 13, it is recommended to adhere to the following tips:

  • Imagine that a swimmer is in the center of a giant funnel. What should be done in this case? Just not floundering, trying to get out - so you lose all your strength. It is better to dive as deep as possible and already there, at a depth, try to swim. The funnel in this case - the problems of life, difficulties and events that engulfed you
  • You need to learn to be flexible, to learn to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Learn to adapt - you will not lose your individuality in this, but temper your character. And you will have a flexible mindset.
  • Never try to fight the influence of the number 13 - you cannot get away from it. Better take advantage
  • You should get rid of selfishness and anger, if they are present in your character. Otherwise, the influence of the number 13 will gain tremendous power and can be deadly for you.

A person whose fate is inextricably linked with the number 13 is constantly in the grip of insuperable circumstances that cannot be fought so as not to harm oneself. You need to learn to stoically take all the tests, learn from them and move on - then happiness will always accompany you, despite the many difficulties.

Number 13. Value in floristics

What matters is how many flowers are in a bouquet that is presented to you. If 13 flowers were presented, this may mean the following:

  • All is well. The person who decided to please you with a flower composition is clearly not indifferent to you. Hoping for reciprocity. You can expect other tokens
  • Most likely, the bouquet was presented, hoping to get something in return. Be careful with a gentleman - may require your favor in exchange for courtship
  • If you gave 13 white lilies - a symbol of chastity and pure, pure love
  • If thirteen roses were presented, then, on the contrary, it speaks of strong emotions and violent passion. The donor has a tremendous physical attraction.
  • Not a very favorable sign, if you are presented with 13 daisies, gerberas or chrysanthemums. Soon you will find yourself drawn into a whirlpool of not very pleasant events for you. Behave intelligently, consider every action to avoid damaging your reputation.

But it is unlikely that a gifted bouquet should be given too much importance - few florists understand the meaning of numbers. Perhaps they just wanted to create a beautiful composition at the request of their client.

People number 13

The number 13 in Russia was considered a symbol of holy fools. And this number could not be related to their life.

Very often, the number 13 people are perceived as a bit crazy, out of control. In fact, they are simply extremely emotional, overflowing with creative energy. Often there is nowhere to throw out this energy, if a person has not yet found his destination, therefore, in a whirlpool of violent nature, he draws others around.

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For a person whose fate is determined by the number 13, it is important to understand why he was born, find the meaning of life and find inspiration. Then all the energy that he is endowed with will be realized and will go to a good cause. If this is not done, there can be huge problems in building personal relationships, creating love and in raising children.

A person whose potential cannot be realized will be filled with anger, anger and selfishness with age. And it's scary - because of these qualities, he can ruin his own life, or act to the detriment of others.