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Male name Anatoly - the character of the name, what it means and where it came from


The name Anatoly: means "Eastern" and is of Greek origin. It can be abbreviated as Tolya, Tolik, Tolyan, Anatol. The name of the year twice the day of the angel: May 6 and December 3. They are associated with holy martyrs.

The origin and meaning of the name

General characteristics of the name

Easily adapts to different life situations. Posses persistence in achieving its goal. Cannot imagine seeing yourself defeated. Easily irritated and violently manifests his emotions. It is difficult to assume his actions in difficult situations. It can be overly nervous.

Astrological symbolism of the name

  • Zodiac sign - Taurus.
  • The heavenly body - the moon.
  • Color - golden.
  • Flora - fig tree, violet.
  • The animal is a jaguar.
  • Talisman - agate.

Positive traits

Honesty, endurance, sluggishness, composure, romance, insight, forget the insults and the ability to achieve favor with women.

Negative traits

  • Shyness, distrustfulness, influenced by women, unpredictable actions in dramatic situations.
  • The nature of many of them is dual: in something, t can show will, and somewhere a weakness of character.
  • Sometimes they fall under the influence of strangers, and sometimes show active opposition.
  • He will not allow anyone to finally subjugate himself.
  • Alcohol has a detrimental effect on it, the consequences can be sad.

Choice of profession

  • Can achieve achievements in scientific activity, commercial sphere. He likes comfortable working conditions.
  • Can make a career in art and entertainment. He will work as a restaurant manager, hotel.

Business and career

  • Does not differ thrift, does not show the desire for capital accumulation.
  • His goal is to secure financial independence and a comfortable life.

Love and marriage

  • Enthusiastic nature may have a lot of novels before marriage. There is more than one marriage union in life.
  • He is in no hurry to marry; he enters into marital relations only out of love. About marriage, he makes a decision when he feels that he can financially provide for his family.
  • Difficult problems in family life can cause unexpected departure from the family.

Compatible with female names

  • Happy family relationships can be with Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Valeria, Svetlana and Galina.
  • The difficulties of marital relations await him with Nadezhda, Yulia, Alla, Nina, Ekaterina, Polina, Marina, Elena, Antonina, Irina and Vera.

Fate name

  • Anatoly seeks to do everything to his house was filled with prosperity. Family life does not always develop favorably for him.
  • The desire of the wife to try to manage it often leads to a break in relations.

Horoscope name

  1. Aries is a wonderful companion and reliable friend. He always has new ideas and energy reserves for their implementation. Shows arrogance, courage and generosity. Grievances are quickly and easily forgiving. This is a creatively gifted person, prone to painful inner experiences. His wife is a perfect woman - Twin.
  2. Taurus is friendly and sociable person. Sensitive man who knows how to hide their emotions. It is characterized by foresight. From the side it may seem slow. A hardworking man, well caring for women and taking care of wealth in the house. He is well suited to a woman with the same zodiac sign. They will reign in complete harmony in family life.
  3. Gemini is a joyful and sociable man with an analytical mindset. He always has a lot of ideas for the future, but there are no ongoing cases started. It is difficult to believe in him and trust his words. Mental abilities are great, but he does not have to apply them. It is difficult to love him, but it is always interesting with him. His re-useless. Strives to be always in the spotlight. Such a man would suit a woman - Aquarius. Between them there will be a complete understanding, but little passion.
  4. Cancer is a sensitive, suspicious and sensitive nature. Do not make critical comments to your address. It happens sometimes rude in relationships, prone to pessimism. In the first place he favors material well-being. Big owner. Be able to find sources of income, spending money wisely. Seeks to create a happy matrimonial relationship. The wife chooses an economic woman. He will suit a woman - Virgo. They will successfully complement each other.
  5. Leo is a persistent and confident man. Nature is purposeful and domineering. She strives to achieve her goals, making maximum efforts for this. There is no ingenuity and cunning. Noble, but jealous nature. A woman who will not give a reason for jealousy and is able to find a compromise will suit him. It will be a woman - Libra. There will be good marital relations with her.
  6. Virgo - a sensible and cautious man in a love relationship. Sentimentalism and romanticism - this is not his element. Able to keep his word, kind nature. He makes friends with difficulty, is conservative in nature, plans everything in advance, right down to the smallest detail. He is experiencing hard failures. He is well suited to a woman - Cancer. Together they will be a caring couple.
  7. Libra is a sociable man with a good sense of humor. In everyday life, he is economical, in his work he is afraid to make independent decisions, therefore he prefers to work under someone's guidance. It is characterized by justice, the desire for freedom of action. Sometimes it shows overconfidence and stubbornness. For family life it will suit a woman - Scorpio. Their horoscopes have good compatibility.
  8. Scorpio - a closed, focused man. Emotional nature, in communication is simple, it is difficult to deceive. In the house he will not allow anyone to try to control him. The head of the family will be the only one. He needs a balanced woman who will accept him as he is and not try to remake something. These criteria correspond to the woman - Sagittarius. Their family life will go well.
  9. Sagittarius is a friendly and sociable man, he is welcome in any company. By nature, it is often a naive person who believes in his impossible dreams. Freedom, he values ​​above all, a big owner. From the side of her lover she will not tolerate lies and insincerity in feelings. The perfect couple he will be with a woman - Aries.
  10. Capricorn is a mature and hard-working man. Nature formed with exquisite manners. In the shower - a romantic. Loves travel, fun company. Avoids loneliness. Supporter of conservative views. He has organizational skills; he always makes decisions, carefully considering the situation. A happy marriage is possible with a woman - Cancer.
  11. Aquarius is a simple and calm man. He is full of different ideas, his actions may be unpredictable. Nature has a creative, rich inner world. He is not interested in making money, he has no passion for hoarding. Shows sociability with other people, respects their opinion. In family life will not make high demands on his wife. He is well suited woman - Aries. She will be happy with her.
  12. Pisces is a kind and gentle man. Nature is dreamy, prone to melancholy. Often dreams of unearthly love and great wealth. Shows indecision, makes important decisions with difficulty, avoids responsibility. He has a different creative abilities, has excellent intuition. He needs only to develop a determination. Favorable conjugal union will be with a woman - Scorpio.

Famous personalities named Anatoly

  1. Papanov is an actor.
  2. Karpov is the world chess champion.
  3. Efros - director.