Dream interpretation

Lines on the left and right hand and their meaning


Lines on the hand - on the left and right can tell a lot about a person. Enough to learn the basics of palmistry, and you will be available knowledge about the future. Let us examine the basic values ​​of the traits that are given to us from birth.

What to look for

In palmistry, there is the concept of seven major and seven minor lines. This is a classic teaching that is worth learning in the first place. Then you will be able to figure out the other chiromantic schools.

Important points:

  • Before learning the basics of palmistry, decide which hand you plan to work with. Right or left - which is more convenient? If you are going to analyze only yourself, choose a hand that is active: you write to it, brush your teeth, open doors and so on.
  • Decide what kind of fortune telling you will use. In total there are three. Only one should be chosen so as not to be confused.
  • Learn the location and meaning of major and minor lines. Practice on friends and family to quickly remember the information. When the theory is firmly entrenched in your head, it will be easier to practice.

Main palm lines and their meanings

At the beginning of learning palmistry, study the seven main lines located on the human palm. Learn their meanings so that you can easily navigate predictions in the future.

The value of the main lines:

  • Line of hearts. With it, you can learn about problems with physical and mental health. She points to the most likely diseases to which a person is predisposed. It also characterizes the ability to love: to give and receive love, to share your feelings. Sometimes shows creative talents and personal abilities
  • Line of life. Many people believe that this feature indicates a person’s longevity. But this is a myth. It only speaks about the natural energy potential: how active a person is, whether he has enough energy to achieve global goals, or will he have to limit himself to minor matters. The energy level in the process of life can be increased and replenished.
  • The line of mind can predict diseases related to the brain and psyche. It also indicates intellectual abilities, talents, the development of logical thinking and everything else that is associated with the mind.
  • The line of fate. Not always clearly expressed, it may be completely absent. Speaks about the presence of a high mission, purpose with which a person came to this world. This is the meaning of his life, a vocation that must be followed, so that later you do not have to pay off your karmic debts in your next life.
  • The ring of Venus will tell about everything that concerns the personal life of a person. This is the number of marriages, children, the ability to love, the nature of the relationship. How representatives of the opposite sex treat you, how popular you are and demand among men
  • Health line. In its absence, it means that a person will not have any serious diseases during his life. If it is on the hand, you can find out what weaknesses of health exist, what you need to pay close attention to. Also talks about career achievements and material well-being.
  • The marriage line also tells about all that relates to relationships with the opposite sex. This is the degree of attractiveness, and the likely number of marriages. It is worth noting that marriage is not only an officially registered union, but also, for example, cohabitation

These are basic concepts that are important to know if you plan to advance in the study of palmistry, at least at the elementary level.

Minor lines

Next, proceed to the study of secondary lines. They complement the value of the main and can tell about the fate of a person even more.

These are the following features on the palm:

  • Line of Fame - shows how a person is prone to popularity and fame. If expressed well, success will inevitably come. He will become recognizable, his face will be familiar to people.
  • The line of travel is usually well expressed in those who never sit still. These are eternal wanderers, people who are not attached to a particular place. Often move or travel in search of new experiences.
  • The lines of confrontation. The more of them, the more often a person will face various problems in his life.
  • Lines of children directly indicate the number of children. A detailed analysis will help to understand even what these children will be. The line also tells about abortions, miscarriages and other problems associated with the birth of offspring.
  • The line of intuition is an indicator of how much a person is able to anticipate events occurring in his life. You can understand whether to rely on intuition or to better analyze what is happening only with the help of logic
  • The line of money will tell all about the material world of man. The way he knows how to make money, what are the chances of getting rich or, on the contrary, constantly living in need
  • Karmic signs of a curse will talk about the problems of the genus. For what sins of his ancestors a person pays for what he carries in life

Watch a video about the meaning of the main lines in palmistry:

Tips and tricks

At the very beginning you will be confused: it is difficult to memorize the location of the lines and understand them. To make the learning process easier, follow these guidelines:

  • Draw on the sheet diagram of the palm and draw on it the main and minor lines
  • Using a felt-tip pen, circle each line on your own hand, and then try to solve its meaning.
  • Practice on your friends. Try to tell them something about the past, and then ask them to answer how reliable the prediction is.

With the help of palmistry, you can get answers to a lot of questions. Predict the future and tell about the past of any person. Reading by hand, you will learn all the secrets, you can give a complete and detailed description of the personality.