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Stav on sex - strong runes of love


Our world is made up of matter, which is thinking energy. It looks like a magical picture of the world. If you lack some energy, you can attract it with the help of magical rune formulas. Stav on sex, just called to fill the lack of energy of love in your life. How to apply magic formulas, from which runes you need to make them?

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Drafting Rules

Previously, the runes were the alphabet with which to write information. Subsequently, the rune alphabet lost its purpose, and the runes began to be used to compose magic formulas. Each symbol has its own meaning and represents a certain energy flow. If we connect the corresponding energy flows together (make a ligature), they will be able to change the circumstances and direct the course of life in the right direction.

The runic formula (ligature) for sex consists of a combination of runes responsible for the necessary energy flows. Connecting together, rune symbols strengthen and complement each other, gaining power over the situation. To choose the right runes, you must consider their direct impact on this situation. For example, it is impossible in one tie to use rune signs with the opposite meaning.

Love Formula

What runes are used to make love formulas? It depends on the specific situation that needs to be addressed.

a) Formula enhancing mutual understanding:

  • Ansuse-Gebo-Odal

b) To attract love:

  • Ansuse Laguz-Gebo

c) Formula for sexual contact:

  • Tevaz-Urus-Gebo or Kenaz-Perth-Nautyz

d) Formula of love enslavement:

  • Mannaz-Hagalas-Evaz-Nautiz-Isa

e) Magical love affair:

  • Isa-Nautiz Feu

f) To foment passion, the following ligature will do:

  • Gebo-kenas-vuno

Important! To seal the rune love bond, use the seal of the goddess of love Freya: Berkana-Ingvaz.

Where to draw them?

So, the formula of love is found - now you need to draw it somewhere. Where? There are several options for this:

  • on your body;
  • in your photo;
  • in the photograph of a man;
  • on your joint photo;
  • on the sheet with the name and surname of the man.

The action algorithm should be directed to the result. If you need to increase your attractiveness, draw runes on the body or your photo. If you need to work on a man, draw runes on his photos. If you want to achieve reciprocity, draw runes on a joint photo. If there is no photo, draw a tie on a sheet of paper with recorded initials.

How to activate ligature?

In order for the rune formula to start working to change the situation, it is necessary to activate it - inhale life. Activating a ligature (stave) is an expression of your intention in words. That is, you give the direction of movement of each rune. Your actions:

  • we write becoming, all the time thinking about a man;
  • while writing a sign, we sing it out loud (sing: Isa);
  • before the start of the ritual we light a red candle;
  • once again pronounce the names of the runes out loud, then make up a spell (slander).

What is slander? This is the task for the stav that he must solve. The agreement can be made in a poetic form (hanging) or in simple words. For example, Isa-Nautyz Feu's love affair:

“I direct the energy of the rune Isa so that it freezes the will of Andrey (Igor / Dima). Let the rune Isa stop his willfulness so that he obeys my will. I direct the power of the Knout runes to break all past Andrei’s (Igor / Dima) relationships so that he does not recall them. I channel the energy of Fegu’s runes to strengthen our connection. Let it be so!"

You can come up with your own reservations for this stav, suitable for your situation. After that, you should blow on becoming three times: breathing enlivens the action of the runes. Some active girls circle the signs with their own blood, but this is not necessary.

What to do next?

What to do with the rune stav when the desire is fulfilled? An indispensable condition: the formula must be destroyed so that the opposite effect does not go away. When the goal is successful, erase the written marks. If it is not possible to erase, you should burn the paper (photo) with a rune block. This should be from the heart to thank the runes for their help.

Why can not you just forget about the formula and leave it in the photo? Because the movement of energy will go in the opposite direction, for destruction. You must specify the period of the implementation of the stake, after which it is terminated.

What to do if becoming created for long-term actions? Then you should periodically “revive” the formula with your breath, stroke the written signs with your finger. After what period need to update becoming? Approximately, every two months. Becoming long-term use is better to burn on a tree or stone, but not necessarily.

Important! To keep the rune formula on paper, you can dip the sheet in melted wax and dry it.