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Original souvenir for 7 years of living together


The 7th anniversary of the wedding is called copper or wool, and therefore gifts for this date should be made of these materials. On sale there are a large variety of souvenirs that can cheer up both spouses. I want to tell you how to choose a gift for 7 years of the wedding.

How to choose a gift

If you are going on a 7-year wedding anniversary to your friends or choosing a gift for your second half, you should think about what to give. This anniversary is not without reason has two names. On the one hand, the relationship of the spouses is already strong, like metal, but still soft and soft, like wool. Therefore, the best gifts for this anniversary will be souvenirs from these materials.

Presents can be presented, as each spouse individually, or both together. In the first case, it is better if these are pair souvenirs, for example, bracelets, rings, pendants, etc. However, there are a large number and original souvenirs. You can also choose wool products:

  • Stuffed Toys;
  • napkins;
  • jumpers;
  • socks;
  • scarves.

A huge amount of options. The value of the gift does not matter. The most important thing is that the gift should not only be made of copper or wool, but also symbolize the love of the couple. Even an inexpensive thing will tell about your attention that will please the spouses.

What to give for a 7-year wedding anniversary

On the copper / woolen wedding anniversary, you can choose a variety of gifts. There are traditional gifts, but there are also original souvenirs on sale.

Gifts for wife

The wife can give various decorations, dishes or other things useful in the household:

  • Traditionally they give a copper ring with an engraved wedding date or a declaration of love;
  • malachite is considered one of the symbols of 7 years of living together, and therefore you can present products made from this stone - a bracelet, beads, a casket;
  • brass candlestick means romantic mood. In addition, you can give a candelabrum with 7 bases for candles;
  • The household spouse will enjoy copper kitchenware - pots, pans, trays. Another expensive household appliances, but on the symbol of the 7th anniversary, it is worth tying up with copper wire;
  • forged flower or real, but copper shade;
  • Since 7 years is also a woolen wedding anniversary, you can choose accessories from it - a rug, a bedspread, a scarf, a sweater. Of the items of clothing a great gift will be slippers with a funny inscription.

In fact, the options are much more. You can show imagination and choose something original.

Gifts for husband

Husband is also worthy of a good gift for the 7-year anniversary of living together. Husband may like:

  • woolen accessories - plaid, scarf, socks;
  • genuine leather belt with copper buckle;
  • engraved copper ring;
  • copper weapons that will decorate the wall in the husband's office;
  • copper wine goblet. The spouse will be able to drink noble drinks, remembering his soul mate with gratitude. From the same series - flask, ashtray, pot (if the husband likes to go camping);
  • In any electronic device there are copper wires, so this gift will also appeal to a man.

Original gifts

If you want to surprise the spouses, you can look for an unusual souvenir made of copper or wool. However, the latter material does not have too much originality, but there are a lot of metal souvenirs:

  • a horseshoe made of copper has two meanings, depending on the location of the round part. If the latter is turned down, then such a souvenir will attract wealth to the house. Rotated 180 degrees to protect against evil spirits and damage;
  • forged copper decor. These can be flowers, photo frames, decorative fireplace tools;
  • The samovar has long been considered to be a symbol of family unity in Russia. Copper accessory will delight the spouses;
  • Copper writing instruments are quite expensive. This gift will appeal to office workers;
  • a cup or a cup holder made of copper with engraving, like a samovar, can symbolize the unity of spouses who gather in a cozy atmosphere for an evening tea party;
  • A copper box is a rather expensive accessory. It can also engrave the wishes of happiness and love.

Interesting souvenirs

Such souvenirs do not carry the majority of practical benefits. They can be presented as an original addition to the main present. In addition, such gifts will be useful if the main one is not made of copper or wool:

  • medals "For loyalty", "For love" and with other similar inscriptions will raise your spirits;
  • copper spoons or forks. Due to the softness of the metal, they are practically not suitable for use in everyday life, but they will delight the spouses;
  • twig - a very unusual gift. In antiquity, it was presented as a sign that spouses are obedient to each other;
  • coins that can engrave wishes or even profiles of a husband and wife.

7 unusual gift ideas

The number 7 in Russia is traditionally considered to be happy, so you can come up with an unusual gift, which will contain exactly this figure:

  • There is a common phrase "in the seventh heaven of happiness." Call the name of the second half a star. If there are means, it is quite simple to do this in our time;
  • in a rainbow of 7 colors, the gift of such a color will be very symbolic;
  • seven-color flower - a fabulous wish-fulfilling plant. Make it yourself and present it to your loved one. Just agree in advance what desires will be forbidden;
  • musical gift, because there are only 7 notes. This can be a song or a device for listening to music;
  • another popular phrase is "seven Fridays of the week." Give a gift to your husband or wife - may you have Friday all days, when all evenings are free;
  • 7 Wonders of the World can afford wealthy people. Embark on a journey in which you can see all the wonders. But even a simple vacation in the countryside would be a great gift;
  • 7 dwarfs - figures that can decorate the shelf. By the way, it can be not only gnomes, but also heroes. 7 kids are also suitable, it all depends on the taste of your second half.

How to give a souvenir in an original way

To buy a wedding anniversary gift is one side of the issue. You can, of course, just give it to the spouses, but it is much more interesting to do it in an original way so that you can remember it for a long time.

The gift must be wrapped in beautiful paper, decorated with a bow or just tied with a ribbon. The wife can present a bouquet of 7 flowers. Do not forget about the card.

It will be funny if you pack a small souvenir in many layers of paper and put it in a large box. The only condition in this case - the gift must be expensive.

If you plan a holiday with many guests, you can agree with each other and prepare interesting scenes. It is even better if these congratulations are made in costumes.


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