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Tarot card description: types of decks and schools


In order to choose a suitable deck, you need to know the description of tarot cards and their features. There are many schools in which a beginner is difficult to understand. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Types of Tarot Cards

The classic Tarot deck includes several stripes:

  • Senior Arcana
  • Junior Arcana: Wands, Cups, Pentacles, Swords

But decks are different, and beginners often care about the question - which cards to choose. There are many of them - from the traditional to non-standard versions.

We recommend giving preference to the four traditional schools of Tarot. These are separate fortunetelling systems:

  1. Taro Papus School
  2. Waite School
  3. Marseille Tarot School
  4. Crawley School

Each has its own characteristics, similarities and differences.

Taro Papus School

Features of this deck and its distinctive features:

  • Senior Arkan Justice is under the eighth number
  • Senior lasso Force is under the eleventh number
  • The senior lasso Shut is an analogue of the letter Shin, which resembles a fork. Is under zero or twenty first number
  • Arkan Magus is associated with the first letter of the kabbalistic alphabet Aleph.
  • Arkan Mag - an analogue of the twenty-second letter of the kabalistic alphabet Tav
  • On the lasso of the Lovers there is a young man, on both sides of which there are two women, between whom he chooses his betrothed

There are no special rules for fortune-telling on the papus deck - no special rituals are required, it does not matter what hand you take the cards. Also no matter the time and number of questions.

The founder of the school believed that in the process of divination, a person connects to the magical egregor of the goddess Isis, patronizing the Tarot.

The followers of this school use the following decks for fortune telling: Egyptian Tarot, Tarot of the Aquarian Age, Tarot Labyrinth.

School Tarot Waite

Cards of this school have such features and differences from traditional decks:

  • The arcane of power corresponds to number eight
  • Arcana of Justice - 11
  • Arkanu Shut - 0 or the letter Aleph
  • Arkanu Mag - letter Betts
  • Arkanu Mir - number 22 and the letter Tav
  • On the lasso of the Lovers, a couple is depicted - a man and a woman, either walking in the heavenly bushes or at their own wedding

That school Waite is most common in the modern world. The values ​​of the arcana necessarily have an astrological rationale.

Taro Crawley School

This is a very specific deck called the Tarot Thot. It has a unique image style and a unique look that can be easily distinguished from classic decks.


  • Ark Maga has three versions of illustrations - Greek, Indian, Egyptian. The first is the most common
  • The founder of the school recommended: refer to the cards only for important issues that most concern you
  • Also, the author of the system believed that the cards help the guessing person to know himself, to achieve a trance and enter the state of meditation.

Important: when using this deck, cards must be removed exclusively with his left hand.

Marseille school

The cards of this school are also famous for their specific design, which cannot be confused with other decks.


  • It is a little color variations: on illustrations it is possible to meet only beige, yellow, blue and red colors
  • The outlines of the figures are rather rough, they are not very realistic.
  • Popular decks of this school: Marseilles Tarot, Tarot Angles, Tree of Life

The followers of this school created unique art decks, which are distinguished by non-standard appearance.

Beginners to learn tarot from this school is not recommended.

How to choose a deck for divination

To get the right answers to your questions, you need to accurately select the right deck. Depending on the Tarot school, not only the appearance of the arcana will differ, but also the divination techniques.

How to choose a deck for divination correctly:

  1. Listen to your own feelings. "Your" deck as if will call you. Hold the cards in your hands and feel the discomfort. If there are feelings of anxiety, anxiety, the cards do not like the appearance, fortune-telling is unlikely to be successful
  2. If you have just begun to master the magical world of Tarot magic, stop choosing decks with neutral or bright energy. As a rule, these are bright cards painted in light colors.
  3. Dark shades are more suitable for experienced magicians and completely unsuitable for magical amorous and financial layouts.
  4. Do not pay attention to the attractive names and bright packaging. Look exactly at the illustrations of arcana. You should like them and be tactilely enjoyable.
  5. It is undesirable to buy laminated and too smooth to the touch cards - the energy from them is almost zero. Ideal option - a rough and dense cardboard
  6. Carefully inspect the maps - the images should be clear, well-drawn
  7. Hold the cards in your hands - you should be as comfortable as possible. Do not buy too small or too large decks

See the overview video about the selection of Tarot cards and features of different decks:

Decks such as Tarot Ryder-Waite, Tarot of the Age of Aquarius, Tarot Universal Key perfectly fit the novice. For layouts on health - Taro Paracelsa, for layouts on love - Taro Manaro.

The deeper you become immersed in the magical world of the Tarot, the more decks with time to buy. Professionals, as a rule, have several sets of maps with different directions. But it is possible that the first cards purchased will remain with you forever.

Listen to the inner voice, watch the sensations, turn off the mind - choosing a deck, you need to hear your unconscious. Intuition, the sixth sense, emotions.