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What does the Celtic cross mean - strength and power in one symbol


The Celtic cross is an ancient magical symbol that, according to popular belief, gives a person wisdom and protects against negative. It is used as a talisman, tattoo or charm. Let's talk about the features and meaning of this symbol.

The value of the cross as a talisman

The history of the character goes back to ancient times and is shrouded in many legends. This is a unique symbol, the value of which is based on the beliefs of Christianity and Hinduism.

The meaning of the talisman is in the following aspects:

  • Looks like a cross enclosed in a circle. The symbol of the world and the interconnection of all processes in it
  • It embodies wisdom and unity, helps to achieve harmony and prosperity in all spheres of life.
  • And the circle is the personification of the connection of the past with the future. This means that everything experienced in the past will certainly affect your present.

The Celtic cross is a symbol of all things, the interrelation of feminine and masculine energy. Therefore, it contains such qualities as masculinity and aggressiveness, but also creativity, creation, femininity and gentleness.

The value of the Slavs

The ancient Slavs gave their Celtic cross, a special meaning:

  • This is the personification of the power of the Higher Powers, the wisdom of the Gods, which was transferred from the rulers of the universe to the priests
  • The cross protected from all sorts of misfortunes and negativity, gave confidence in the future and in close people
  • Warriors put it on their uniforms to be filled with fearlessness in battle and to be invulnerable to enemy guns.
  • He also symbolized strong family relationships, granted mutual understanding, well-being, harmony and happiness. Helped to make life stable, taught to soberly assess each situation
  • The cross personifies the connection of the past with the present and the future, therefore it was often used in magical rituals.
  • Helps to develop intuition and extrasensory skills. It is believed that he can give people such supernatural abilities as telepathy and telekinesis

Cross - an assistant of creative natures. Gives inspiration, develops talents, helps to unlock incredible creative abilities. Protects from all sorts of negativity coming from the outside world.

How to choose and wear a charm?

The Celtic cross, the photo of which you can see below, is used to make various amulets and talismans.

If you decide that this symbol is right for you, it is important to adhere to certain rules so that the amulet only brings benefit. They are as follows:

  1. Pay attention to the material from which the mascot is made. It should be wood, copper or silver. The tree is endowed with a special, warm energy, which attracts positive in your life. And metals are excellent conductors of energy information embedded in magical symbols.
  2. Ideally, if you do not buy a talisman, and make it yourself. In the process of manufacturing, the thing will be filled not only with magical power, but also with your own energy. As a result, an individual adjustment to your personality characteristics and personality will occur, and the talisman will immediately “recognize” the master in you.
  3. It is advisable to wear the amulet on the body constantly. So try to opt for jewelry with a Celtic cross. This could be a pendant, bracelet or ring.
  4. Regardless of what will be an amulet, this item should have a round shape
  5. Listen to the sensations of your soul when you start wearing the amulet. You should be comfortable. If unpleasant feelings, feelings of anxiety, excitement appear, then it is better to stop wearing a talisman. This suggests that you picked it up wrong
  6. Remember that the amulet is not just an inanimate object, it is a piece of your own soul. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to hold with him mental dialogues, to ask for protection and assistance in all undertakings. This way you will provide an excellent energy connection.

Important: Do not give anyone an amulet. Take care of it, so as not to lose or break. Careful attitude and constant use - a pledge that the Celtic cross will work as correctly as possible.

Watch the video about the mysterious meaning of the ancient amulet:

Like a tattoo

Many people tend to fix the magic of an amulet by printing its image on their own body. But not everyone understands the danger of misuse of the ancient magic symbol.

The trick is this: the Celtic cross as a tattoo will help you only if you pursue good goals. If you strive to acquire power and power with the help of magic, in order to direct them to the detriment of others, you will find yourself deeply unhappy.

Depending on the location on the body of the tattoo with the Celtic cross has the following meanings:

  • The back - will provide protection from dark forces
  • Chest - helps to cleanse the negative energy
  • Head - helps to achieve harmony and enlightenment. But categorically you can not use people hot-tempered and aggressive: it is fraught with mental disorders
  • Neck - develops the creative qualities of nature
  • Right shoulder or hand - helps to comprehend wisdom, gain ancestral experience, find your calling, understand your purpose, reveal true values ​​for yourself
  • Left shoulder or hand - gives magical powers, helps to establish communication with the other world, creates a powerful energy barrier
  • Below the belt - the power of the ancient sign is lost, such a tattoo will be just a decoration of the body, but has no magical properties

It is very important that the tattoo had an absolutely smooth, symmetrical shape. Therefore, you should contact the professionals - tattooists, who have a lot of positive feedback and are masters of their work.