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Traditions, customs and signs for the feast of the Holy Trinity - what can be done and what is not recommended


It is useful for Orthodox believers to know what signs, traditions and customs are observed on the trinity. This holiday is very important for religious people, since, according to legends, it was from him that the formation of the Christian faith began. For many centuries, various church traditions and customs have been carefully passed down from generation to generation. Their knowledge will help to go right along the religious path, and knowledge will take it - to extract certain benefits for themselves.

Signs and beliefs on the Trinity

On the day of the Trinity, our ancestors could determine what weather would last throughout the summer. The rain at Trinity meant that the coming months would be rainy and cold.

Another old sign is the lighting of tears in the church, which were specially mourned in advance. The bottom line is that tears personify rain. When people returned from church and brought consecrated herbs with them, they were hidden behind icons or window frames. It was believed that this gesture calls for nature to give everyone a productive summer, not complicated by drought.

With the same purpose in various places on the window (trim, frame or shutter) secured birch branches. Freshly harvested green grass scattered throughout the upper room.

There are also such beliefs, which say that you can not do the trinity. Under the absolute prohibition was swimming in the reservoirs, because people believed that mermaids were especially active on this day and could drown the unfortunate who risked breaking the ban.

The eldest women on that day went with birch brooms to the cemetery, where they swept graves from dust and dirt. It was believed that this ritual pleases the dead and scares off evil spirits.

A great omen was the matchmaking organized at the Trinity. If after this the wedding takes place on the day of the Intercession, the life of the spouses will be full of boundless happiness, coziness and mutual understanding will reign in the house.

Customs on the Trinity

The first thing that needed to be done was to carefully clean the house to bring it to perfect cleanliness. Only after this, the hostesses started decorating the dwelling with green branches of young grass or flowers. These attributes symbolize the continuation of life, spring and prosperity.

Most often the house was decorated with branches of such trees and such herbs as:

  • mint;
  • oak;
  • Melissa;
  • Rowan;
  • maple;
  • Birch tree;
  • AIR

There are other rites honored at the Trinity. Early in the morning people go to church for festive service. In the hands of the parishioners - flowers, fragrant herbs, tree branches.

Also on the feast of the Trinity, it is customary to invite relatives and other close people to dinner. Treat them to pancakes, jelly, loaf, pies and cooked eggs in different ways. This day is a great occasion to please each other with fun gifts. Many arrange a feast in nature, as the Trinity is always celebrated on a day off.

The tradition, preserved from the old days to the present day, is folk festivals. To this day, festivals, concerts, and other solemn and entertaining cultural events are held on this holiday.

Rituals and traditions

In ancient times, after people defended the service, they went to the festivities. Competitions and games with vigorous activity were organized in the villages, songs were sung and dance was performed. In the evening, unmarried young ladies danced, and single guys looked at them and looked out for potential brides.

The girls performed another ritual - they made wreaths of collected herbs and flowers and let them flow along the river. Also, a young lady could give a wreath to her lover as a sign of sympathy, but this had to be done in secret.

Also, herbs were dried on the trinity, which were later used to protect against a variety of misfortunes. They treated all sorts of ailments, drove away evil spirits, and even thought that they were able to protect the house from raging thunderstorms.

In no case did not throw away the bread crumbs from the baked loaf. They were stored until the upcoming wedding and added to the wedding cake. It was believed that such a ritual would ensure the happiness and prosperity of the future family.

Folk customs

According to Slavic legends, on this day wake up and mermaids especially actively behave. Rural and rural residents have certain traditions:

  • During the festivities they made a stuffed mermaid, around which there were round dances. At the end of the festivities, it was torn by the villagers into many parts that were scattered across the field.
  • To drive off the mermaids, before going to bed, women ran through the whole village with a pomelo in their hands.
  • They chose a girl who was dressed as a mermaid. After it was taken out into the field and pushed into zhito, while all the villagers fled to their homes.

Residents also set up fires along the shoreline to scare away the water, which, according to legend, also woke up that day.

What is banned

During the period of the Trinity, any work on the house or garden, with the exception of cooking, falls under a strict ban. Also allowed to decorate the house. It is also impossible to dye your hair or face, sew something to mend or wash your hair.

Since the Trinity is a holy and bright holiday, on this day it is considered a great sin to berate and swear. You cannot allow negative thoughts to visit your head, you cannot think badly of someone, even if the person has really caused you harm.

On this day, it is worth refraining from displaying any negative emotions, surrounding yourself with positive things and charging yourself with a good mood. Prayers will also help.

Divination to the Trinity

On the day before the holiday itself, the girls went to the forest to find young birches there. At their tops, young persons woven wreaths - they curled them. The fate of the young girl depended on whether the wreath was untied. A look at the integrity of the wreath of the girl came on the day of the Trinity. If the curly top of a birch tree remains intact - this year the girl will meet her lover, if she has unleashed - she will be lucky later.

Also, girls guessed about the wreaths that they lowered into the river. However, this was not done with his hands - it was necessary to tilt his head so that he fell himself. If he swam with the flow - from that side and it is worth waiting for his beloved. If he was drowning - this predicted a quick death for the girl. And if he remained in place, she was destined to remain in the maidens.