Dream interpretation

Dreamed of a rival - the prediction of popular dreaming


To have a worthy opponent is always to strive to look good, to be in good physical shape and to dress beautifully. Why dream of a rival, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Opponent - the embodiment of a negative beginning, symbolizing chaos, discord, cruelty, confrontation, the race for leadership, talkativeness, curiosity, corrosiveness, cunning. She is the source of quarrels, intrigue, hidden reason for family quarrels. Such a woman behaves not constantly, changeable, tending to extremes. In such ladies, the desire for vanity always borders on weakness and fragility.

In some dream books, a competitor is always a beautiful woman, embodying an aristocratic background, expressing nobility, self-esteem. She is always the subject of adoration of men, muse for creative impulse, inspiration.

The rival is the fatal seductress, the destroyer of men who have fallen into her network. In Greek mythology, such women were compared to sirens, who enchanted their singing by their singing. Representatives of the strong half of humanity forgot about everything and crashed on their ships on the stones.

I saw a rival - perhaps a dream warns that you need to be more active, quick, show more love and care for a man, stand guard over your family or personal happiness. To those dreamers who have not yet decided on their chosen one, such a plot hints your passivity. Do not look for the reasons for your loneliness, find opportunities.

To hit the one you consider to be the husband's mistress - to make an irreparable mistake in reality. Before making serious decisions, you should carefully consider your wishes and actions.

Throw into the pool a beautiful lady who smiled at your spouse - to eliminate all friction and disagreements with her spouse. A good time for a little tired relationship. Favorable joint leave and close communication in private. Now more than ever you should trust each other, showing care and attention.

Make friends with a person who is intimately familiar with your lover. Nayavu will find a worthy companion and ally. This will be a very honest, hardworking and decent person. On the other hand, such a vision reflects the delicacy and diplomacy of the dreamer. You easily make contact, bringing good people closer.

Fun to communicate with the former passion of the faithful - to good and good news. This news will entail a lot of positive events, troubles and worries. Most likely, there will be a serious reason to meet with close relatives.

To see the potential lover of her chosen one, the old and the ugly, is to exclude her from possible competitors. You no longer fear the influence of her spell on the bridegroom. Your excellent appearance, grooming and femininity overshadow other women. A good time to hint to the beloved on his marriage proposal.

Cry rival dreamed - you should expect excellent prospects. That moment when everything works out. Career went uphill, beloved is full of desire and feelings for you, loved ones are happy and happy for your well-being. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy freedom and independence. Who knows, maybe things will change soon.

What else to expect from a rival in a dream

  • she is pregnant - be careful, deep feelings and upheavals are possible;
  • in a wedding dress - a bad sign, she will be able to lead away your groom;
  • they cut her hair - a strong patroness will appear in reality, who will direct your feminine energy in the right direction;
  • kiss her in a dream - to a strong friendship and good relations;
  • Throwing it out of your own home - to solve a difficult situation with your spouse in time, after finding out the relationship.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Watch in a dream how your opponent is circling around your companion - in reality, to be completely self-sufficient and self-confident. You know how to give a man pleasure and enjoy sex. Intimacy for you is another reason to prove that you are the best and do not back away from who suits you in a relationship.

Gustov Miller

I had a dream about a colleague who is trying to compete with you - in reality there will be an opportunity to express yourself in a business environment. You will be able to show business skills, interest in your experience and qualifications. It is not necessary at the same time to expose in the bad light of other employees, in order to appear better on their background. This will not raise your rating and authority among the leadership, but only ruin the reputation and attitude of the team.

A girl to see her boyfriend on the other is a sign that you should temper self-conceit and diminish your sense of superiority. With this behavior, you can make an irreparable mistake and alienate your loved one. There will always be one that will surpass you in some moments. Trust the feelings, be gentle and attentive.

A man dreamed how he was outwitted by a business partner - a woman. This reflects your frivolity, carelessness, inattention. You often get away from serious issues, trusting to make a decision that wants to drive you out of business and ruin. In part, she has the right to this, because you have charged her with responsibility for all the current work, abusing your freedom.

You saw yourself as an insidious rival - a good dream. So you are full of strength, energy and optimism for new achievements. All that is planned turns out, incomes grow, and new acquaintances bring a lot of impressions and ideas.

David loff

I saw a competitor - it personifies a person who constantly slows you down, not allowing you to fully develop and move forward. Perhaps you are burdened with additional responsibilities, responsibilities that do not bring you moral satisfaction, and all the more worthy material rewards.

To eradicate this situation, the dream calls to be bolder, more insistent, to show his temper and strong character. You must clearly understand your attitudes, goals, priorities. During the time to get rid of what limits your opportunities on the path to success and happiness.


The one who decided to lead your spouse is dreaming, but he remained in the family - such a dream should instill confidence in the dreamer. Your doubts about the sincerity and loyalty of your husband are completely in vain. Even if there was a reason to doubt his loyalty, he will prove his love and devotion to you many more times.