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Lunar haircut calendar for December 2018: an overview of favorable days


Although there is still a lot of time before the New Year, it’s necessary to start preparing for it in advance. This applies to the ordering of their appearance, in particular, hairstyles. It's no secret that the moon in its different phases greatly affects the health of women. Therefore, it is recommended to perform various cosmetic manipulations according to the lunar cycles. In this article, we present the lunar calendar haircuts for December 2018 with an overview of favorable days.

An overview of suitable days for haircuts in December 2018

December 1, 13-14 lunar day

Today, you can not cut hair in any case, if you do not want to shake your mental balance.

December 2, 14-15 lunar day

If you want to normalize your relations with those around you, today you can paint with natural or light-colored paints. But you can not cut your hair so as not to scare your luck.

December 3, 15-16 lunar day

Today, in no case do not perform staining even with tonic. Also under strict prohibition is haircut.

December 4, 16-17 lunar day

Coloring curls today is highly undesirable, since it is possible the emergence of material and communication problems after it. The ban also applies to a haircut.

December 5, 17-18 lunar day

Today, give up staining with synthetic dyes, and painting with a natural base will attract finances to your life. Use special tinting foams or mousses. And today you can cut your hair to increase your mood and morale.

December 6, 18-19 lunar day

Today, it is permissible to paint only in the color that affects you positively. Today it is worth a haircut if you want to become more successful in business, study and business.

December 7, 19-20 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, you run the risk of facing problems in the material sphere, plus worsen your relations with others and bring on many problems.

December 8, 20-21 lunar days

Avoid haircuts if you do not want to be disappointed. Also, do not paint curls today.

December 9, 21-22 lunar day

This day is extremely unfavorable in order to change the color of hair, haircut is also prohibited. Otherwise, you risk worsening your overall well-being.

December 10, 22 lunar day

Today it is necessary to abandon the haircut, and hair coloring can give not very good results.

December 11, 22-23 lunar day

Dreaming to get rid of depression and negative mood on this day, it is recommended to have a haircut and dye your hair. But at the same time they will be more likely to split and break off - such is the cost of parting with melancholy and sadness.

December 12, 23-24 lunar day

This day is worth a haircut for those who dream of making new acquaintances, a variety of life, as well as meeting his second half. Coloring will also give a good effect.

December 13, 24-25 lunar day

By completing a haircut today, you will soon be able to buy your property, plus feel the positive changes in your career.

December 14, 25-26 lunar day

In no event today you can not cut your hair if you do not want to worsen your fate. Also worth deferring and painting curls.

December 15, 26-27 lunar day

Are you dreaming of a new perspective meeting with a member of the opposite sex? Then today it is worth cutting hair. And also it is possible to be painted in bright and resistant colors.

December 16, 27 and 28 lunar day

Haircut today will attract to you in finance as well as help you succeed in business, in the field of trade, will make you a more successful person. Different experiments with changing hair color are allowed.

December 17, 28-29 lunar day

Give up hair cutting today. But the implementation of volumetric styling will contribute to prosperity. Dyeing is allowed only with the help of gentle dyes.

December 18, 29, 30 and 1 lunar day

On this day, wait a little and with a haircut to protect yourself from cheating a loved one. The day is also not favorable for coloring: the hair will lose its shine, and you will lose your vitality.

December 19, 1-2 lunar day

Very bad time to cut hair. Haircut will contribute to the attraction of problems in the field of health. For staining is also not the best time.

December 20, 2-3 lunar day

You will be disappointed with the result of the haircut. Also discard the staining procedure.

December 21, 3-4 lunar day

Very suitable day for a haircut. You will be satisfied with the result. Today it is allowed to paint only in light colors.

December 22, 4 and 5 lunar day

Today is the perfect day for a haircut: you will become more fortunate and improve your health. You can paint curls in dark colors.

December 23, 5-6 days

To increase your immunity, it is worth making an unusual haircut today, bold experiments with your image are resolved. Also on this day, you can no doubt change the color of your hair.

December 24, 6-7 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, they will grow much faster, but at the same time they will become disobedient. Having painted curls today in light colors, you will save yourself from many failures of trouble.

December 25, 8 lunar day

Haircut today will provoke not only financial losses, but also worsen your health. It is also worthwhile to wait a little with staining if you are worried about your skin.

December 26, 9 lunar day

It is allowed to perform a simple haircut or to repeat its usual hairstyle. Also today is the right time to perform caring procedures, hair lifting, lamination, brightening and toning.

December 27, 10 lunar day

This day is neutral to perform a haircut. It will not have any impact on your life. And resorting to staining is today to focus on dark colors.

December 28, 11 lunar day

This day is negative for cutting hair, because today your body is weakened, so wait a while to go to the hairdresser. For coloring today is also not the right time.

December 29, 12 lunar day

The day is completely neutral to perform the haircut. With the same success you can perform today and coloring.

December 30, 13 lunar day

Today, contacting a hairdresser for help will ensure you a great view during the New Year holidays. And if you have long dreamed of changing the color of your curls, then this day is the best for this.

December 31, 14 lunar day

Now is a very good time to make a haircut and dye your hair. Coloring with a natural base in light or red colors will help you normalize relationships with people around you. Therefore, do not miss this favorable time.

Use these tips if you want to improve not only your appearance, but also your life. We wish you a great pre-New Year mood, which will accompany you all next year!

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