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Removing egg spoilage at home


How to remove the evil eye and damage at home with salt? Salt is the best absorbent that absorbs any information. Cleaning with salt is one of the most effective and effective in magical practice. To salt, you can add water, magical herbs or fire candles. Consider a few rituals with salt to remove the negative.

Salt from damage and from the evil eye

If you feel the effect of negative energy on yourself, heaviness on the soul and incomprehensible anxiety, buy ordinary salt in the store. The property of salt to pull the disease and the negative used by our ancestors. Salt absorbs negative energy and frees a person from the evil eye and mild damage.

Go into the bath and pour half a pack of salt under your feet, rub the body with the second half with the words:

Read the words you need to remember three times. If you know the name of the enemy, name it. If you do not know who caused the damage, skip the name - the Forces themselves will find this person. After reading the conspiracy, take a shower and wash off the salt, along with it goes and spoilage. Bath rinse well and pour boiling water.

The rite is best done on a waning moon. However, if you feel bad, spend any day.

Cleaning Salad with Thursday Salt

How to remove the evil eye and damage at home with salt? The conspiracy salt from Pure Thursday is well suited for this purpose. If it is not there, you can consecrate the usual salt with prayer — it will become conspired.

Dissolve the teaspoon in a liter of spring (or holy water) and read the plot three times so that the breath touches the water. Next to you should be a church candle and stand icons. Before the rite itself you need to read the prayers - “Our Father”, “Theotokos” and others that you know.

Plot over salt water:

Plotted water needs to be drunk within an hour, otherwise the power of the plot will cease to act. This rite can be done on another person who needs help. Replace your name with a different name.

Photo cleaning

If you need to remove spoil of salt from a person, take his photo in full growth. In the picture a person should be alone, arms and legs - not crossed, without sunglasses. For the ceremony prepare:

  • clean white tablecloth;
  • three church candles;
  • the icon of the Almighty or another;
  • salt from a new pack.

Cover the table with a tablecloth, put candles in the candlesticks at the icon, and in front of you put a photo of the person. Read any prayers, put a pinch of salt on the photo and say three times:

Then blow the salt from the photo onto the tablecloth and say:

Immediately extinguish the candles with your fingers and put it in a secluded place with the photo. Shake a tablecloth on the street away from the house, then wash. Salt can be cleaned on a photo every three months, old candles should be carried to the church and put in a box for cinders.

Cleansing from damage and the evil eye with salt and hunters

The ritual of removing spoilage of salt and St. John's wort is carried out in several stages. In the full moon, buy a pack of salt without putting it and prepare St. John's wort - you can buy grass from grandmothers in the market or at the pharmacy. Put the salt in a clay or glass bowl and read the plot three times so that the breath touches the grains.

Plot on salt:

Then put the St. John's Wort in another bowl and read the three conspiratorial words above it - the breath touches the grass:

Then go to the bath, wash the body under the shower and rub it with a salt spelled. During the rubbing you need to sentence:

Then wash off the salt in the shower, repeating the words:

Coming out of the shower, brew tea from three pinch of Hypericum and drink. Throw the rest of the grass on hot coals and fumigate the room with a prayer. The remaining ash rub the body and wash under the shower. After cleaning, it is better to go to bed right away. The next day, immediately put the guardian against the negative - damage, curses and evil eyes.

Salt Detox on Pure Thursday

Salt from spoilage and from the evil eye cleans well the thin human body, and on Pure Thursday the ritual is performed annually - it removes any negative. If necessary, the ceremony can be held on any Thursday of the year, using the conspired Thursday salt.

Prepare a bath by reading the plot on the water:

Now put 250 grams of salt from a new pack in a ceramic / glass bowl and read the plot over it three times:

Light a church candle in the bathroom and bathe in water with salt. After the bath, rinse under the shower and do not wipe - throw a bathrobe on top. You can plunge into the water with your head to wash off all the negatives from your hair.

The ceremony is held on Pure Thursday necessarily, and during the year it can be performed with the Thursday salt. If the hallowed Thursday salt is small, just add a pinch to regular salt and it will become hallowed.

Cleaning with salt and bay leaf

Bay leaf is used to heal from many diseases, it also helps to get rid of negative energy. For the rite buy:

  • 5 packs of regular salt;
  • a pack of bay leaves;
  • ordinary candle.

Make a decoction or bay leaves, add water to the bath and add the decoction to it directly with the leaves. Then pour five batches of salt, light a candle and dip into the bath. Lie in the bathroom for no more than ten minutes and open the drain hole. Look at the water going into the drain and repeat:

Stay in the bathroom until all the water is leaking, then collect the bay leaves in the bag. Wash the body in the shower, dry out in the air - you can throw on a bathrobe. That evening, take the bay leaves to the crossroads and leave them there with the words:

From the crossroads, you need to leave silently, do not turn around to the door. If someone calls, do not react. It is important to walk silently to the front door of the house. The rite can be carried out in order to prevent spoilage on a monthly basis.

How to clean a pair of salt

For this rite should prepare the following items:

  • cast iron skillet;
  • new pack of salt;
  • a photograph of the couple;
  • wax candle.

On a waning moon, sprinkle salt into a griddle and turn on the gas. Next on the table, put a photo. Fry salt on high heat after it starts to pop and bounce, read:

After reading, swipe the photo over the smoke from the salt. Then read the words again and take a picture through the smoke. So you need to do it three times. After leaving the salt in the pan for a while, then rinse under the tap.

This ceremony can be performed on any couple of people - on themselves and loved ones in quarrels, on their girlfriends, etc. The main thing is to have a joint photo. You can also clean a group of people from induced negatives. The rite to spend three days in a row, the salt from the pack can be distributed 3 times.

Return the damage to salt and water

If a sorcerer’s influence has been put on you, you can return the negative to the reddish tea with ordinary water and salt. Salt for the rite is bought specifically; it cannot be used in everyday life. You can take an old water pot that you no longer use.

On a busy moon or on full moon days, light a gas burner and place a pot of water on the fire. After boiling water, throw seven handfuls of salt and say loudly 7 times:

Leave the water to boil (so do not pour the full pan). Damage returns to the abuser instantly - his temperature rises, begins to break the body. If someone comes to you within three days and asks for something to give, do not give under any pretext. And it’s better not to open the door to anyone these days.

The briar begins to rush and intuitively searches for a way of salvation, therefore he comes to the person he has spoiled and starts asking for something to be given. If the damage was caused by a stranger by request, he can make attempts to return the negative back. Therefore, immediately after the ritual of purification, set yourself protection from damage and curses, do not wait a day.

Saline cleaning with return of damage

This rite must be done on a waning moon. Usually, the defacements are also sent during the descending of the lunar disk, therefore, as you feel unwell or a breakdown - do the cleaning immediately.

Buy a new kidney salt, sprinkle on a cast iron skillet with a small layer. The rest of the salt needs to be thrown into the trash immediately - you can not use it. Fork draw a cross on salt - you get four squares. In each square, you need to draw one small cross - draw crosses against the sun, starting from the right lower square.

Turn on high heat and heat the salt. When she starts to "show" herself, we interfere with a fork in a circular motion and say:

Salt should be roasted for at least 17-20 minutes. The louder it is cracking and darker, the stronger the induced damage and the evil eye. Cool the salt in a frying pan, pour it into a bag and discard it at a crossroads. Leave and do not turn around. Enemies do not envy! All evil will come back triple.