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Why not look in the mirror at night


A mirror is a thing that is in every home. We do not imagine our life without mirror surfaces, but they have many unsolved secrets, and various signs and beliefs are associated with them. For example, that it is forbidden to look into the mirror smooth surface after dark. Why not look in the mirror at night? Let's find out this question.

Do not look at night in the mirror!

Legends of many nationalities, in particular, the Slavs, believe that the mirror is the entrance to other worlds. Under normal conditions, the living can not penetrate them, and therefore, in the daytime to look in the mirror smooth surface safely. But at night there are completely different rules that stipulate a ban on contact with a mirror object.

When night falls, the doors to other realities and dimensions open. If at this time you will look into the mirror smooth surface - you can contemplate the inhabitants of the "mirror-glass". At the same time, you risk not only greatly frightened (although it will be enough for especially impressionable ladies), but also to give a part of your vital energy to entities. And they are very, very gregarious before it.

It is also believed that a person can help such an otherworldly entity to penetrate into our world. And about the fact that this would entail terrible consequences, probably there is no need to explain. What is all over? We can only guess.

Mirror, night, candle

Esotericism is also well aware that looking at mirror objects at night really entails a lot of trouble: from diseases to serious accidents, thefts, even death.

Usually a lighted candle has a favorable, protective effect on people: evil, the evil eye and other misfortunes drives away from them.

But at night, especially in the so-called "devilish" hours (from 00:00 to 03:00) - the reflection of candles in the mirror can cause various devilish entities, opening the way for them to our worlds. Recall, at least, the famous Christmas divination on the contented, when the appearance of the "groom" appears in the mirror, you must immediately cover it, otherwise sad consequences are not excluded.

My grandmother told me a terrible story, how in her youth the girls decided to get together to read fortunes with a mirror and a candle. This was done one by one, because according to the rules of divination, the girl should be alone in the room.

So one of the fortunate ones really saw the face of the future husband, who began to approach her very quickly. She was numb with fear and could not make a single movement - she was paralyzed. The essence at the same time approached and approached, and then strongly struck the girl on the face and disappeared.

A lover of predictions after that fainted. And when her friends found her and brought her to her senses - on her face for a very long time there was a bright red spot of someone's “hand”, reminiscent of fortune telling.

This story is not invented and perfectly demonstrates all the "charms" of night manipulations with mirrors and candles. I hope that she motivates you to refuse such actions, because they can be really unsafe! If you want to know the future - better stop on alternative methods: maps, astrology, numerology, they are much safer.

Why not watch the cracked mirror at night?

Broken mirror surfaces are filled with even greater danger than the whole. They can not be used not only at night, but in the daytime. This is due to the fact that the mirror fragments greatly change the light, refracting it. And, as the ancient legends say, they can change the soul of a person gazing into him.

A broken mirror object at night brings serious harm to a person’s energy body: it can cause illness or other negative consequences.

Safety rules mirrors

Should take advantage of them, wanting to protect themselves from probable problems.

  1. Ensure all the mirror surfaces in your home perfect cleanliness. Wipe them constantly with a damp cloth, dust and stains. Especially perform such activities if your home is visited by an unpleasant person. Who knows, maybe she looked in the mirror and wished you evil - in this case, negative thoughts risk becoming a reality. The mirror is a kind of storage and emitter of negative energy. So, you should take security measures and after the visit unpleasant person carefully wipe all the mirrors in the apartment.
  2. If you accidentally break a mirror object, or if cracks form on it, you should immediately throw it away. Broken mirrors are not in vain since ancient times considered to be harbingers of misfortunes.
  3. If you are sick, very tired, or you just have a bad mood - you should not often look in the mirror. Such a negative impact on you and your environment in the future, because the object will "remember" negative information and reproduce it in the future.
  4. It is unacceptable that mirrors reflect your bed. This is due to the fact that a sleeping person is completely defenseless from negative energy. It can be influenced by creatures from other realities. Plus, the mirror image will increase either your loneliness (if you sleep yourself), or the risk of bringing into life a couple of other people - to provoke treason.
  5. It is also impossible for a mirror to reflect unpleasant places in a home: a basket with dirty laundry, a trash can, a toilet, etc.
  6. Do not, under any circumstances, quarrel with your loved ones in front of the mirrors.
  7. It is recommended to hang a massive mirror in the hallway, in which all members of the family can easily see themselves in full growth. And a mirror that “cuts off” a part of the body, from above or below, is considered completely unfavorable. Think about how you can make a difference.
  8. And finally, I would like to advise to adhere to the rule of the "golden mean" in everything. Do not wriggle at the mirrors, as well as look at him every five minutes. Approach the mirror objects, being in a favorable mood. And moving away from them - smile again, wish yourself a good mood and success!

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