Dream interpretation

Dreamed of children: a detailed interpretation of the popular dream books


What do children dream about? If you dreamed of children - the dream book will not give a short answer to this question. It matters whose children are dreaming, their age, gender, number, appearance and place of stay.

General interpretation of sleep

A dream about children warns: important events in your life are coming. What they can be: good or bad, depends on the smallest details seen in a dream.

Dreams can be the echoes of anxiety for their little newborn child or for the unborn, but already bearing baby. In this case, it is only a mirror image of your experiences.

But if your plans do not address the issue of pregnancy, and your children have long been adult family people, what is the dream in this case? Not all interpreters of dreams consider the appearance of children in your dreams as a bell about upcoming pleasant events and all sorts of surprises prepared for you by life.

Such dreams can come to great surprise, news, or even grief. It all depends on the circumstances in which the child was in your sleep. If he was naked - trouble walks beside you. If a child is adopted in a dream, your life will change for the better. If you abandoned your fate, grief will overtake you in a short time.

An adult man sees a baby in a dream - life promises him to overcome the obstacles that have arisen, but he can easily cope with them without outside help and become a head taller. Joyful kids dream about conflicts in the family.

Important and sex dreamed baby. The boy, healthy and cheerful dreams to changes in life for the better. Girl - you will soon be very surprised. To see many children of different sexes - you can count on the help of friends.

For a man, the dream of the baby he held in his arms is a sign of the completion of an important business earlier than the expected deadlines. If you do not keep it - failure will comprehend before the completion of the case. Also to failure dreams sick children.

Separately focus on the good predictions of sleep:

In the dream, they helped the little girl - the difficulties that fell on you can be overcome. The dreamed twins prophesy happiness and harmony to couples, and the new serious relationship - single. In the dream, did a stranger boy play with another baby? Such a dream predicts a happy family life.

If you lost a child in a dream, you looked for it for a long time and finally found it - you are guaranteed success in business, happy and successful days. Overwhelming success promises a dream in which there were many children. Especially if they were happy and played. We propose to consider various options for the interpretation of sleep - children.

Gustav Miller

  • To see beautiful children in your dream means: well-being, multiplication of already existing wealth, success in all undertakings.
  • If a dream is in a mom's dream, and she sees her child sick - his health will not suffer, you will have to worry about trifles.
  • Special well-being awaits those who have seen students of children, as well as children engaged in work.
  • Your child has dreamed of hopelessly ill or dead - in the future they will be disappointed and disappointed, they will have to worry.
  • Children pour tears - you will be in danger of trouble, anxiety can become permanent, friends turn out to be pals who sharpen a knife for you.
  • It is very favorable to see in a dream oneself playing with children - prosperity is ensured in all undertakings.

Flowers in his dream book treats children dream

The child was ugly, it is possible to file a lawsuit against you. If in a dream caressing and kissing children, you will find a quiet period in life. Beautiful children dream to great joy. Newborn dreamed babies promise well-being.

English dream book

If a child dreams of an unmarried woman, she must be wary of deceivers. A family child has a dream - wait for a long-awaited pregnancy. If in reality your child is sick, and you saw his death in a dream - a speedy recovery is not far off. If in a dream you dreamed of your childhood, in all household chores and work you will carry.

Dream Vanga

  • If you saw yourself as a child in a dream - you will blush for your behavior.
  • Many children dream of solving a multitude of problems that surged overnight.
  • Sorry and crying children is a very bad sign. Humanity will be in danger: war, misfortune, loss of loved ones can be a real prospect for the future.
  • The dream of the crippled children - a reminder of their health. Bad habits do not benefit and it’s time to get rid of them.
  • Looking for children in a dream - you are in a difficult position. Little things will not let him resolve.

Dream for the whole family

The kid dreamed, and you nursed him - guests suddenly descend. Possible hard success in your endeavors. Dreamed a lot of children woman? There will be a lot of trouble associated with the upcoming meeting of old friends.

A dream in which you give a hungry child food, warns of a new job that brings a good profit. In a dream, children did not know how to speak - become a victim of gossip. The kid drove a splinter, and you managed to help him - solve a lot of questions at work and troubles will bypass you.

To see a sick child in a dream - to trouble on your way, which can thwart your plans for the future. The birth of a sick baby dreams of a sleeping person's illness, they have seen him in the hospital — unpleasant news will arrive.

Crying children dream to unrealizable dreams. The child is pleased with everything and shone with joy - wait for the faithful lover. Nursing with children in a dream dreams of deception and betrayal of friends. Sisyphean labor awaits those who in a dream shouted at the child.

In the twenty-first century dream book, the interpretation of sleep is as follows