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How to find out who you are by horoscope by date of birth


How to know your zodiac sign? It will not be difficult to do this - you only need to know the date of your birth. And then - read the next article, and everything will immediately become clear.

Who are you on a horoscope - tell the date of birth

Zodiacal circle is divided into 12 constellations. Each of them has its own specific period of time and gives its representatives certain personality traits. Also, all the signs of the Zodiac belong to different elements and are patronized by some planets, there is a corresponding separate article on the site about this.

And now let us return to the definition of your constellation, if, for some reason, you still do not know it.

  • Aries - born from March 21 to April 20;
  • Taurus - from April 21 to May 20;
  • Twins - from May 21 to June 20;
  • Raki - from June 21 to July 21;
  • Lions - from July 23 to August 23;
  • Virgin - from August 24 to September 23;
  • Libra - from September 24 to October 23;
  • Scorpios - from October 24 to November 22;
  • Sagittarius - from November 23 to December 21;
  • Capricorns - from December 22 to January 20;
  • Aquarius - from January 21 to February 20;
  • Fish - from February 21 to March 20.

Also today there is a lot of information about the 13th sign of the Zodiac - Ophiuchus. And in fact in the ecliptic there is a small area of ​​the constellation Ophiuchus, which is located in the middle of the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. However, classical astrology does not consider Ophiuchus as an independent constellation and does not include it in the zodiacal circle.

How to find out who you are by horoscope by appearance

Zodiac signs influence not only the character and temperament of people, but also their appearance. Therefore, typical representatives of the constellation can be found several characteristic signs that will give it. Let's do it further.


Hot Aries just crazy about the extremes, which is reflected in his appearance! Aries hair is usually saturated with flowers: from velvety black to the color of young wheat.

In addition, Aries stands out with its brilliant eyes, energetic gait and athletic physique. This sign has a well-developed musculature and is always in shape. It has a dark, even slightly reddish skin, although atypical Aries may have white skin.


Pet of Venus has its own, unusual beauty. In his appearance, we see the natural smoothness typical of the earth element. Taurus is always characterized by a strong and proportionate physique, may have a tendency to be overweight, which is provoked by its innate restraint and calm.

Taurus is easy to recognize by thick, healthy curls, velvet cilia, expressive eyes and a languid look that attracts the opposite sex of other characters. Lips - sensual, full.


For active and dexterous Gemini, it is typical to have a slim, sinewy body. The typical Gemini moves abruptly, but surely. But the biggest "chip" of this constellation is unusually lively, sparkling and alluring eyes.


Sensitive Cancer may have a tendency to corpulence. Usually his face is large, has a rounded shape, the skin is light. Those who are patronized by the night light, the most natural and harmonious.

Their eyes can be either wide open, sad, stand out, or have a narrow, almond shape and a bright shade. The birthmarks on the face and other pigmentation are uncharacteristic, but it is found in the chest area. From the nature of Cancer is slow: walks and performs actions slowly.

a lion

Leo is vital to be perfect in everything, his own appearance is no exception to the rule. Typical representatives of the constellation have the correct, athletic structure, have strong bones. Engaged in physical activity, which allows you to keep the body in good shape.

Leo is also notable for noble, large features. Cheekbones may be slightly pointed, clearly defined. The eyes are clear, usually light colors. And, of course, a typical Leo has a luxurious mane (hair), neat eyebrows. In growth there are both very low and very high Lions.


A maiden is given a regular oval of a face with somewhat strict features, thin lips and a small crook on her nose. For some Virgos, the nose is disproportionate - too elongated, large, however, this is more the exception to the rule.

Curls representatives of the earth constellation obedient, but thin. Virgo Zodiac sign is distinguished by the largest color spectrum of eyes: they range from cherry brown to soft blue. In the view of the Virgin feels tenacity, insight. The innate ambition of these individuals gives them confidence in every movement.


Libra is protected by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, it is she who provides such inherent airiness and refinement. You can meet the full representative of the constellation, but it will be very rare. After all, the bulk of Libra has slender, adjusted body proportions.

But with all this, Libra does not have an athletic build. The growth is often above average, which, however, does not affect their natural charm.

Typical Libra has beautiful, regular features: they have an expressive, clear outline of the mouth, neat eyebrows, a soft and deep look of their beautiful eyes. Representatives of both the strong and the weaker sex of this sign are always popular, and the surrounding people are attracted to them like a magnet.


To notice him in the crowd will not be a big deal, but it is not the growth of Scorpio. Attracts in these people their stateliness, natural brightness, as well as, of course, a look that permeates through, making you feel all sorts of emotions.

Moreover, the Scorpions have, as cold, impenetrable eyes, and open, catchy, but their eyes are always the object of close attention. Curls naughty, tight, the nose is usually elongated, has a crook.


The growth of Sagittarius, as a rule, is higher than the average, the structure is unusual: with a large bone, a sufficiently narrow rib cage takes place. Sagittarius is incredibly active by its nature, so its movements are always fast, sometimes even swift.

Eyes - as a rule, belong to the color spectrum of hazel, varying in their shades from darker to bright. They always "laugh", they can not detect a gram of anger.


Typical Capricorns have a dry or tight body, sharp clavicles, elongated upper and lower limbs, elongated neck. Sometimes there are low representatives of the constellation, however, typical Capricorns are characterized by high growth.

In addition, it is easy to recognize the most strict people in the whole Zodiac by the elongated face, miniature, thin lips, straight curls and bright eyes. We can mention another typical feature of the sign - lowered outer corners of the eyes, making the look softer.

Capricorns from birth is distinguished by composure. True, over the years, their temper becomes a little softer and they gradually get rid of their severity.


Aquarius - to recognize this sign by external signs is the most difficult, because they are simply absent from him. Even for typical representatives of the constellation there are many characteristics and it is impossible to put them in one whole image.

But you can characterize Aquarius, as a kindly, peace-loving person with an open, dreamy face. Curls can be dark and light colors, almost always curl a little. Aquarius is aging quickly and beautifully - this is perhaps the most important characteristic feature of the sign.


Typically, typical fish is characterized by a lunar type of appearance, that is: soft features, bluish tint of the skin, rounded or oval face. The beautiful half of the constellation has a fragile physique, however, over the years it begins to gain weight quickly. The male part of the sign is full-bodied, has medium height.

Fish give their sad, expressive eyes with a pensive, somewhat distant look.

Note that this was a description of typical representatives of the signs of the zodiac. But there are a lot of atypical people, so to determine the constellation solely in appearance will not work.

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