Dream interpretation

What does it mean to cut nails in a dream - interpretation of the popular dream books


If you dream of such a seemingly everyday action, you should take a closer look at your lifestyle. It is possible that you do not like your activities in this industry and you would like to try yourself in another. So. why dream of cutting nails?

As a rule, a dream with a similar pattern carries a negative coloring. You cannot fully give yourself to a project and you cannot control your time at all, you are often unorganized. But often in a dream with nails, some fact can completely change the direction of interpretation, so it is premature to draw conclusions.

The interpretation of the dream according to certain situations and circumstances

In any dream, it is important that the dreamer is able to be a creative person and provide his own memories for their interpretation. Since absolutely all the details in the vision carry a meaning and some message from the subconscious, solving them you can come to the solution of the problems of real life, or learn about something good from the future.

So, if you were able to synchronize with your subconscious, then we can proceed to a direct interpretation. Try to remember what was worn on you and what emotions you experienced, everything can help in our difficult task. But if you cannot remember something, it would be foolish to think out this detail. Look down:

  • Cut nails on hands. Such a dream reflects your problems with sexual energy. You feel the influence that is on you from the outside, from the environment. Subconsciously, you are trying to free yourself from the already annoying oppression, but you are well aware that you can lose many of the blessings of life if you do this;
  • Shorn on the legs. Dreams with a similar plot symbolize the same problems, but this time the range of problems is much wider, you really find it difficult to resist the environment and once again say “no” in response to any request that comes from the environment. Check your surroundings for such parasites and deal with them;
  • She was nailing a familiar person or friend in her arms. A dream personifies your influence on a person, you cannot let him go free, and he constantly tries to reject your help, which you give him, not forgetting, however, about your benefit;
  • Conducted the procedure to a friend or friend on his feet. If you got to your feet, then the problem turned out to be even deeper, and a person can no longer see you and watch these endless attempts to completely subjugate his life. You must understand that each person has his own personal space and sovereignty, you can lose your friend;
  • She used to nail her child. Such a dream is a foreshadowing of replenishment in the family, if the child is not in reality, or a symbol of the child’s independence and excessive care that you provide to him. It is necessary to understand that it is common for all to grow and fly away from the nest, and excessive guardianship will not achieve anything;
  • You are a woman, and you cut the nails of a man. Rejoice, because such a dream is a precursor of a quick relationship, which will be much better than your previous bad experience. If you tune in correctly and show yourself to your future suitor, then there will be no obstacles in front of you and marriage will happen pretty quickly;
  • I cleaned your nails man. Most likely, your subconscious mind seeks to isolate you from the weakly representative representative of the stronger sex;
  • If a man had a dream about cutting a woman's nails. Cut the nails of a woman in a dream? So, in real life there are a number of unmet needs, including the need for self-fulfillment and sexual satisfaction. You forgot the last time you experienced a real feeling of love and want to experience it again;
  • You cut your nails woman. A pretty good omen, it's worth talking about well-being in your relationship. You are really crazy about each other and can understand all the ideas and hints. But if you don’t have a girlfriend in real life, then a great passion will appear in the near future, you can not worry about it;
  • How to interpret, if not you cut the nails of your passion, and someone else, a man or a woman. Dreams with a similar plot symbolize an extremely inattentive attitude to a woman on the part of a man, you have not given your beloved flowers for quite a long time and have not called in the evenings, a cool attitude is felt;
  • Your man has been nailing another girl, or a completely alien man. This dream is a direct symbol of infidelity and hypocrisy in the relations that occur between you. You must immediately figure out what you want from life, otherwise you risk not getting that drive and those emotions while you are with a completely alien;

Interpretation of famous personalities and dream books

  1. According to the Miller dream book. Henry Miller claims that most likely someone is caring for you. You try not to respond in return, but in reality these courtships resonate in your heart and it becomes really nice. But if you cut your toenails, most likely unsuccessful courtships come from you;
  2. According to Freud. Sigmund Freud looks at the root and states that such a dream is a symbol of sexual energy that has no way to go out in your real life. You really need to go or meet a new person, to bring fresh blood into the already stagnant life, so to speak;
  3. Medium Hasse. For this dream book, you should beware of diseases associated with physiological abnormalities. It can both injuries and other diseases like the common cold. But you should not immediately fall into hypochondria, a separate interpretation takes place when you cut your beloved's nails - expect a surprise;
  4. According to the dream book Vanga. The Bulgarian seer does not interpret such a dream unambiguously, therefore the dreamer needs to remember where he exactly cut his nails on his legs or hands. If the haircut occurred in the hands, then all projects will pay off and you will no longer have to strain. But the haircut on the legs is a symbol of infidelity partner and own boredom;
  5. Noble dream Grishin. For this dream book, putting your nail plates in order is a very good sign, your material well-being will increase and you can afford an exciting journey with your loved one.