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Features of performing divination Tarot card on the day


With one Tarot card per day, you can get important information for yourself regarding future days. Based on the value of the fallen arcane, you can learn about a particular event, or you can get a barely perceptible hint, a “sign from above,” which you could well have missed if you didn’t turn to maps for help. In this material we will reveal the main features of the execution of the layout for the day on the Tarot.

Rules of fortune telling on one card

In any fortune telling, it is important to strictly observe all of its rules in order to obtain a truthful result. In our case, they will be as follows:

  1. You can draw a card from the deck in the mornings and evenings.
  2. You must first ask yourself the question: "How will my day pass?" or "What are the future days preparing for me?", this is done so that the card understands what question it is addressed to.
  3. When you got the card of the day, it is important to carefully consider its image, while watching the sensations you have. You can even write them on a piece of paper, and then compare it with traditional interpretation options. And then check out in the evening how much that happened during the day correlates with the prediction of maps.
  4. In the future, it will be possible to pull not one lasso, but several at once - for example, one for the morning, one for lunchtime and one more for the evening. Be sure to compare at the end of the day whether everything predicted by the cards has been fully realized. Only in this way can one gradually develop a correct understanding of the Tarot cards in oneself and learn how to get very accurate predictions from them.
  5. Most of the experts in Tarot magic agree that novice masters should not use inverted cards, since the latter are much more difficult to interpret than arcane in a direct position. But on the other hand, using inverted cards, you can get the full amount of information and learn how to use it practically.
  6. Divination by the Tarot cards is not just entertainment, but is a hard and hard work, which will require a large investment of energy. And with the help of the layout on the Tarot on the map of the day you can prepare for the implementation of more complex layouts. Treat the magic of Tarot very carefully, do not be afraid to give the cards maximum of your energy, because only in this case you can count on the disclosure of all the most intimate secrets and mysteries.

Proper execution of divination for the day "What awaits me?" on one tarot card

Even by its very name it is easy to understand how fortune telling happens. It is very simple, but this does not at all lose its effectiveness.

For him, you will need to stock up on a deck of Tarot cards, beginners should only guess at the 22 Senior Arcades, which should be mixed and spread out in a chaotic manner on the table, and then assembled. Then from the central part of the deck at random, remove any lasso and place it in front of you.

In case you already have some experience of interacting with Tarot cards, you are allowed to use the inverted positions of the cards. In this case, the values ​​of the arcana will change to the opposite, which will somewhat complicate getting the card, because it will need to be removed from the deck very carefully, and in no case should you turn it in your hands. And then you can be taken for the interpretation of the result.

What do the Major Arcana Tarot

Next, we consider the interpretation of the Major Arcana, which are suitable for this alignment. The names of the cards are taken from the pack of Ryder Waite - the most popular to date.

  • Jester - tells about the readiness for something new, somewhat naive interest. If you realize that you have to start some kind of activity today, take it up immediately. It is important to be curious enough and to perform any tasks with creative enthusiasm.
  • Magician - a map of initiative and responsibility. It is possible that on this day you will have to act very decisively and confidently, demonstrating all your best features.
  • The high priestess is associated with calmness, observation and inaction. You need to omit what is happening and fully trust the life process. Listen to your inner voice and do not miss the important signs that your subconscious sends you.
  • Empress - will tell about new ideas and the desire to create. Today will be very exciting, it is likely that your old dream will become a reality today. All your undertakings will be successful if you follow the will of your inner voice.
  • The emperor - the lasso of power and energy, and also - good luck and success. Today is the perfect day to complete all your previous work, correct mistakes and fulfill the promise. Fate is very supportive of you today, plus you have enough energy to realize all that was intended.
  • The High Priest is a map of the inner meaning, the search for the invisible core. In the morning, be sure to think about the eternal. It is likely that today you can finally understand the basic laws of life. Today you will see deep meaning in everything.
  • Lovers - the lasso of decision making, the inner voice. This day is ideal for successfully solving many problems that worry you, you need to listen more to yourself and your intuition - this will help you find the right answer to all questions.
  • Chariot - the map calls for starting something new. Today is not a time to wait, but a time for action. It is very likely that a new stage will begin in your life today and it is important not to miss this moment.
  • Power - says about maximum performance. Today you are filled with energy, the day should be very productive in terms of feelings and events. It is important to direct this flow of energy to good goals in order to overcome all obstacles.
  • Hermit. On this day, it is important to ensure a proper rest, to take care of yourself, as well as things that do not require special activity. Contemplate the world around you.
  • Wheel of Fortune. Something irreversible is happening. If you feel the approach of inevitable events - do not resist, but accept them with dignity. Remember that everything that is done is for the best.
  • Justice - tells about awareness and sobriety of thinking. On such a day it is necessary to remain as rational as possible. You may have to make an important decision. Based on your previous actions, the result will either bring you relief, or, on the contrary, will be a heavy stone for the soul.
  • The Hanged Man is a map of internal crisis and patience. Today, it is possible that your growth will not be delayed, but you should not try to change the situation by force - just reconsider your position and make a certain conclusion for yourself.
  • Death is the completion card of something. Today, for you, most likely, something will end. Let go of what goes, without regrets, even if at first it will not be easy. In the future, you will definitely feel relieved.
  • Moderation - the lasso is responsible for discoveries, discoveries, and creativity. This day will be wonderful and will bring you many sudden discoveries. It is possible that today you will meet a very interesting person. In general, whatever happens today - you will encounter pleasant changes.
  • The devil is personified with the shadow side, the dark part of the soul. Today you will see your own shadow. It is likely that you will have to change your views on life. Use what is happening to realize your true motivation and better understand yourself.
  • Tower - receiving an unexpected gift. On this day, something out of the ordinary will happen. It may be receiving unexpected news, and perhaps the destruction of your expectations. Old frames are crumbling now, don't hold on to them, but get ready for a change.
  • The star - today, definitely, it is your day, all your plans and dreams simply must become a success. In addition, there are new opportunities and opportunities.
  • Moon - the map is associated with overcoming their fears. If on this day in the morning everything will give you negative emotions, do not be in a hurry to get upset, because everything that is happening to you now is designed to stimulate your development. Just learn to accept reality as it is.
  • The sun is a lasso of carelessness and joy of life. Now you can enjoy life to the full, so feel free to start a new one, inspiring others by your example.
  • The court is a decision card. Today you will be able to cope with all your problems, but only if you are active. It can be either decisive steps or minor shocks - it all depends on the situation.
  • Peace - responsible for harmony with the surrounding reality. On such a day, you will feel unusually calm. All events are developing the way you want it, but you can ignore small interferences. Enjoy what is happening in full.

Tarot cards are a great tool that helps to work with the unconscious sphere, facilitates the process of studying yourself and understanding your inner world. And thanks to the fortune-telling on the Tarot cards "Map of the Day" you can find answers with confirmations on many of your questions, without spending a lot of strength and energy.

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