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The best traditions and signs for the meeting of the Trinity in 2019


The main signs of the Trinity in 2019 - green, birch branches, fresh grass, which must be scattered around the house, and then swept. It is believed that such a rite helps in renewing and refreshing the spirit of the house. The Trinity is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter, hence the name of the holiday - Pentecost or Spirits Day. Orthodox Easter in 2019 is celebrated on April 28, Catholic, on April 21, respectively. To calculate the number of the Trinity in 2019, we count 50 days on the calendar. The date of the Day of Spirit in 2019 falls on July 17th.

According to church tradition, it was on this day that the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples and apostles, and they began to speak in different languages ​​without prior study or received other gifts useful for the further spread of the new faith. Because of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the variations on this theme, there are quite a lot of various mystical signs associated with the Trinity.

For example, it is believed that on this day there is a chance of healing the mentally ill when reading a special canon. For young people Perfume Day is considered the best for choosing a pair. What is interesting, on this day it is the girl who chooses the guy.

Since in many places pagan customs and traditions are closely intertwined with Christians, any treason is invalid on the Trinity, you can try your luck with someone else and, if you like, form a new couple or part.

Signs regarding marriage and family life at Trinity

  • According to tradition, wreaths are made at the Trinity. They need to be released by water. In ancient times, it was considered a pleasant sacrifice to one of the female deities, giving a blessing, giving a happy family and prosperous childbirth. Many medicinal herbs are harvested in early spring, when the concentration of nutrients is maximum. It was from these medicinal herbs that a wreath was made, letting go through the waters.
  • It is considered that if the wreath will float straight and evenly - in the new year there will be luck and happiness. If the wreath is nailed to the shore - this year you should not expect changes in family life, pregnancy for women. This sign shows that you need to do the current affairs, updating the house, dishes, other utensils. It is not recommended to go on a long hike. There were certain tricks, adults who did not want to change their status or hikes, made wreaths in such a way that they were immediately washed ashore or simply left a wreath or a bunch of herbs on the beach.
  • On Trinity traditionally held divination by water - for the future, pour wax. It is believed that you can see the future in the mirror with a candle.

Visit to the cemetery

On the eve of the Trinity, it is customary to visit cemeteries and look after the graves of ancestors. You can leave sweets and mentally turn to ancestors for help. As for food from the cemetery, it is meant for wanderers and beggars. If you are confident in your strength, do good deeds and really need - sweets from the graves will bring good luck. In all other cases, taking something from the cemetery is impossible. In no case can not take something from the grave of a bad person.

It was recommended to consult with ancestors about the choice of a life partner, to represent the chosen one or the chosen one by the great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers.

Household Signs on the Trinity

  • Birch brooms for the whole year harvested to the Trinity. This explains the huge number of birch branches in the houses - fresh brooms hang out to dry.
  • If the Trinity steamed in a bath and swim in the river - all diseases will disappear. According to some traditions, swimming is prohibited. This applies to regions in which Christian morality has supplanted pagan customs. Children were not allowed into the river in any case, both with a ban and permission to swim.
  • It is desirable to bathe during the day and in the company, since it is believed that on Spirits a day or even the whole week, mermaids are allowed to get out of the water and lure travelers, catch lonely people swimming. The company has a chance to fight off a mermaid attack. Just in case, do not accept invitations to join from pretty girls, who also love to splash around naked and throw the most promising looks. Girls are allowed to play guys and pretend to be mermaids, luring cute young men and seducing them. But to recognize a mermaid, having met in everyday life, is considered bad form. You can get out of the situation by sending matchmakers.

Weather signs

  • Folk weather signs are mainly related to agriculture. Rain on the Trinity is a good sign that promises a productive summer and good hay. Omen refers to the whole week.
  • If the weather is dry, they asked for rain. For this, water was sprayed on the banks of rivers, from wells. The priests consecrated wells and ponds and sprinkled holy water.
  • The more satisfying and fun people meet the Trinity - the better the harvest should be. Preference is given to fish dishes.


The traditions and customs of the Trinity are of practical significance. In the modern world, the mystical and practical use of traditions is also largely lost. People just scatter the grass, instead of collecting spring medicinal herbs, collect bunches of birch twigs and stop them for icons, instead of making brooms. Observe the tradition is not necessary, as well as believe in omens. But to observe the appearance of traditions is completely devoid of meaning.

Collect real brooms, medicinal herbs, arrange celebrations and bathing.