Dream interpretation

The male name Semen: his influence on the fate and character of a person


The male name Semyon is rooted in ancient history. The progenitor of the name is the Hebrew name Shimon, which means "heard by God", "hearer". His kindred names Samuel and Simon mean the same thing.

Foreign options

Synonyms in other languages ​​- Simon, Simon, Simon, Simone, Simun, Shimon, Simon

In the international passport - SEMEN.

Nominal forms

According to the Orthodox calendar, two options - Simeon and Simon.

Abbreviated - Senya, Syoma, Senka Syomka.

Affectionately - Syomushka, Semyonchik, Semochka, Senechka, Semyonochka, Senyushka, Semyonushka.

Fate and character

Little Syoma often develops faster than her peers, a very cute, generous and inquisitive little boy. He loves to fantasize and play in public. Most often, this audience is the parents, to whom he tells millions of invented stories. Already from childhood he gets used to the fact that adults should reckon with his opinion and respect him.

Seeds have good data for study. But often, academic success depends on the teacher and his authority.

Having become a man, Senya is energetic and proud, persistently achieving her goals.

With vigor he begins all the new things and stubbornly brings them to the finish. Despite all his kindness, Semen is very touchy, which causes certain inconveniences for his relatives.

Failure of the owner of the name Semyon very hard going through, taking everything to heart. He is very quick-tempered and aroused. In difficult situations, trying to find support from numerous friends, but they can not understand him.

Resentment, he does not forgive, but not focused on them. In the case he dipped his head, giving himself. Semyon - will always be a faithful friend. Despite being busy, she always remembers friends and is ready to help.

Nature endowed Senya with talent, willpower, industriousness, perseverance and perseverance, thereby achieving a certain high position in society. And in combination with his silon, he nevertheless remains kind and sympathetic, always extending a helping hand to friends and relatives, to help them simply from the heart. Seeds are unstable - change habits and preferences, easily influenced by reputable people.


Using his imagination and imagination, Sema easily finds it used in the professional field. He can be a good designer, illustrator, architect. But even choosing an ordinary profession, he will easily achieve success in it. He will also be provided with a good career in medicine, journalism or pedagogy. May become a successful businessman.

Family and relationships

For family relationships, Semyon is preparing for a long time, nowhere in a hurry. Carefully and carefully chooses his life partner. Having made the choice, Semyon becomes an excellent family man and master of the house. She is happy to help her spouse with household chores, not considering it to be a woman’s activity. Sema spends a lot of time on children, likes to spend the whole weekend with them. Do not make sense of their lives without family. The economic affairs of the family deals exclusively with himself.


A small Semushka can often hurt, but mild forms of colds. He has no big health problems. In transitional age can gain extra pounds, but this can be corrected by regular physical exertion and healthy nutrition.

Astrological characteristics

  • Patron of the Planet: Saturn
  • Auspicious Day: Saturday
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Green colour
  • Stone Mascot: Emerald
  • Plant: Oats
  • Animal: forty
  • Tree: ash

Day Angel

  • February 15 - the veneration of St. Simeon the God-Receiver. He was a righteous old man who lived in Jerusalem. Righteous Simeon in the temple of Jerusalem, according to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, took the Infant God in his arms and said: "Now, let Thy servant go, Vladyko!" It happened on February 15, on the 40th birthday of the Lord. In Orthodoxy, this is called the Candidate of the Lord.
  • September 14 - Rev. Simeon the Stylite. The young shepherd at the age of eighteen became a monk. He was perspicacious, performed prayer wonders. He died in old age - at the age of 103 years (5th century).

Famous Seeds

Carriers of the beautiful name Semen: geographer Chelyuskin, radio technician Eisenstein, polar sailor Dezhnev, aircraft designers Kosberg and Lavochkin, Farad actor, politician from the time of Catherine the Great Naryshkin, painter, poet Tivak, the poet Givzenko, Marshal of the USSR Tymoshenko, actor Sokolovsky, the director Spyvak, the teacher Stivrin, the teacher, Tivan, the poet Stivrin. Marshal of the USSR Budyonny.