Dream interpretation

What does it mean if you dreamed of a bus: the decoding nuances


Since every second dream book was written many years ago, often people who saw a bus in a dream ask themselves whether to look for the meaning of this symbol, since neither the witch Medea or other ancient magicians could know what this type of transport is dreaming about. That's the way it is, but there are modern esoterics, white magicians, psychologists! You will get to know their opinion on this page.

General interpretation of this transport dream

  • Many people think that such a dream hints about your future trip somewhere. But the esotericists are sure: this opinion is wrong.
  • You were a driver: interesting ideas will be born in your head, and you will bring them (or part of them) to life. In the "real" you can not drive: a dream promises family happiness.
  • What dreams of a bus on two floors? Someone will try to fool you. If you were driving on the second floor, it will be done by someone of your own, and if on the first floor, then a stranger.
  • You are late for the bus: soon you will buy something expensive. You decided to get to work on foot: you offer something to your colleagues, and they will respond to it rather strangely. You were late for your bus, but got into the next one: sleep to the money “thrown away” on stupid things.
  • If you had to chase the bus, the dream promises that the weather will soon deteriorate badly.

Did you expect transport at the bus stop?

  • Most often, such a dream means: something bothers you.
  • He drove past you without stopping: you are afraid of getting sick, or that your chronic disease will worsen.
  • Next to you at the bus stop was a crowd of people: you got over the trouble at work. On the contrary, the crowd turned out to be inside the approached transport: the source of your excitement is your beloved one.
  • The stop was not familiar to you: you are worried because of your mom and dad.
  • You've been waiting for too long: in real life, you dream of a vacation.
  • Standing, you talked on the phone: if you are sick now, you will soon say goodbye to this disease.
  • Expect a bus with a girlfriend: soon you will go out of town. At the bus stop there were a lot of your friends or acquaintances: you can have a common business with friends (most likely, they will offer to join them).
  • He came, the doors did not open, and you knocked on them: a muse will visit you soon.

Have you been a passenger?

  • Drive on a flat road - to the premium or salary increase.
  • It was winding (the so-called "Georgian road", consisting of only turns): at work it will be difficult for you if you do not scrupulously listen to the manual and do it exactly as you were told.
  • See the bus, filled with a chock, like a can of sardines: you have a lot to spend on.
  • It was half empty: if you buy something, it will be extremely necessary things.
  • It was completely empty: you are lucky. Only you have entered inside: soon you will occupy a "tasty" post. A whole crowd entered with you: expect "pleasantness" in your personal life.
  • You drove sitting: find something. Standing: you can lose an expensive thing.
  • You slipped your own stop: scandals can start in your family.
  • Did you communicate with people on the road (other fellow travelers)? If yes, then you are a very attentive child, constantly delving into the problems of mom and dad. If you just eavesdropping, then you are unhappy with your own appearance and even shy of it. You discussed the transport route together: you are destined to have a money deal.
  • Have you quarreled with the driver? Relatives do not trust you.
  • You rode on the roof: in real life, you are afraid that the boss will not approve of your work.
  • In the dream, you went on several buses at once, transferring from one to another: get ready for an exciting journey.
  • The salon was clean, luxuriously decorated: to improve the weather.

Where did you go?

  • Home. Whatever you do, everything will work out. And in the family, and at work, and even in the hobby circle - everywhere you will succeed.
  • To the village. You will find a very unusual solution to the problem that you are currently thinking about.
  • On the sea. Do not be shy! Bring your ideas to life and get generous "dividends".

Did something bad happen to the bus?

  • The accident happened on the road: get ready to speak to people.
  • Did the bus run into several cars? Keep track of what you say and do rashly. In general, control your own emotions! If he knocked on a truck, it means: soon you will be looking for a new job (or part-time job).
  • The accident happened at the bus stop: you will have to smooth out the conflict that has arisen in the workplace.
  • An accident you saw from the window of your bus? This is a good sign: you communicate with someone you personally respect, or everyone around you.
  • Bus in a dream broke, and because of this you did not have time (late) to work? In real life, something will greatly please you.
  • He flew without brakes: you will be jealous. Or maybe the green-eyed monster will defeat you?
  • The wheels were stolen from the bus: oddly enough, sleep promises you wealth.
  • You broke the windshield: you do not want to obey the guy, husband (girlfriend, wife).

And what did the distinguished interpreters write?

The bus is so “popular” transport that famous psychoanalysts could not help but come up with the interpretation of the dreams in which this “hard worker” appeared. However, modern esoterics and magicians also do not herd the back, with might and main studying the effect of the metallic inhabitants of the urban jungle on the human subconscious!

Dream Miller (psychoanalyst)

  1. As this dream book says, the bus in which you rode is a sign: where you hope to succeed, you cannot succeed.
  2. It was packed, and you could not even sit down: in order to survive in business, you will have to withstand a competitive struggle.
  3. You did not get on your bus: your subconscious hints that you do not live as you would like. Perhaps you should change your path.

Dream Longo (modern white magician)

  1. The bus is a sign that you need to rethink your own life experience.
  2. He was overflowing: a new acquaintance could bring problems (for example, “hook up” you at work).
  3. You stood on the street and saw how people who were stuffed on the bus were suffering: because of you, relatives or friends could quarrel. Beware, one of your words can hurt one of them, thrown without a second thought.
  4. Did you ride the bus, sitting comfortably? You will be happy - if not for yourself, then for the success of your loved one. But rejoice in moderation.
  5. You were driving in an empty cabin: you will have to solve your problems without help.
  6. Your real friend was chasing the bus: he would soon need a strong shoulder. Do not refuse!
  7. A bus full of people drove past your bus stop: someone was waiting for your help. You have the strength to "pull" him out of a difficult situation - however, this is no reason to become proud.